Did you know that it is much easier to create wealth now in the 21st century than ever before? In today’s article, you will learn five evergreen passive incomes with little investment ideas.

Passive income with little investment

You might probably be curious if you can make passive money up to $500 every month without some huge capital income to start up.


If you have been asking questions like can I create a passive income that can generate thousands of dollars for free without any capital?


Then this article is surely your solution because this article will explain In detail how to generate passive

income with no initial funds


How can I make $500 a month of passive income from home?


In this digital age, making money, especially passive income, is very possible but you need to put in the price.


Don’t be curious, the price may not always be money but your time of full focus, hard work, and consistency.


Most mistakes young people of our days are making are following the mistakes their fathers made.


If you may ask what is the mistake their fathers made?


The mistake their fathers made was to be looking for jobs after graduating from college.


Let me tell you the secret truth, today we do not go around looking for jobs, but we create jobs and become entrepreneurs via the Internet.


It’s high time you knew that.


There are many ways you can make consistent passive income for yourself via the internet from the comfort of your home.


And making $500 passive income every month from the comfort of your home is very achievable.


So if you really want to know how you can make $500 in passive income then you need to read this article and make a choice of what passive income business you want to go into.


Also, check out these passive income ideas that can make you rich forever


After that, comment below saying, I wanna start this business(mention the name of the business) and I will give you access to amazing courses you can take to learn all about this business.


Like I have always said that you learn first before you earn. This is a very important principle you must take into consideration if you must succeed in any business.


The truth is that you don’t just dash in like that into any business with zero knowledge and experience about it, if you do that, then your chances of failing are very high.


Why you need knowledge is that, people who have done this business and are already successful at it will teach you about their experiences both bitter and sweet, what they did wrong that you must avoid so that you achieve faster success, and so on.


By getting this knowledge from them, you will get their many years of experience and have a higher chance of getting rapid success than they did.


There are a lot more benefits you can get but the above are just a few of them.


Top passive income with little investment to start up


Number one: Selling of ebooks


Are you an author, or do you know how to compile ideas together to form a book that can solve a particular problem?


If you have these writing skills, then why don’t you monetize your writing skills?


There are over ten websites where you can publish books and get paid.


This does not require you to pay any capital or money to the startup.


All you have to do is to publish great content to these sites and some of these sites like Amazon kdp, mobo, etc do the marketing for you.


If you love writing books and you want to go deeply into this passive income stream, all you have to do is to comment down below and I will consider helping you out with the best knowledge you will have to make it big in this ebook business.



Number two: Affiliate marketing


This is number two on our list. Affiliate marketing Is a very powerful business that looks easy but the truth is that there are things you need to know to succeed with this passive income business.


You can click on this link to learn some tips you need as an affiliate marketer to succeed


You can also learn about jvzoo affiliate marketing tutorials that can help you make up to $500 for free promoting products on jvzoo


You can identify it in the comment section if you are interested to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Number three: Petrol station


This is another passive income idea that is very lucrative but it is an offline business.


We all know how the oil business is lucrative most especially in Nigeria.


However, owning a filling station requires a very huge capital but why am including it In the list is that you can make your capital from any of the other businesses listed in this article to start up this offline passive income fuel station business.

Number four: Blogging 


If you are a fan of freelife.com.ng, you will know that we talk about this very much.


Blogging is the real definition of passive income in the online space.


However, to make money blogging can take from six months to a year depending on your niche and how serious you are about updating your blog.


If you are interested in blogging, click on this link to get my course which will hold you by the hand and teach you how to create a successful blog from scratch even when you know nothing about blogging.

Number five: mobile apps creation and games


The last one on our list is the creation of mobile apps and games.


You can make passive income from this business only if you are a programmer but if you are not, you still have the opportunity to learn it.


All you have to do is to create an amazing app that is capable of solving people’s problems or an addictive game that people can’t do without and you can monetize it with Google Admob or its alternatives.


You can launch these apps with just $25 on the Google Play Store and make passive income forever.



Having gotten some idea about the above passive income business, it is now left for you to decide on which one you want to go deep on.


As our commitment is to help you get financial freedom via working from home online.


We will present you with our recommended materials and online courses that will help you build and scale any businesses of your choice to make from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars with time.


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