Many people are looking forward to the easiest way to get $200 now, is that possible, well, we introduce to you our honest Microworkers Review.Microworkers review

In this particular article, you will be taken through the full details about Microworkers, a micro-tasking site that allows people to make money online from their internet-connected devices.

You also get to know if truly you can make $200 by doing micro jobs online, the best micro job site, and similar sites to

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What is about?

If you are familiar with the online business terminologies you should have had a clue as to what this site must be about.

Just like the name sounds, is a micro-tasking site that connects people who are interested in making money online with remote employers who are looking to pay some guys to help them out with online tasks.

This site stands as a mediator between these two sets of people and helps them achieve their goals, while the workers get paid for their work and the employer gets satisfied with the task done for him/her.

I believe you now get the picture of how the site operates and works. If this is interesting to you do take your time to read this Microworkers Review carefully to get more in-depth insight of what you should know about them.

I will try my best to make this Microworkers Review very brief and informative, you will not be doing yourself any good by skipping or skimming through this article.

You might skip very important details that may be of help to you.

What is the minimum payout on Microworkers?

Every paying site does have an amount of money you must reach before you can withdraw your money for your use and this is termed as minimum payout.

According to, their minimum payout is $10 and anything lower than that is not eligible for withdrawal.

How fast can you make up to $10 working on You will get this question answered as we proceed.


What are the payment methods?

Microworkers has the following payment methods that you can withdraw your earnings to:

  1. Airtm
  2. Transpay
  3. Payoneer
  4. Paypal
  5. Skrill

How much money can you make on Microworkers?

There is no doubt that Microworkers is not a get-rich-fast platform and you can’t be wealthy working on this site as a full-time job but can help in some way to pay your bills and serve as a side hustle where you can earn in dollars.

Workers earn cents for each task they complete, however, there are many tasks to be done but you need to take your time to do those tasks carefully to avoid being rated unsatisfied.

You can earn up to $3 if you can perform 100 tasks that pay $0.03 per task.

There is that possibility of even earning more.

Is Microworkers a trusted site?

Based on my personal experience, there are legit but the downside with working with them is that some employers may try to be smart by misrating your task.

However, there is a way you can sort this out anyway if it happens via contacting their customer service support.

What are similar websites to Microworkers?

There are hundreds of sites like Microworkers but I will be listing the ones I have used myself and affirm it to be legit so you can check them out if you are interested.

Here are the similar sites to

  1. Nairaworkers
  2. Rapidworkers
  3. Clickworkers
  4. Appen
  5. Mturk
  6. Sproutgigs is my number-one platform

How do I get started with Microworkers?

Microworkers signin/sign up

Getting started on Microworkers is as easy as pressing your phone OK? All you need to do is visit their official website by clicking here

Microworkers sign in/sign up

Visit their sign-up and sign-in page via this link

Can I have two accounts?

No, it is forbidden to do so.

Phone number verification and KYC verification

First of all, phone number verification is to be done while you sign up, They will send you an SMS containing a PIN to the number you provided to them.

You have to copy that pin and paste it in the box provided to you on the account creation page.

This is to be sure you own the number you provided to them.

What is the best micro job site?

I have utilized many micro job sites on the internet for the past few years and based on my experience the best platform that works better than any other micro job sites is

Why do I rate them as the best? First, they pay very well and have comfortable payout options, they are easy to work with not like other sites that are very hard to sign up for.

They are not tribalistic, they accept every country no matter where you come from and just abide by their rules.

Check out my full review of them

How can I work online and get paid daily

As a beginner with no skill and experience, it is believed that the simplest way to work online and get paid daily is via survey sites or Microtasking sites/GPT sites.

As for the professionals, you can work daily and get paid in almost any kind of online business be it blogging as am doing now, freelancing, or content creation provided you know your onions.

If you are a beginner who is interested in making as much as $250 or higher with micro-tasking why not read about how I made over $200 working on two sites?

Check the two articles below

Freebyz review, Make N3000 daily online

How to earn $250+ on sproutgigs monthly . Unlocking your earning potential.

Conclusion on Microworkers Review

we have come to the finalization of our Microworkers review and we have explained in detail how you can make money with and how to withdraw it.

If you love this site then you can go for it, if you need a better alternative, then I recommend that you go for sproutgigs.

Or if you wanna earn 3000 Naira daily($3 as of the time this article was written) click here.

If you have been trying to make money online and failed why not read this article now to get your issues solved?

That’s the end of our Microworkers review and if you do love our content do well to join our telegram community to get even more premium content.

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