Making money online can be fun when you know the legit sites that pay for real, we will be teaching you on how to earn 5 dollars daily with these sites.

How to earn 5 dollars daily online and make up to $5 an hour online

Earning up to 5 dollars can be a very good start if you have made no money on the internet Before.


In most earning sites, $5 is normally seen as the minimum payout.


While some sites take a lot of time and energy to earn 5 dollars daily, others may be easier.


The sites we will be revealing to you guys today are my top recommended sites that will help you earn 5 dollars daily with your smartphone or a laptop.


You can work on this site full time and also part time depending on your schedule. However you choose, the fact is that the more time you spend on these sites, the more money you will make.


So if you are just visiting this blog for the first time, we welcome you to the home where online entrepreneurs are built.


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I know you are very curious to know about these sites, without wasting time let’s dive into the business of the day.


How to earn 5 dollars daily with these sites

Many might not believe they can actually make 5 dollars daily working on earning sites.


There are people earning even more than this on a daily basis, I have made lots of money from sites like this and out of passion, I am prompted to share the secret with you on this blog.


Check them out below as I will be starting from 5 to the number 1 recommended:


5. Nairaworkers:

Nairaworkers is a Nigerian freelancing platform that pays you in naira to complete small gigs that do not require any skills.


The site pays for tasks like Facebook page follow, instagram like, telegram group task and whatsapp tasks etc.


If you are not from Nigeria, I do not recommend that you join this site, that’s the reason I brought it out to the 5th position ok?


Another downside is that there are too many dishonest employers that are not willing to pay you for your work, your earnings will be pending forever and the site has done nothing about that.


You can read the full review here

4. Sidegig:

Anywhere you are in Africa you can earn with this site. Just like the name sounds, you will also be doing simple gigs like YouTube channel subscription, facebook likes and so on.


I don’t know if this site is available world-wide if you are outside africa but there is no harm in trying.


Do not forget to read the full review of sidegig here

3. Naira4all:

This site works worldwide and has a variety of ways of earning. You need to pay a Registration fee of 1500 Naira before you can become a full member.


When I was broke, this site was my breakthrough back then.


Making $5 with this site daily is pretty achievable. All you need to do is to take advantage of the site very well.


Check out the full review

2. Sproutgigs:

This was my number one earning site before because of how accessible and the earning potential.


I have made over $100 from this site and this site pays in dollars to your Airtm dollar wallet.


Due to how strict they have become I have decided to bring them the second.


Recently, the site has not been accepting Nigerians and other African countries but trust me, if you are from the US or any first world country you will enjoy this site and be making nothing less than $2 daily.


Click to learn more about making over $250 monthly from sproutgigs.


Also read the full sproutgigs review here.


There is a huge opportunity on this site where I don’t need you to miss. You can even make up to $75 daily with this site if you are good at referral marketing.


And if you are not, trust me I can teach you everything you need to start making this kind of money here.

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Meanwhile, you can read the full Review of freebyz now.


How to make $5 an hour online

Making $5 in an hour online is not an impossible task to achieve all you need is a positive mindset to crack this goal.


There is nothing difficult in the realm of the unconscious mind of imagination, you have the power to bring your dream of making $5 an hour online.


There are many ways you can earn $5 an hour online but it takes a skill and time to reach this level.


Anybody that tells you you can earn $5 hourly just by clicking a button is likely to be a scam or lies.


I have been making money online and I know how difficult it is to earn money on the internet without a skill.


People pay you for the skill you have to offer. Like Munroe will normally say, people run to the mango tree because of the fruit it offers.


You that are wanting to make $5 an hour online WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO OFFER?


Think deep and write them down, if you have nothing, that’s the reason you are finding it difficult to make $5 an hour online.


There are many things that would have killed my dream of the financial freedom that I am having today.


But I was consistent and I learnt every online skill I needed to beat the reach.


Like the Bible will say, seest thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings, he shall not stand before mean men.


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