Kuda mobile banking app is my best alternative to Alat by wema app. In this blog post, you will learn why you should use the kuda app for your day-to-day transactions.


Also, I will reveal to you the secret hack method to make at least a minimum of ten thousand naira in a day that nobody has ever told you before.


All I need from you is to focus and follow this article to the end and implement this method to make your own online money.


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What is kuda mobile banking app


Kuda mobile banking app is an app that is owned by the Kuda microfinance bank to carry out financial and banking services online via the Mobile Phone.


This app is rated 4.3 stars out of 5 in Google play store which is a very good signal that it is a very legit app that over 90% of its users are satisfied with.  


To register on kuda, click on this link and you will be taken to the google play store where you will have to download the app.


After downloading the app put in this code RvmIfX98

Complete their kyc verification which is just some necessary details they need from you to open your own online bank. 


After that, when you purchase at least a hundred naira airtime from them you will get a two hundred naira welcome bonus.


Why you should use this app for daily transactions


There are many alternative apps like the kuda mobile banking app that promise to render the same services as kuda but what makes kuda distinctive and extraordinary is the following reasons and benefits which are:


  1. Their mobile app is very responsive and has a good user interface unlike the alat by wema app which is so frustrating
  2. You are given a bonus of 25 free transfers every month
  3. They deliver your kuda card free of charge to your doorsteps
  4. No card maintenance fee
  5. You do not need to go to the physical bank to open an account.
  6. And last and not least is that they have a very straightforward referral system that pays you and your referral a sum of 200 naira, which is what I will be teaching you about in this article.

How to make 10k+ daily with kuda mobile banking app


Having dealt with what kuda mobile banking app is, and its benefits, it is time to get into the real business of the day which is how to make 10k naira every day using this app.


You might be wondering, is it possible?


I can tell you for sure that it is very possible.


All you have to do is to strictly apply these tricks I will be telling you in this article and you are done.


I am going to teach you two great methods and traffic sources and you are to choose either one of the two or better still you can go for the two.


Going for the two will make you extra money and requires extra focus, however, it is very simple to target the two strategies.


The reason I assure you that it is simple to do both methods together is that one is completely passive and the other is active.


The first method to make money (active method)


The first traffic source is Facebook.com, there are over billions of people in this space.


What you are gonna do is very simple and it works like magic.


Go to the Facebook search bar, search for make money online in Nigeria groups and join a bunch of them, like 50 is ok if Facebook will allow you to do that.


After you might have become a member of these groups,( some groups approve you instantly while some take some Time ) what you will have to do is to post 100 posts to these different groups.


If you are joining 50 per day that’s 2 posts per group.


Your post can go like this


Hello guys, have you been trying so many methods of making money online and it keeps failing you, don’t worry I am going to show you a free app that you can use to make 10k daily.


Inbox me now, am just willing to help only ten people here.


Don’t miss this opportunity, it is free.


Remember, poor means passing over opportunity repeatedly.


That’s how your post should look, don’t copy the exact thing but just make your post very similar to what you are seeing above.


Using this script will convert a lot of people to you, when they inbox you, you refer them to the kuda app by giving them your referral code.


They are gonna be like, hey bro, I saw your post in this group that’s the reason I inbox you, please show me the way.


What you are gonna do is to tell them that it is very free, that they should go to google e play store to download kuda app and put in the code you will be giving them ( that is your referral code ) and tell them after that the next thing for them to do is to 

Complete their kyc verification which includes providing kuda with their BVN, NIN, and other details.


After that, they should buy at least 100 naira airtime in the app and they will be rewarded with a 200 naira bonus.


Also, they can make money for themselves by referring an unlimited number of people to this app.


By this, you will be making a lot of money via referrals.


The next day you can go ahead to join more groups and do more of the posting but be careful not to overdo it so that Facebook will not notice you and stop you from joining more groups.


Method two to make money

The next method is very passive and I know you are gonna love this one.


This method will include the use of two websites to get the work done.


And is the purest and highest convertible strategy.


This second method will require you to go to a very special website designed for micro tasks and pay people 50 naira each to register with your link.


Now let us do some calculations to know what we are gaining from this.


Let us say, you pay 50 people 50 naira each to register on kuda with your link and you are making a profit of 150 naira each for those 50 people.


Calculating your cost will be 50×50 which is equal to 2500 naira and your profit will be 150×50 which will be equal to 7500 naira


Just imagine your gain, you spent 2500 naira to get 7500 nairas, what a profit.


There are a bunch of people who are on these websites that are more than eager to carry out the task and get paid.


This now becomes a win-win situation where the two sides gain.


To do this, I will show you two micro tasks websites that are very perfect for this.


The first one is nairaworkers, this one is based in Nigeria and is a website where people do some simple tasks and get paid at the end.


You can click here to create an account in naira workers and start paying people to sign up via your link and make profits from home.


Another micro-task platform you can use is picoworkers.


You can also click here to create an account on picoworkers.


Picoworkers is a worldwide platform. For you to be able to use this website to make money with kuda referrals you need to deposit the amount of money you are wishing to invest.


For example, you can invest $10 from your PayPal account to this website and make a very huge profit.


For those people, PayPal is not allowed in their country like in some African countries.


You can comment below, I will consider making a post on how to create a working PayPal account.


So if you invest $10, you will be paying each person $0.08.


And you know what, 0.08 dollars is just 33 naira, you can see that the profit is even bigger with this second website. While setting your tasks, target Nigerians so that you won’t get people from other countries to try to do the tasks because the kuda mobile app only works in Nigeria and London.


Those are the two websites that can earn you so much money via the referral system.


I will not go in further to explain how to set up an account on these websites because I believe that creating an account on these websites and setting up the referral task is straightforward.


If you love to earn passive income, this is your greatest opportunity to make fast and quick passive income and you can earn an unlimited amount of money depending on the amount you invested.



Having learned the two great methods of both active and passive strategies to make money with the kids mobile banking app.


Freelife.com.ng has done their own part to teach you this secret and is now left for you to put these into action and make your own money.


You can also check out free PayPal cash by clicking here


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