Have you ever heard of “Read News and earn money sites and apps”? Is it possible to read news and get paid to your bank account?Read news and get paid platforms

There are many fake sites and apps that claim to pay people for reading news and other articles.

Am not moved by that, but what got me the most and drew my attention to writing this blog post was the fact that many bloggers out there are teaching you lies about “read news and get paid sites”.

I hate it when people are misinformed because nobody can ever succeed with the wrong information.

Most people say, information is power. The statement is not far from the truth. Here on Freelife.com.ng, if there is anything we should be known for, that’s our passion in making sure you’re successful in the online business space.

And we achieve that by being as honest as possible with the information we publish here to help you make money online.

I will be showing you some popular sites and the lies you are told on the internet concerning making money online by reading news and articles.

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With that said, let’s look closely at some popular Read news and get paid sites and apps and the lies you are told about them.

Read News and get paid sites.

There are many read news and get paid websites, below are a few of them and what you must know:


Chatmogul income program:Chatmogul review

If you have ever come across this site before I guess you might have an idea of the claim they make to pay you to read news and articles.


When I was broke in 2019 and I came into the internet space to find anything that can make me money to pay my bills.


I got in contact with the chatmogul website from my Google research on earning sites in Nigeria.


When I saw the huge income potential, I was so excited and thought my search had come to an end.


To cut the long story short, I paid 2000 Naira and I tried to login.


Till today I am still unable to login to that account after they took my 2K away.


Scooper News: This another site where you are told that you can make money reading news. The truth is that I haven’t made any money with this site, I have tried and failed woefully.


Making money with scooper News is only possible for content writers that are writing the news and not readers.


You can make money writing for scooper News.


You can ask me in the comment section if you have enough writing skill and you are interested in making money writing for scooper News.


Instanaira: you might have also heard of instanaira, this app is dead now, you can’t make any money with this website because it crashed a long time ago.

Back then, this was one of the hottest “read news and get paid” platforms


Inbox dollars:Inboxdollars

you need to be very careful while looking for sites to make real money online out there.


Majority of blogs are teaching people nonsense. Just take a look at the photo below:

Lies about read news and get paid

Inbox dollars is a site that pays to do offers and surveys but what they haven’t told you is that inbox dollars do not accept Nigerians and other African countries.


You will only get to know that after wasting your time hoping you have found an earning site only to get disappointed at the end.


That’s why you must join our telegram community and follow us on this blog because we are very passionate about you and we test any earning site before recommending them to you.


Palmblow:How does palmblow work

this one is a new site that has just been launched to pay for reading articles.

I don’t wanna talk much about this site just click here to read full review of it


Newsnaira income program:Newsnaira Review

the site has paid over thousands of naira to members since it was launched until it crashed.


However, you can still make affiliate cash on the site and get paid.


You can read the full Review here on how to make money with Newsnaira


I have listed a few of them and I will be telling you the truth about these sites as we proceed in this article.

The truth about read news and get paid:

I have been in the online space for years now, I can tell you this for sure, if you want to make real and consistent money online, do not depend on “read news and get paid” platforms.


The reason I am saying this is that I have personally tried out over 20 sites that claim to pay for reading news and I have discovered their pattern of operation.


Almost all of these sites are launched by some entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to get massive traffic to their news blog.


So as a result of this desire, they end up integrating a marketing system known as paying people to read news on their site.


They pay some amount of money to get their site advertised as a paying site, some charge a registration fee, while others do not.


Doing this will attract massive traffic to their site and most of them will pump their sites with annoying ads to make money.


While some pay for a while and later get crashed, some do not even pay. This is just a marketing system.


So even if a site is launched now and pays for reading news, there is no guarantee that it will keep on paying.


Except via referral programs, some platforms like Newsnaira still pay for referral programs. When you refer someone, they will pay you out of the money your referral uses to sign up.


Way forward


Now that you know this, what’s the way forward?


I will recommend that you learn a skill known as referral marketing.


This is the only way you can bank an unlimited amount of money. A lot of these sites have stopped paying for reading news but are still paying for referral programs.


Only those with this skill can make it huge by “read news and get paid” platforms.


Conclusion Read News and Get Paid platforms

Like I have just stated in this blog post earlier that referral marketing is the way you can make $1000 by reading news online.


I guess you have understood the message I am trying to pass across. Making money online requires a skill, that’s the secret.


You need to learn how to market these sites and get paid in commission. And the only thing that can make your referral marketing simple is having an audience.


Have you ever wondered why bloggers and content creators make money online?


The secret is traced down to the audience they have, you need to build an audience ok?


And the way you can do this is via content marketing.


You can read more about my story of how I went from broke to making money online.


Do not hesitate to check it out to learn the mistakes I made on my journey to making money online.


Alternatively, below are my two best sites that have made me hundreds of dollars doing simple tasks. Is worth your try too.



How to make 3k daily with a single site


How to $250 monthly with sproutgigs


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