Are you a secondary school student who wants to know how to make money in secondary school in Nigeria, or even make money online as a secondary school student in Nigeria?


In this article, we will teach you everything about how you can make money online/offline as a student.


Being a secondary school student does not mean you can’t make money in secondary school in Nigeria as a student.


There are so many ways a secondary school student can make money which will be discussed extensively in this article as we proceed.


Here on this blog, we share articles about ways and strategies to make money online and offline.


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how to make money online as a secondary school student in Nigeria.


The following are three ways you can make money online as a secondary school student.


We believe in learning before earning, if you find any of these three online businesses we will be sharing them today.


You can ask us to help you with a full detailed step by step course that will teach you everything you need to succeed and hold you by the hand to see that you succeed and make money online.




Am very much sure that you know that you are reading a blog post now.


Blogging is a very profitable online business that can earn you passive income as a secondary school student.


If you don’t understand what blogging is.


Blogging is simply the sharing of content in form of text, images, or videos to a particular set of audiences to add value to them or inform them.


When you search on google about anything, I am sure you always see a couple of results that pop up from different websites.


Do you think Google is the one that answers all these questions you ask on Google?


No, Google is only a search engine that compiles these results produced by human beings like you and me to answer your search query.


Bloggers in different niches are the ones who answer your questions on Google.


As a blogger, you can make a lot of passive income in dollars online via your phone or laptop.


It takes an average of nine months of consistent hard work to make money blogging.


However, some people still make money blogging as early as one month.


We have a course on blogging that can teach you everything you need to know about blogging.


All you have to do is to comment below asking for the course and we will help you get access to it.


You can blog about anything at all be it news and entertainment, finance, making money online, fashion, crypto, weight loss, sports, and games.


Ebook writing:


If as a secondary school student you have a hobby of writing or many writing skills why not monetize your skills?


There are a lot of teenagers who are making lots of cash online by publishing books on Amazon for free.


You can also start making your dollars right now by using your writing skills to publish books on Amazon Kindle.


All you need to start is just your laptop and your brain 🧠. Lols




This has to do with creating video content on YouTube  


You can create video content on anything you are passionate about that can ever come into your mind and monetize it.


There are many teenagers like you who are making money online via youtube, examples are Emmanuela of mark angel comedy, kiriku, Goodluck of praize victor comedy, and so on.


As a secondary school student, you have no excuse to make money online.


YouTube is open freely for you, take advantage of it, showcase that potential in you in the form of videos on YouTube and make money impacting your world as a secondary student.


If you need a course on this we can also help you as well.


how to make money as a secondary student in Nigeria through school and educational competitions.


In Nigeria particularly, there are lots of competitions that you can involve yourself in that can allow you to make money as a secondary school student in Nigeria.


If you are a very intelligent student these competitions that will be listed in this article can be a way to earn money for yourself.


Some of these competitions offer you the opportunity to win a scholarship to study at the university.


The following are some cool and interesting competitions that require brain work that can allow you to win big money if you dare to win.


  • Work it out


This is a mathematics competition that requires you to solve multiple choice mathematics questions.


You can make more research about how to get involved in this competition and what it takes to win if you are that bright in mathematics.


  • Cowbellpedia


This is another great mathematics competition that has two sections which are the written and the tv quiz.


During my time in secondary school, I took part in this great competition, but I was not lucky enough to qualify for the TV quiz section.


I won’t discuss this much, but I recommend that you do deep research about how to participate in this competition, if you think you have what it takes to win.


  • Who wants to be a millionaire tv show


This is a very popular tv show.


Do you know you can also get your chance of sitting on that hot seat 💺 and answer questions?


Visit their official website to know how you can be part of this competition and become the next millionaire.


You get to answer random questions about 15 of them to win up to ten million naira.


This quiz competition is a very interesting one as you won’t leave that hot seat without winning at least 30k.


How to get money as a student in Nigeria with a tutoring job:


  • Offline tutoring


As a bright student, who is in secondary school, you can make money while in school by engaging in offline tutoring jobs.


You can be a lesson taught to your neighbor’s children and get paid to help them understand that particular subject they find to be difficult while in school.


You can always promote your services to people around you to know and by that, you can be recommended to other people if they are comfortable with your service.


  • Online tutoring 


You can sell your educational documents on a website called studypool.


Studypool is a learning website that connects students to tutors and also allows you to share important documents.


If a student gets to view just one of your documents, you earn $10 for that document.


However, you need to read their guidelines on how to upload documents successfully.


And also, to get your document viewed, I will say it is a numbers game, you need to upload as many docs as possible.


You can upload at least 100 docs.


These documents can be your mathe test and answers, English essays, history, physics quizzes and so on.


Other recommended blog posts that can help you make money as a secondary school student.



Having discussed how to make money in secondary school in Nigeria online, via scholarships and competitions, and tutoring jobs.


It is fully your responsibility to make deeper research on anyone you are interested in implementing.


If it will require you to get any of our courses on each of the above online businesses we shared earlier.


You can drop a comment asking for it.


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