We will be discussing how to make more money and get more success from lodpress as a writer today.

This article is highly recommended to all lodpress writers and aspiring writers.

Lodpress is a write-and-get-paid platform that pays according to paid views and not clicks.

For a click to be considered as a paid view, the reader must do or have the following

  1. Javascript enabled on his/her device
  2. Must stay for a particular amount of time reading the article( highest is just 30 seconds) depending on the length of the article
  3. And must not use proxy or V.P.N

According to lodpress.com getting 1000 paid views from countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, etc will earn you $5.

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Getting 1000 paid views from a country like the U.S will earn you $10

And if you can get 1000 paid views from a country like the U.K, you are going to be making $15 from that article.

However, based On the traffic your article is getting you can earn more than this or less.

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With that said, let’s get into the main business of the day which are effective strategies to succeed as a writer on lodpress.

The following are great tips that will make you more paid views on lodpress.

Adhere to the rules of lodpress:

As it is often said, obeying is better than sacrifice.

There is no way you are going to succeed on lodpress by constantly violating the rules.

Lospress has 0% tolerance for any plagiarised content

Hence, writing any copy-and-paste article is a total waste of time and energy.

As a writer on lodpress, you are not to republish contents from lodpress, duplicate or copy and paste.

Make sure your articles are very unique and well-spaced and arranged for readability.

You can use headings 2 and 3 for your dub-topics. Keep your grammar simple and concise.

Give your readers your best:

To get more consistent views on your articles, you must make sure your content adds value to your readers.

While writing, keep your audience in mind and make everything possible to see that your audience gets the information you are passing across.

Write long articles:

The minimum number of words in articles accepted on lodpress is 300 words.

To have a great advantage, your articles must be from 1000 words upward, so that you can have more advantage of ranking higher on search engines.

The fact about lodpress is that, if you are writing a 300-word article, a reader needs to stay on your article for at least thirty seconds to become a paid view, while 1000 word article requires a viewer or reader to stay on the article for at least ten seconds to become a paid view, and writing 3000 words articles will require a reader to stay on the article for just five seconds to become a paid view. 

Another benefit of writing a long article is that it ranks faster and higher than shorter ones on the google search engine.

Therefore, it is recommended to go for longer and more detailed articles.

Use of keyword research:

I will explain this point in full and more detailed explanations to help you write more engaging articles on lodpress. 

This strategy is what most writers on lodpress don’t do while writing on lodpress.

To help your articles get lots of views on the internet, you have to do some research on top keywords with low competition and thousands of monthly searches on the internet.

You can use tools like keyword planner.io, moz.com, Google keyword planner, semrush, and a lot more online tools to do keyword research.

It is important while doing keyword research to focus on the following.

  1. Keywords with high search volume
  2. Keywords that are not difficult to rank for

Keywords with high search volume

These are keywords with lots of searches on monthly basis.

Keywords that are not difficult to rank for.

There are a lot of bloggers and content writers who are using the keyword research strategy.

You are not the only one who is doing this, and you are going to have competition.

It is advisable to go for keywords that have keyword difficulty of 30 and below.

It Is better to write an article with a keyword difficulty of 25 and has a monthly search volume of 1000 and you rank on the first page than to go dor the ones with a keyword difficulty of 85 with a monthly search volume of 998,578 people.

There is a high probability you are not going to rank for these highly competitive keywords.

Thus, while doing your keyword research, endeavor to put into consideration keyword difficulty and the monthly search volume.

The additional key point to note is that, for you to rank for a particular keyword better than your competitors.

You will need to check what they are doing and do better than them.

Google your target keyword, and after that, check how many words the first person ranking for the keyword has written.

Check also, how many pictures are there in their article.

Note all his headings and try to make yours similar, if he wrote three thousand words articles with four pictures.

To outrank him, you need to write four thousand to six thousand words and at least five pictures.

Doing this will make google find your content helpful and would rank it higher.

Try as much as possible to make your content helpful and offer real value to your readers.

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Sharing of your articles to a wider audience:

After you might have finished your keyword research and your article is finally published.

You need to share your article with as many people as possible

All you need to do is to copy your article’s URL and do the sharing.

This might seems like is a bit stressful but the truth is that it is not as stressful as you think.

Is the price you must pay to succeed on lodpress.

Every success requires great sacrifice.

The first platform to share your content is Facebook groups.

Go to as many Facebook groups as possible, share the link to your article and you will get lots of views on your content.

I recommend that you share your article in more engaging groups with active members and in the same topic or category of what you are posting.

More so, it is imperative that you also share your article on your WhatsApp status.

Do the same also on Twitter and other social media platforms like Pinterest etc

Another wonderful place to share your articles and get thousands of people to read your article is on quora

Go to quora and create a free account, make your account so attractive that people can trust what you are going to be saying or writing.

Add your credentials as many as possible and after that, you can head over to search for questions that have something to do with your articles and answer those questions one after the other.

And make sure for each question you answer, let your answer be at least six hundred words so that it won’t be marked spam when you embed your article links.

Don’t forget to put a link to your lodpress articles for each question you answer, as long as your answer is above six hundred words.

If you are serious about this, you can set a goal of answering at least thirty questions on quora every day and linking them to your articles on lodpress.

I can assure you that this strategy works like magic. It is gonna bring you a ton of traffic that will get you a lot of paid views and clicks.


Interlinking your lodpress articles:

This is very important and can bring you many paid views in a month if you do this for all your articles.

This is a method that has worked for me and is sure it will for you too.

Always drop links in your articles that are gonna link people to other of your articles with the same or similar topic.

This is very important for S.E.O also.

Be consistent on lodpress:

As it is often said, consistency is the character of truth.

Don’t expect to post ten articles in a month and expect those articles to make you ten dollars.

It doesn’t work that way, however, it will come to a time you will be making much money if you are going to put all the strategies I have shared in this blog post over time.

To make money on lodpress, you will need to have an intense passion and interest for writing because without that you will quit so soon without getting to the point of making reasonable money.

If you are a type who enjoys writing as a hobby then making money on lodpress is definitely for you.

Lodpress is a very profitable website for any writer most especially beginners who can make money for their articles.

If you want to make up to $100 in a month on lodpress writing, you need to write five articles in a day applying all these strategies listed above and see yourself making some cool cash from your writing hubby.

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