My cash is one of the apps that got my attention recently and I decided to check them out and I am back here to let you know in this my cash review the truth about this app.

My cash app review

If you have been wanting to make money with this app in question here are the things you should know first before making that decision.


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What is my cash all about?

The app is an earning app that rewards gamers per minute for playing games.

This may be a good opportunity for dudes whose hobbies are playing different games on their smartphones.


Instead of doing it for free why not get paid to play games in my cash app.


My cash has so far been downloaded by over 500 thousand people and still counting. The app was launched in March, 2023 and I still very fresh and growing.

How does it work?

My cash – make money cash app works worldwide and you can access them via your google play store.


For apple users, you can check out if is available there for you guys.

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Just like I explained earlier, you will be rewarded with cash which is the app’s currency for playing games.


You get to earn about 10 or 13 cash per minute depending on the game played.


Let’s just assume that you are getting paid 10 cash per minute, in one hour you could earn up to 600 cash.


If you are like some of my guys that are so addictive to playing games, this can be a bit fun and same time rewarding.


There are people who spend more than 5 hours playing games, imagine what that can amount to.

How to make money with my cash

This is how you can earn on my cash app, after a successfull download and installation of the app you create your free account just like you do in other sites/apps.


When that is done, you will have to login to your dashboard and proceed to earn cash where you will see different games to play and get paid for.


The thing now is that you need to understand that these games are not controlled by my cash app but you need to download any game you choose to play from the play store and play to earn cash.


My cash only does the monitoring to reward your time and effort.

How to withdraw from my cash app

Withdrawal can be processed to your PayPal account and you need to reach a minimum payout of 7000 cash which is equals to $1 when converted to the US dollars.

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Is my cash legit or a scam?Is my cash app legit or a scam

Many people have been complaining about my cash app not processing their payout and only a few got paid when the app was very fresh.


It could be deduced that getting paid on this site may not be guaranteed and you don’t have to take my cash app as something you can make money from.


I recommend that you just take it as fun if you love playing if not just forget about it for good.


Just have a mindset that whether the money comes or not you are good.

Is my cash worth it?

To me, why waste your time on an app that makes you no money at all, do you know that my cash app makes you $0 and on the contrary makes hundreds of dollars to the developers and owners of it.


These guys are playing smart with people and you need to be smarter than them as a visitor of my blog.


They create an app and give it a catchy name just to lure people, promise people of making money but they aren’t paying, monetize the app with ads and force the users to watch multiple ads for their selfish interest.

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Conclusion on my cash review

What I have been able to achieve is giving you the whole idea about my cash app and you are now to choose if to go ahead with it or not.


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