Here is the latest Earnhive review, a vibrant paying site that came out with fire around August, 2023, it has been more than three months now since the platform was launched. (Making reference to the time this review was published)


Many have made massive income from this site and it was trending all over social media.


We will get to discuss about the following sub-headings:


What is Earnhive all about? How much can I make, is Earnhive still paying? What is the minimum payout on Earnhive and so many others.


Do not attempt joining if you haven’t read this review in full to avoid getting a negative surprise.


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My name is Ima-Abasi Sunday, a teenager who was very broke years ago. I have worked with many paying platforms and have collected a doctorate degree (lol).


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What is this site all about?

Earnhive review

This is an earning site that pays members for every activity they do on the platform.


If you are not familiar with sites like this, I want to let you know that the tasks in this context might be to do social activities like sharing posts, liking posts, reading articles and many others.


This is the easiest means of making money online and even though you are very lazy, at least you can earn 1000 Naira in a day from this site.


For those in search of an easy way of making money online, could this be the opportunity you have been searching for all day long?


Can this platform change your financial status? Do they pay at all? Well, there have been many sites on the internet with mouthwatering promises.


In this Earnhive review, you will get to know if they are among these fake sites or not. 


How does it work?

The platform works similarly like most Nigerian income programs you have ever seen. They pay you for activities done on the site.


What makes them a bit different is that there are many ways to earn from this site.


You can play games and earn, you can use your balance to buy data at a very affordable price and sell it online and offline with profit.


There is also a freelancing opportunity too on the site.


As we proceed, we will discuss more on the earning structure.

How to earn money with EarnhiveHow to earn on Earnhive

Below is the earning structure of Earnhive platform:


📍 *Registration Fee 👉🏻N4,500* 

(for coupon code)


 📍 *Welcome Bonus 👉🏻N2000* 

 *once you register you get it on your dashboard SHARP SHARP*


📍 *Login Bonus 👉🏻N300H* 

(Immediately you login to the website daily)


📍 *Total earning on sharing post daily 👉🏻N400H* 

(when share a post daily)


 📍 *Referral Bonus  👉🏻N3,500* 

(Each person u refer)


📍 *Indirect referral bonus 👉🏻N300* 

(When someone  u referred refers another person)


 📍 *2nd  indirect referral bonus 👉🏻N100* 

(When someone  u referred refers another person and that person refers another person)




📍 *Hive Game 🎯* 

With Hive game you can Win the sum of N500 on Each Correct winning and cashout to your Bank.


📍 *Hive Freelancing.*


As a registered Member of EarnHive, you can post your Jobs Earn when your Job is hired by the next visitor.


📍 *Hive Recharge* 

With Hive Recharge You can Sell Data and Airtime with just your activities Bals and earn profit weekly or you may either Sub and Recharge yourself.


📍 *Hive P2P* 

 With Hive p2p you can use your activities Balance to Register the next new user and Keep the money to yourself which means you can earn Over 10-25k weekly through the P2p section.


Top earners

Earnhive top earners

Is it available world-wide?

This is what I don’t know at the moment but I guess you should try them out to see if you’re interested or not.


Although, you can access them with any device of your choice.

How to withdraw

Of Course you don’t want to join Earnhive and make screen or dashboard money that cannot be withdrawn.


Withdrawal is not stressful at all as you will be paid to your bank account. 


On Earnhive, they have different minimum withdrawal for activities earners and affiliate earners.


When once your activity earnings have accumulated to 22,000 Naira you can withdraw it if you wish to your bank account.


But for affiliate earners, you will be paid when you have earned up to 7000 Naira.

Earnhive withdrawal days

Withdrawal days are Mondays, Fridays and Saturday from 3 to 5 pm Nigerian time.

Is Earnhive legit or a scam?

Since this is an updated Earnhive review, things have changed. 


I will not like to label them a scam but the truth now is that Earnhive is not fulfilling its earnings claims and promises.


And as such, they shouldn’t be regarded as a real legitimate paying site.


If you are a member of Earnhive, feel free to drop your experiences with this site in the comment section.

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Is still paying?

I have personally made a research on this query to know if Earnhive is still paying and I have found out that Earnhive is no longer paying activity earners.


You will only be paid if you refer people to join and you know this has turned into MLM where the person you refer will pay 4500 Naira and out of the money your commission will be 3500 Naira while they keep 500 Naira.


Is real or fake?

I am of the opinion that Earnhive is a fake app when it comes to depending on it to make real money online.


The site was made for business and not to help you make money online, they have finally used earning opportunities as a marketing technique to get their platform widely known by many.


So there is no need to have huge expectations about them.


Conclusion on Earnhive review is not worth your time if you’re a beginner who is looking to make serious money online.


But if you intend to go further with them, then you are good to go.


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