As it is often said that there is money in the niches. You will discover blog ideas that make money as you read further.


Blogging is the sharing of valuable information to a particular set of audiences on a weblog.


Blogging has to do with sharing of text and images, sometimes embedded videos for informational purposes.


There are over hundreds of blog niches available that you can go into.


However, not all of these niches are that profitable, so this post is all about making the right choice of blogging niche to go into.


But wait a minute, can you make money blogging? Is blogging worth it?

This is a question that is often asked by beginners who are completely new to online money-making.


And there are doubts if money can really be made online by blogging.


Well, to tell you the fact, take this from me.


I am a blogger and I have been and worked with a couple of bloggers and I am in the best place to tell you if blogging pays or not


So do blogs make money for real?


Yes, blogging makes money but is not a get-rich 🤑 fast business that you can see results with the blinking of an eye 👁️.


Blogging requires some level of focus and hard work most especially at the beginning before you can make a dime.


However, with the right coaching and experience, you can quicking up the process and profit.


If you want to start blogging as a full-time online business, you need some good coaching.


I have a blogging masterclass ebook that will hold you by the hand even when you know nothing about blogging to where you will be making thousands of dollars 💰 via blogging.


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How do bloggers earn money? How do blogs make money?

If truly bloggers make money online via their blogs, how do they make this money?


Do they make money from people who read their blog or the data spent while reading on their blog?


If it is not any of these methods, then how do their blogs generate passive income?


Fine, there are a bunch of ways a blog can be monetized to make money.


These ways of monetization include ads revenue, selling of your product, affiliate marketing i.e selling someone else’s product, sponsored post, etc,


There are so many other ways by which a blog can make money💲 the above listed are just a few of them.


How much do bloggers make?

When talking about the number of money bloggers earn on just a monthly basis.


It can range from $0 for brand new blogs to $infinity for blogs that have earned good domain authority over time.


Yeah, as a blogger, you have no limit to what amount of money you can earn from your blog every month.


Some blogs earn as low as $20,$45,$120, or $300 while some popular blogs earn as high as $1000,$5000,$25000, and so on in a single month.


The amount of money you make is directly proportional to the amount of time and energy you have put into developing your blog.




Check out these free blogging platforms to make money blogging for free and their limitations.

Blog ideas that make money: these are examples of blogs that make the most money.


There is nothing like the best blogging niche as each of all niches is preferred by different people based on their interests and passions.


However, it is indisputable that some blog niches are more profitable than others.


The following are a few top profitable blog niches that are very lucrative.


The listing is just a random list of good and profitable niches




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  • Relationship/marriage/parenting niche


These are three profitable niches combined, if you can target these three niches as one on your blog, you can be making a whole lot of money online.


These niches can help you earn revenue via sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, ad space, and so on.


With this niche being targeted, you can have lots of audiences as people need solutions in these areas of life.


If someone does not visit your blog in the angle of relationship, he/she may be coming to your website to get some information concerning good and successful marriage, even when they have children, your blog is still a solution to them as they need some parenting advice.


This is a niche where everybody in the world can be your audience because the singles will be learning about relationships, and the married will be learning about marriage and parenting.


There is a lot of money to be made here if only you can settle down and focus to work on this niche.



  • Technology niche


There are so many sub-niches on this blog that can fetch you whole lots of money online as a blogger.


You can niche down to software, latest phones specification, VPNs, best laptops 💻, and so on, all these are sub-niches blog ideas that make money.


This niche is a very lucrative one that can specifically earn thousands of dollars on product reviews via affiliate links placed in your review articles.


  • Finance


This is the highest-paid niche as far as Google AdSense is concerned.


The finance niche has a very high CPM when monetizing your blog with Google AdSense.


  • Make money online


This is also a profitable blog niche that is also worth being on the list.


The blog you are reading now is in this niche.


This niche has to do with ideas one can use to make money online via affiliate marketing, book publishing, blogging, and so on.


  • Education and motivation


The education niche has so many sub-niches that you can niche down to and make some cool cash online.


You can blog about study guides that I prefer, motivation to study, scholarships, and so on.


You can make money in this niche by recommending some good books on Amazon to your audience, showing sponsored advertisements on your site, selling online courses to students, etc.


  • Job


This has to do with sharing job opportunities via your blog with your audience.


This is a very profitable blog niche most especially in areas like Nigeria where there is a lack of employment.


  • Crypto


This is a sub-niche in the make-money online niche.


It has to do with cryptocurrency, how to trade crypto, and other information about it.


You can make a lot of cash here also by recommending to your audience reputable crypto trading platforms and earning in commission.



In summary, the above-listed blog niches are in my opinion, and experience blog ideas that make money.


However, you are at liberty to make further research on these niches before you can further go into any of them.


Most importantly, if you want to start blogging in any of these niches, and you don’t know anything about blogging.


We can help you start a profitable blog and earn passive income online via our step-by-step blogging masterclass ebook.


This ebook will help you start up your blogging business online and make money.


This ebook will further explain more how you can make money on these above-mentioned blog ideas and niches practically.


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