You might have heard a lot about making money online with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of making wealth online but the problem is many people are teaching jargon on the internet about affiliate marketing.

If you have tried making money online with affiliate marketing in the past and failed then this article will be your saviour today.

Affiliate marketing is very simple way of making money but not easy for those who are not willing to learn.

You probably failed at affiliate marketing because you did the wrong things and got the wrong results Making money online is never magic, your input of right information produces your results.

Now the most interesting question you should ask is what is the best way to succeed as an affiliate?

In this blog post we will be dealing with this question and giving you our expertise strategies we have used to make over $1000 with affiliate marketing.

At the end of this blog post you should be able to kickstart your affiliate marketing journey that will make you nothing less than $200 in the next 30 days.

The promise above will work for you if you will learn the information shared on this page and implement them.

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What is the best way to succeed as an affiliate?

The best way to succeed as an affiliate marketing is using content marketing to solve a problem of your client and recommending a trusted service or product that can help solve the issue with ease.

The product or service you recommend will be your affiliate offers and you get paid in commission.

As simple as that, for the purpose of comprehension, I will be explaining further in details what is content marketing and how it can help you make money as an affiliate.

What is Content marketing and how it can help in affiliate marketing?

Content marketing is defined as the marketing approach of knowing your targeted audience and their deepest problem they have been crying for help always for.

And having known their problems, you create a solution or partner with a third party that has the solution to their problems as their affiliate.

After having the solution to their deepest problem, you come to them via different channels like owning a blog just like the one you are reading from, social media platforms and email creating and distributing valuable content consistently to engage them in a way that is both entertaining and informative.

By so doing you will be educating them on how to solve their problems and at the same time offer your affiliate product as the best solution and explain why it is the best.

Content marketing allows you to create a large audience that trust and believe in your recommendation.

Just like my audience on this blog are people looking to make money online, I can recommend things that have worked for me and people will likely trust me because of my results.

How can content marketing help an affiliate marketer? Below are the ways:

1. Building trust: By using the content marketing strategy as an affiliate you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

With this you will be able to gain the trust of your target audience and by getting their trust will amount to sales.

This is one of the secret most people don’t know about affiliate marketing. You cannot succeed in affiliate marketing without building audience that trust your recommendations. I hope you get the point, follow up.

2. Driving traffic:  As an affiliate marketer you need more people to see your affiliate links so you can make more sales. With content marketing you can create and optimized your content for SEO which will results to more traffic coming to your website.

If you are doing your content marketing on social media platforms, you can reach more people by constantly producing more valuable content that aligns with the algorithm of the social media platform you are dealing with.

3. Increasing conversions: Content marketing allows affiliates to educate their target audience about the benefits and features of the products or services they are promoting and how those products can help solve their problems.

The fact is that by constantly giving valuable information, affiliates can increase the likelihood of conversions as they are able to address potential customers’ concerns and provide solutions.

4. Expanding reach: Sharing your content on different social media platforms and other distribution channels can help you reach a wider audience.

This can lead to increased brand awareness and exposure, resulting in more affiliate sales and earnings.

5. Enhancing SEO: Do you know by creating quality content that is optimized for SEO you can increase your website visibility in search engine results pages. Higher ranking leads to an increased organic traffic and more affiliate sales.

Overall, content marketing plays a crucial role in affiliate marketing by establishing credibility, driving traffic, increasing conversions, expanding reach, and improving search engine optimization.

What is the hardest part of affiliate marketing?

There are many things that may be challenging in affiliate marketing.

There are two main hardest parts which is traffic and conversion to sales.

The most difficult part of affiliate marketing is getting a converting traffic.

A good traffic source is a boost to your income and you will be getting the secrets to achieve this in this post.

What should you avoid in affiliate marketing?

If you must succeed in affiliate marketing then don’t hesitate to follow these rules.

1. Avoid spamming people: many of you may have been taught before now that affiliate marketing is all about getting your affiliate links, joining facebook groups and forums then spam your links there as much as you can.

You won’t make any sale. Stop this, you can’t force people to buy your products but can only research about the problem they have and offer the best product that can solve their problem.

By doing this you will be irrisistible. You can join my telegram group for more marketing tips.

2.  Avoid promoting poor products: Just because you want to make money as an affiliate marketer should not force you to promote low quality product based on their high commission plan.

You will lose a lot of trust your customers had for you.

3. Stop bombarding your website with affiliate links, this also looks spammy.

Offer high quality content to your audience and naturally linking them to your trusted affiliate product that can help them out if they need further help.

Do not force them.

4. You must avoid promoting products that are not benefitial to your target audience. You can’t market health and beauty products to people who are looking to lose weight.

Understand your audience pain point and recommend the best solution to them. Nobody can ever resist the urge of buying the product that can solve his/her long surfering problem.

That’s how affiliate marketing works, no magic involved.

5. Avoid focusing on short-term gains and be patient while investing in your business with your time, knowledge and finance.

Making money with affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme ok?

When I started as a beginner, it took me one year plus before I started making money online.

Yours may be faster cause you can always learn from my mistakes if you are part of my telegram community.

What is the secret of affiliate marketing?

I have revealed the greatest secret of every affiliate marketers so far and if you haven’t still gotten it.

Content marketing is the secret to affiliate marketing success.

What are the 6 secrets for becoming a high earning affiliate marketer?Affiliate marketing earnings

If you can religiously follow these secrets step by step just as the way am listing them below to you, then you are guaranteed of making it big with affiliate marketing.

Let’s go:

Find a niche: 

The first thing you should consider while starting affiliate marketing should be what niche or topic will I be discussing about?

Is the niche a low competitive niche? Are they marketing needs in this niche you should reach out for?

Answering questions like this will help you arrive at a great and lucrative niche that makes Money.

The three best niches are health, relationship and wealth niche. These are very broad but you can always niche down to something more unique.

However, there are other great untouched lucrative niches that can make even more income. You just have to do your research perfectly to arrive at them.

Build a strong audience:

This is where content marketing comes in, you need to build your presence in the online space and feed them with accurate information.

You can’t be successful affiliate marketer without a good audience.

You must have a blog, a youtube/tiktok channel, a facebook page, twitter handle and etc.

Just be visible on as many platform as you possibly can and produce valuable content centered around your affiliate offer and you will be making passive income.

Post quality content consistently:

Consistency is what makes difficult tasks soften in a long run. Now do you believe if you had started affiliate marketing 2 or 3 years ago and implementing the right strategy you did be making a whole lot of money now?

The best time to plant a tree that will shed you was twenty years ago but don’t worry if you have missed it another best time to do that is now.

I mean right now after reading this post.

Promote relevant products:

I have stressed this point earlier. You need to promote products that can help your audience genuinely in solving their deepest problem they might have had before coming across your content or marketing copies.

This improves conversion rate.

Analyse and learn what works:

As time goes on you need to check and analyse your data and monitor what works for you, what traffic source really convert for you, what kind of content made you sales the more.

By making analysis like this you tend to discover your strengths and what works for you and double your effort in these areas to get double the results.

I hope you get the point. Ok


Like they said, “the patient dog eats the fattest bone”. You need to work smart and hard while not trying to do some black hat methods to get things fast in an illegal way.

As far as you are doing the right things, you will surely get to your destination.

Conclusion on What is the best way to succeed as an affiliate marketer?

To sum up our article on the best way to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need to know that they are natural laws guiding the success of affiliate marketing.

What I mean by natural laws is that those vital things discussed in this blog post so far that you need to follow to be successful.

You can read our article on why you are not making money online

I can remember two and half years ago when I started affiliate marketing as a teen who just finished his secondary school looking for a way to make money to support my university education.

I failed many times, my parents were poor and they didn’t believe in my business at all.

I never had the money to pay for good courses that could help my success at affiliate marketing.

I had to suspend my business and I started a 9-5 hustle. The challenges I had while doing my job then was that the location where I worked was so far that I do spend all my income on transport fare.

I manage to make a little saving which I use to invest in affiliate marketing course that changed my whole marketing journey.

Today, am enjoying my investment and the sacrifice I put as a teen.

It all came from an extreme hunger to make money online because I was very broke and no one ever believed in me.

The truth is that you can do that thing you think is difficult if you have the desire.

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Remember, reading this blog post will not make you any money, it is taking action that will help you get the results.

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