Have you made any money on the internet before? Are you looking for a legitimate and easy method to make real money online via affiliate marketing on jvzoo? In this article, I will be showing you everything about the jvzoo affiliate full tutorials, how jvzoo affiliate works, and the full tutorials on how to make $300 in a month on jvzoo as an affiliate for free without paying a dime.

All you need is just an Android device/iPhone/laptop and an internet connection. This method works well on all devices with good internet connections worldwide.

Just stick with me to the very end of this article to learn how to make a lot of money as a jvzoo affiliate.

What is jvzoo

Jvzoo is simply an affiliate network that allows people worldwide to promote different products and earn commissions. This website acts as a marketplace where both manufacturers and affiliates meet, you can also become a manufacturer by selling your products on jvzoo.

Is jvzoo a legit site

For sure, jvzoo is a very legit site to make money online for free. I will be teaching you all the skills you need to make money on this site as a beginner for free without spending any money.

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Jvzoo home page

How does the jvzoo affiliate work

Signing up on jvzoo is free and to make money you need to target products that are attractive and can make a lot of sales.

How do jvzoo affiliates make money

Jvzoo affiliates make a lot of money by promoting products online, they get paid in commission whenever anybody buys through their affiliate link. I will teach you three effective methods that you can use to make a lot of money on jvzoo which are

  1. Free ads method
  2. Creating your blog
  3. Using Tumblr blog

Free ads method:

This method will allow you to get traffics to your affiliate links via posting free advertisements online. They are a lot of websites that will allow us to post ads for actually free without paying any money

The first website here on our list is freeadsforum.com.

Affiliatemsrketing with freeads forum


How to advertise your products on freeadsforum.com

Just create an account on freeads, select the category in which you want to place the ads and after that, you chose your target city, I recommend that you post an ad to a particular city and repeat that same ad for like ten to twenty more cities do you can reach more audience. After that, you make your post, which contains your affiliate link.

Just imagine the huge traffic this website has, 400,000 members, this is cool, and is a very good place to carry out your affiliate marketing.



This is also similar to the first one we shared before on our list. You can post as many ads as possible. I am not going to show you how to post ads on this platform because is as similar to the one above.

To see positive results using these free ads sites, it is recommended that you post a lot of ads per day and make your ads more enticing to catch people’s attention. You can post ten to twenty ads a day on one particular site making it forty ads combining the two sites.


Creating your blog

Another amazing way to make money on jvzoo is to have your blog




Having your blog will let you post your affiliate links and promote them to your audience and get paid as fast as possible. This method works more effectively than the first one above.

You can own a free blog or a paid blog depending on your budget, all is gonna work.

If you are interested in creating paid blog tutorials, please comment below, then I will consider making a post on how to create a profitable blog and grow it.


Using Tumblr blog

Tumblr is a great social media platform with thousands of real traffic. This method is faster than any of the above methods above. You can get a lot of traffic within a few minutes because this website has a big domain authority and thousands of backlinks, which will make your articles rank faster than just using your newly created blog.

You need to open up a Tumblr account, which is very easy and write a review article of what you are promoting, and put your affiliate link.

You need to familiarize yourself with how to write review articles.



In summary, making money as jvzoo affiliates requires you to choose good and profitable products that are capable of making you a lot of sales.

To choose a good product, you will need to put into consideration the following

  1. Refund rate: make sure that you are not picking a product that has a high refund rate.
  2. Sales: always endeavor to choose products with thousand of sales. Promote the products with high sales.


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