Welcome to the freelife.com.ng blog where we teach money-making online from home. Today, you will learn how to become wealthy in 5 years. If you are also searching for how to become rich from a poor background, this article is for you.


It is 100% guaranteed that you are gonna be on your journey to make real wealth in less than two years online and in five years, you will be really rich.


These ideas are well proven to create wealth and they require little to no money to start up.


Subsequently, most of these businesses are online businesses that one can start with any device connected to the Internet.


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How to become wealthy in 5 years with these businesses


The success of every business is consistency and experience, most especially online businesses.


To become wealthy, you need to be very determined.


I will be listing out different business ideas that can make you wealthy in or before 5 years period of time.


As ex-American President Donald Trump said, “the secret to making wealth is to do what you have passion for”.


So it is recommended for you to choose one of these and implement it to get results.


Set goals and scale your business up to success.


As the Bible says, “seest thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before the king, he shall not stand before mean men”.


This is the secret to why people earn thousands of dollars due to the fact of how consistent they were in their business.


Success comes from the will to win and how powerful you are to say no to failure.


To become a millionaire with any of this business that will be listed below you need to be consistent even when you are not seeing results yet.


Keep on……. results will come.


Most people are only envious of successful entrepreneurs but they don’t know how many times they pass through the fire and obstacles of rejection, fear, failures, e.t.c.


Do not envy the tip of the iceberg of people’s success if you wanna succeed. The fact is that behind their success is hard work, rejection and failures.

Tip of iceberg



Rather be motivated by their success and find out how they did it and eventually succeed like them.


The truth is that you cannot succeed beyond the level of what you know.


What makes successful people succeed is what they know and what they know is referred to as experience.


Some people learn their experiences via their failures or failures from other people.


Below are hot businesses that require little to no capital to start and can make you a wealthy person.


Affiliate marketing


This is one of the oldest online businesses that are still very fresh and trending. No matter how old this business is, it is still evergreen.


See how to make $500 promoting jvzoo products as an affiliate marketer


Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing that requires people to sell someone else’s product and get paid in commission. 


Affiliate marketing has made a lot of people billionaires over the years.


You don’t need to own a product all you have to do is to promote any product you feel can help solve a problem your audience has


To be successful as an affiliate marketer, you need to get a good amount of followers and audiences.


However, If you are interested in engaging in affiliate marketing and you don’t have an idea, don’t worry, we have great tips that will help you make as much as $300+ doing affiliate marketing online.


You can click here to learn how to do affiliate marketing with no audience.


Crypto and forex trading


Although, I don’t strongly recommend forex trading for beginners who have not made any money online before.


Nonetheless, forex trading when done with proper experience and skills can make you a millionaire very fast but there is a possibility of a high risk involved in this.


Crypto on the other hand is cool, it is an online business you should consider if you are a type that likes trading hard currency.


The whole idea of this business is to buy a cryptocurrency and store it In your wallet until the cryptocurrency increases in price and you sell it and make your profit.


There is also a little risk involved in this business and you need some good experience to make a fortune with it.


If you wanna go into crypto trading, drop a comment below saying I need to learn more about this business and I will reply to you.


The fact about all these business ideas is that you need knowledge and experience to succeed and make money.


If you want to earn you must learn first. That’s the secret that has been producing wealthy people over the years.


Check out How to make money in Nigeria as wazobet affiliate


Freelancing to make money

Freelancing simply means doing some remote work on a freelancing website In exchange for money.


As a freelancer, you get paid for your skill online. This is one of the fastest ways of making money online.


However, there is very high competition in freelancing but there is a greater possibility of succeeding with great skills and experience.


A freelancer can make from 0$ to as high as $5000 in a month, depending on your experience and how well you market your skill.


If you are serious about learning about freelancing, comment after this post and I will give you a reply on how to get the course that can prepare you solidly for it.


Wait a minute, check out this post before choosing alat by wema mobile app in Nigeria

Football viewing center and game shop


These are two different businesses but anyone you choose to focus on can make you a millionaire in 5 years.


If you can run the two at once, that’s great because these two will generate double revenue for you.


If you are in Nigeria, these are businesses that work out in the cities where we have lots of youths interested in watching football matches and playing games like PES.


Football viewing centers and game shops require a little money to start up.


This is my first offline business on the list.




Yeah, You heard me right.


Commercial Farming is a very lucrative business.


If you wanna be rich, especially in Africa, don’t underestimate this sector.


Farming has a lot of types.


We have poultry farming, cassava farming, plantain and banana farming, snail farming, and so on


Farming at the commercial level requires a little capital.


You can enquire about any kind of farming you wanna go into.


Start a youtube channel


This is the video section of blogging.


You can start a YouTube channel with your phone or a laptop.


If you ask me, what will I make videos about?


The answer is that you can make videos about anything you like provided you are capable of producing consistent content on it.


For example, if you are a physics teacher who is teaching in a particular school and receiving a salary.


Why don’t you double your income? Did you know that if you can bring your teaching skills to YouTube you can earn times 100 of your monthly salary in two years of consistent content creation as a monthly income?


If you know how much YouTubers earn you will never underestimate this income stream.


Check out these passive income streams that can make you rich in no time




Do you know that you are receiving this information you are reading from a blog?


Blogging is another online business that I do recommend to people looking to make a passive income online.


I have a blogging course that teaches blogging from scratch.


All you have to do is to click on this link to get it.


Blogging requires zero capital except if you wanna start with a paid hosting blog which I recommend.


You can start blogging with blogpost.com domain extension, WordPress.com, Wix HubPages, lodpress, medium.com, and so on.


If you are so passionate about writing, then blogging is definitely for you.


Also, if you are very much interested in making money with your writing skills click on this link to discover platforms you can write for and get paid.


You can also check out different ways to make money by writing online




It is now easier to make money by self-publishing books online now than ever before.


With platforms like Amazon KDP, good reads, kobo, wattpad, okada book e.t.c.

You can make a whole lot of money from the comfort of your home writing books.


This requires zero money to start up and you can make a thousand dollars or more depending on how many sales you make.


If this is the business you wanna do.


Comment below and I will give you a course that will help you make money with self publishing.




The above are a few businesses proven by me and my team that can make you wealthy in or before five years 


These businesses are well proven to make you wealthy if only you can put in your hard work and focus.


However, for you to succeed or be a wealthy man you need to exhibit the characters that most rich people do.


Stay out of debt, and always save at least ten percent of your salary or monthly income.


Don’t spend more than you earn.


With proper plan and strategy your goal of becoming a millionaire can be achieved.


Hope you enjoyed our article, 


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