Are you a blogger, are you looking for how to write a blog and make money in 2022?


The steps on how to write the perfect post, the process before writing the article, the post structure, and how to get good results will all be discussed in this article as we proceed.


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Perfect blog post: what to know before starting?


Before you start writing the post, think about the following topics. You have to know what you are going to achieve with the articles you publish and set the goals you want to achieve.


SEO is essential for your article to be positioned in search engines, so keyword research is a fundamental step before writing it.


While it is generally understood that you have to create good content with less quantity, the truth is that those posts that have a high length tend to attract more traffic; of course, the content has to be of quality and that adds value.


  • Presentation is important


First impressions count even for articles. Some tricks to keep in mind to make an impact with the design are as follows:


– Readable and clear font;

– Quality in the images that accompany the text;

– Brevity in paragraphs;

– Bold, italics, or links that highlight the text;

– Condenser text in a small space.

  • Find niches for your content


Write for a specific target or multiple groups by topic so you get a wider range of readers and even qualified readers willing to interact.


  • Link to other articles on your blog

Generating articles on specific topics will help you to recycle in future posts. 


So-called evergreen content helps recycle other posts and improve readability on your blog.


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How to write a blog and make money, step-by-step guidelines.

  • Come up with an idea of what people are searching for in your niche

Look for a topic or idea that is generating debate on the networks, but at the same time, you play to write your post. Use tools like Google Trends or ubersuggest to get topics to talk about.

  • develop the title

Try not to exceed 65 characters and always include the keyword as far to the left as possible.

  • write an introduction

The first sentence of the article must refer to the title, in addition to this paragraph, we will integrate the keyword we are positioning.

  • Work out the main points

First, write down the most relevant points that you are going to address to define the structure of the article.

  • Insert links

Link building is essential to reinforce our content and that it is fed from other sources. Insert the links from sources we refer to or from our blog, as they will serve to reinforce the content of the post.

  • Add extra material

Even knowing that content is king, it must be supported by other elements. Use infographics, images, and videos and highlight relevant phrases in a way that makes your text more attractive and pleasant for the reader.

  • Leave a discussion question open

Encourage a discussion about the topic you are talking about by inviting readers to have their say on the topic and, in most cases, give examples of this.

  • share at the right time

You have to be clear about what time and time you have to share your article. You can use tools like Hootsuite, which will help you to leave all your blog posts on the different social networks scheduled. This will allow the reach of your blog posts to be greater if you know when readers will be online.


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How to get good results


Finally, you have to follow a checklist to assess that you have not skipped any of the previous steps. Here are some of the last steps you need to take:


If you mentioned another blog or website that you know of in your article, let the author know; this way, you will not only know if you have the right permission, but you will gain visibility, as you will share the post with your network of contacts;


Remind your followers what new posts exist on the blog through emails and newsletters;


You have to be aware if your post is going to be successful or not; content often goes viral when it is shared across networks and generates traffic;


Appreciate the feedback readers give you, whether through participating in discussion forums or the debate you’ve generated. 


This will help you improve the quality of your posts.




Now that we’ve analyzed how a perfect blog post is composed, we have to put it into practice so that your articles have a greater scope. 


And you, what do you consider to be the essential structure of a post? Do you agree with the points we mentioned? The debate is open 🙂


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