You have been hearing of how profitable affiliate marketing is in the online space and you might be asking ‘how do I start affiliate marketing in Nigeria’? Can I start affiliate marketing for free? How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria for beginners & earn $1000 from home is what we will be dealing with today.

This blog post comes with thorough information on how you can start affiliate marketing in Nigeria or Africa as a beginner with no experience.

This method that will be shared on this post is also 100% applicable to you if you are in the first world country or anywhere in the world.

Making money as an affiliate marketer is not rocket science, it is something you can do and get a positive results like many others out there.

If you are in Africa, and you are looking forward to starting an affiliate marketing online business but don’t have a clue on how to go about it.

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What is the Meaning of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the selling of someone else’s product to get paid in commission.

You can partner with any affiliate network or a company of your choice to help them sell their products by promoting them to your audience on social media, blogs, or YouTube channels.

The whole idea of this term affiliate marketing was to increase the reach of the vendor or producer to get his products to a wider group of interested people.

Making it a win-win for both companies. You get my product to sell more and I give you some percentage of the money worth it, everyone is happy at the end.

Another form of affiliate marketing is the referral marketing where you introduce more people to a service or platform and you get paid in recurring commission or one time payment.

Affiliate marketing is very much preferable by people who has not created any product of their own but are interested to market some already created products for cash.

You can start affiliate marketing for free or with some bucks depending on how fast you wanna succeed in the business.

I will be elaborating more on the advantages and disadvantages of starting affiliate marketing for free in this article as we proceed.

Do not try to skip any part of this article if you want to get the best from it because doing so may allow you to skip important details that may be of value to you.

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How can I teach myself affiliate marketing?

There are many reasons why most people are interested in teaching their self affiliate marketing and one of the major reasons is lack of funds to pay for affiliate marketing course.

Another reason based on my opinion may be fear of getting scammed by fake course vendors who offer zero value.

There are many ways you can teach yourself affiliate marketing which include:

  1. Reading affiliate marketing books and getting the knowledge from the book.
  2. You can teach yourself affiliate marketing by reading massive articles on affiliate marketing from affiliate marketing blogs. A practical way you of doing that is by browsing the affiliate marketing category of this blog as we have published many valuable content that teaches affiliate marketing.
  3. Watching YouTube videos can also be one week of the ways you can learn affiliate marketing on your own.
  4. Engaging on affiliate marketing social media groups on facebook, twitter, and quora can also enable you to learn affiliate marketing yourself.

Learning affiliate marketing on your own is a very good thing to do but is risky.

Many people have taught their self affiliate marketing via the above mentioned ways and make real money with affiliate marketing.

Not everyone might be lucky learning affiliate marketing on their own.

Advantages of learning affiliate marketing free

There are many advantages of learning affiliate marketing without investment. Below are a few of them:

  1. It is always beginner’s friendly learning affiliate marketing for free as most of the free information you will be getting will be in basic form.
  2. It involves low financial risk as you are not paying any money to learn.
  3. Learning affiliate marketing for free allows you to atleast get familiar with the affiliate marketing terms and basic knowledge before investing in higher knowledge.
  4. You can always learn at your own time and schedule. There is no reason to rush.

Disadvantages of learning affiliate marketing for free

Here are the disadvantages of learning affiliate marketing free:

  1. Learning affiliate marketing for free is exposing you to limited knowledge and is just like going to war with limited weapons. You are prone to make mistakes and learn from it. However, learning from an experience expert will allow you to get exposed to the mistakes they made and how you can avoid making same mistakes.
  2. Over 70% of people who learn affiliate marketing on their own via free resources lack accountability and as such they procrastinate things a lot.
  3. Learning affiliate marketing for free is stressful because it is very laborious to curate and assemble free affiliate marketing materials over the internet for your learning compared to a paid course where everything is step by step arranged for you.

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How much does it cost to learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

There is no fixed price it cost to learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria, however, you can get a good affiliate marketing course from N10,000 to N100,000 depending on how valuable the course is and how generous the vendor is willing to help the masses get the skill at affordable rate.

Don’t worry at the end of this article, you get access to the best affiliate marketing course that has made many ordinary people millionaires. Very valuable and affordable.


What is the best way for a beginner to start affiliate marketing?

To me, I will advise beginners wanting to start affiliate marketing to atleast get blogging, article writing and copy writing skill.

The best way to start affiliate marketing for beginners is via organic traffic source like starting a niched YouTube channel or a blog.

I don’t advise newbies to start affiliate marketing with paid advertising unless otherwise guided by a professional.

Taking our affiliate marketing course that will be introduced at the end of this post will put you through the best way to start affiliate marketing.

The course is what made me earn hundreds of dollars am earning today, I recommend that you should never joke with it even if you don’t have money to get it you can borrow a friend.

Investment in high income skill is never a waste

How do I start affiliate marketing on my phone?

Starting affiliate marketing is very cool with a laptop or a desktop but if you don’t have one, I strongly advise you to start with what you have.

Provided the phone has a minimum of 4gb ram and 3g or 4g network, Android 8 to 10 version you are good to go.

I started affiliate marketing with phone and that didn’t stopped me from making money enough to upgrade.

You too can start affiliate marketing with your phone by first investing in affiliate marketing knowledge (paid knowledge), then start a blog, YouTube channel or a Tiktok and produce content around products you wanna sell.

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Conclusion on how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria for beginners and earn $1000

Affiliate marketing is a very profitable online business model. This same business is what lifted me from a broke teenager to earning in dollars in Nigeria without traveling to work in the US.

If you have tried making money with affiliate marketing in the past and failed why not read this.

I believe you are now equipped with how you can earn $1000 with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Remember, as of the time this article was written a dollar is 1000 NGN. $1000 will make you over one million naira.

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