Do you believe that you can earn doing nothing, and not just that but also get paid to do nothing at all by various ways to earn money by doing nothing apps on the internet?Get paid to do nothing apps, earn doing nothing, get paid to do nothing.


If you have been following our blog you will know that all we teach here is how you can make money online and get a financially free life.


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We will reveal to you secret websites to make money doing little to nothing online that works worldwide.


I can assure you 100% that what you are about to read now on secrets to make money doing nothing, you can never see it any other place on the internet.


You being financially free by working online is our ultimate joy and satisfaction.


That’s the reason for this article.


But wait a minute, can you get paid for doing nothing on the internet?


The short answer is yes, and the long answer is that there are many ways to earn doing nothing or little which include earning money by doing nothing apps, affiliate marketing, and other earning websites.


The fact is that you cannot make a reliable income online by doing nothing because it is not possible.


If anybody tells you otherwise, it is a pure lie.


Here on this website, we tell you the truth about online money-making.


However, you can earn from little cents to five dollars every day doing nothing with the following apps and websites we will be sharing in this blog post. 


How do I get paid a lot to do nothing

 To make money online on the internet you need to get paid for your service or what you offer.


Yet do you know that people earn a lot of passive income online by doing very little or nothing at all?


You can get paid browsing the internet, watching videos, playing games, listening to music, and so on which are not a task at all cause these things are all that we enjoy doing in our leisure time.


Below are the top ways to be paid doing nothing.


Free websites/apps to earn doing nothing online


Below are websites and apps you can combine to make a lot of money doing nothing.


The most interesting part is that all these websites work worldwide and are free to participate no matter your device.


Money SMS app


Have you heard of the money SMS app, this mobile app pays you to do nothing, and I mean nothing at all.


All you have to do is to download the app on Google Play Store and register.


The next thing is that you will start earning per message you read sent to you by this app.


Don’t worry, this app is legit and safe.


You don’t need a VPN at all.


Tv-two app


On tv-two, just as the name sounds, you get paid to watch several videos online. You can connect this app to your TV.


You can make a lot of free money by simply allowing the videos to play in the background while you do some other things entirely.


This app is available on Google Play Store as well with very perfect reviews from happy users worldwide.


Honey gain


Stop wasting your data online, I mean your internet data.


You can make cool money just by sharing your internet data with others in this app.


This app is very safe and you can withdraw your earnings via different payment gateways.


Current app

Have you heard of an app called current? Do you love listening to music?


If yes, then you can make a very huge amount of money monthly with this app because you will get paid in points to listen to music and these points are converted to dollars and you can withdraw them via several payment options.


I made a lot of money doing nothing with this app called current, all I do is charge my phone to 100% and play the music connecting it to my amplifier for hours.


Sometimes, I play these songs over the night while I sleep, and for each song, I get paid for it.


I usually make up to a hundred dollars in a month just by playing music daily on this app.


This app has a lot of positive reviews from a bunch of happy users worldwide.


You can check it out on Google Play Store. website


If you have been reading this article without skipping a line you will discover that this is the first website on the list.


On this website, you are going to get paid in a cryptocurrency known as dogecoin.


You are not going to be doing anything but you will be allowed to earn up to 250 dollars worth of dogecoin by simply spinning every hour.


To know more about this website you can click here to learn more and join the website and earn money doing nothing.


5billionsale website

This is a new website that has been helping a lot of people make passive income doing nothing by simply sharing their internet data just like honey gain.


You can make a lot of money on this website by doing some other little tasks on it and getting paid.


Cash 4minute app

Just like the name of the app, you will make money online in a matter of minutes.


On this app, you get paid for making calls and listening to radio broadcasts online.


This app offers weekly and monthly payment options to users.


You can get paid via bank transfers, PayPal, Amazon vouchers, and so on.


Slidejoy app

On this app, you will be doing nothing at all but will be earning big and getting paid.


This app is very legit just like every other app on the list.


Slidejoy has a 4.3-star rating from a bunch of satisfied users on the Google Play Store and over a hundred thousand downloads.


You will get paid for unlocking your phones.


Isn’t that cool, yea it is.


You can also make lots of money on this app by referring your friends.


Ysense website


This is the final on the list, you can make a lot of money on this website doing several different things.


But what I will be telling you in this article about making money with this website is quite very different from every other thing you might have heard about this website.


You can click here to read our ysense review.


What I will be telling you will enable you to earn as much money as you want to earn doing absolutely nothing.


This method can earn you real cash because you will be getting people to make the money for you while you sit at home to receive your profits in dollars.


This website pays 0.3 dollars per referral.

You can check out everything about this website and how to make money with it


Please if you want to make money online doing nothing for sure, I mean real money for sure, then don’t ever take what I will teach you now for granted.


We are sharing this with you to know one of our secrets


If you can refer 100 people to this website, you will earn $30 for free.


There are two ways you can choose from to make this $30 or more.


The first way is to refer your friends and family including social media referrals like Facebook and so on.


And the second option, which is recommended, is paying people to work for us while we get paid to do nothing with profits.


Imagine if you invest like $10 to pay for referrals, and each person is paid 0.08 cents, that will be 0.08×125 people, which is equal to 10 dollars.


Using just 10 dollars to pay 125 people to register via your link will make you 125×0.3=37.5 dollars because each person will give you 0.3 dollars.


That is, you invest $10 and gain back 37.5 dollars without doing anything.


Isn’t that cool?


However, you can invest less or more depending on how much you wanna earn. 


To do this, click here to create an account on picoworkers and post your job.


Posting jobs like this is very simple on the platform, you will need to deposit at least $10 from your PayPal account to picoworkers.


After that, you use the $10 to pay people on the platform to use your link to register on ysense.


Do not pay people more than 0.08 dollars each.


Target your job towards only US citizens.


If you are in a third-world country like Nigeria and you want to implement this method but you don’t have a PayPal account.


You can use naira worker, it is the same process and it will allow you to deposit from your bank account.


That’s the great trick I have personally been using to make money doing nothing.


It can also work for you too.


All these methods are very simple, however, if you have any issues, you can ask a question in the comment section below.


Please do not ask questions that have already been answered in this blog post, doing so will not prompt me to reply to you.




To give a summary of the article, it is true that there are many ways to legitimately make money online doing nothing at all.


Yet, this money can not create wealth but can only serve as capital to start up some other businesses.


If you wanna become wealthy doing online business, check it out by clicking here.




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