How do blogs make money if blogging is profitable, this is what we will be discussing in this article today.

You might be considering becoming a blogger but wait… there are a lot of questions going through your mind, questions like how do bloggers make money?


When I was a newbie to blogging, I asked a ton of questions. 


I needed to know how do blogs make money, how do bloggers get paid in Nigeriahow does blogging earn money, and how do bloggers receive their money?


In this blog post, we will do justice to the above-emphasized questions as we proceed.


There has been a time when bloggers necessarily have a blog, today influencers are increasingly known as bloggers, and they earn a lot of money just ‘blogging’.


This does not mean that blogs died, on the contrary, there are still thousands of professional bloggers who earn a lot just creating content, without necessarily appearing on social networks like Instagram and tik tok or even youtube.


And don’t be fooled into thinking that an influencer is just that ‘fashion blogger’, today also professionals from the most diverse areas can monetize content without leaving their niche.


However, although it doesn’t seem like it, one thing they all have in common, is how they make money through their influence on whatever platform it is.




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How do blogs make money? and how you can get started too!


Advertisement Display 


Ads are advertisements placed on the blog, where you earn per click or number of visits. The main and best known is Google Ads.


But there are several others like Taboola, propeller ads, adsterra, ezoic, adhitz, and many others.


This form of monetization is much more common on blogs and youtube and now also on TikTok. However, there are some requirements to start seeing money falling into the account.



In the case of Youtube, you need, among other requirements, to have a thousand subscribers on the channel and another four thousand hours of viewing, and here it is worth looking for this monetization, but remember that depending on your niche, the value of ads can change from one channel to another.


In the case of blogs, ads are not always worth it, because it takes a lot of views and clicks on advertisements spread across the site to have really good monetization. 


That is, in the case of blogs, having high traffic is very important.


Sponsored Posts


The second way to make money is to make posts previously sponsored by brands. This is something we constantly see many bloggers doing and especially on Instagram and Youtube.


However, it is important to note that this partnership must always be done while observing the blogger’s niche so that it generates leads for the brand and it returns to sponsoring more posts. 


Otherwise, this partnership can be a fiasco for both the brand and the blogger.



And contrary to what it may seem, brands of all sizes are looking for bloggers or micro and medium influencers to carry out these partnerships, especially because they have great engagement with their audience and guarantee a greater return for the company.


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is widely used by bloggers and influencers who don’t have their product yet, but already have an audience engaged enough to make sales.


So they affiliate with a product made by someone else and advertise it on their platform, earning a certain percentage for it per sale. 


And the best part of affiliate marketing, without a doubt, is that you can affiliate with any type of product, whether physical or digital.



As there are several products where there is no prerequisite to be affiliated, it is also widely used by beginner influencers, who already start monetizing the content from the beginning.


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Partnership with Brands


Some bloggers, especially those with a specific niche, such as fashion, makeup, and even travel, partner directly with brands.


Through this partnership, they earn products to advertise and also exclusive discounts for readers. Or they still make products together with these brands.


Create their Online Store


Generally, when you have an already formed audience, you can produce your products and create an online store to sell them. Or, use other sites to host their products.


I’m sure you’ve seen someone out there selling courses and e-books to their makeup and beauty products.



This is a form that has been on the rise in recent years.


How do bloggers receive their money? 


You have now learned about how bloggers earn online cash via blogging, now how do bloggers get paid in Nigeria.


Well, bloggers all over the world get paid through any of the above-listed means of monetization.


That is to say, if it is through advertising, you get paid via your advertising company, based on the ads displayed on your blog.


The same applies to other means of monetization including affiliate marketing.


Final words

Having explained in detail how blogs make money, how do bloggers receive their money in Nigeria.


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