Remotasks is a platform that pays for completing technical gigs on the website. Many people believe that more than $100 can be made easily on this site, you will find out in this remotasks review.


We have been reviewing some couple of earning sites on the internet that pay to complete tasks.


Remotasks may be seen by some as a GPT site but the fact is that this site is completely different from Get Paid to Task sites.


If you are familiar with GPT sites like Time bucks, sproutgigs, Litegpt etc, these sites pay to complete tasks like website sign up, email submit, social media engagement, website visit and other similar tasks.


In the case of this platform, you are going to be doing completely different things and you need to follow me bit by bit in this remotasks review to get to understand how this site works.


At the end, you should be able to know if you can make $100 easily from working with remotasks.


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With that said, let’s continue.


What is remotasks all about?

What is Remotasks all about

Remotasks, claims to offer an earning opportunity for anyone who is interested in working from home with their internet connected devices.


With over 240 thousand members, this site boasts of having paid $15M to their members so far and is still counting.


I don’t know how true these claims might be.

How does it work? 

To make money online with Remotasks you need to sign up via this link and create an account for free.


While creating your account you need to input your details like email address, create a password, your username and other information that will be required from you.


When that is done, you can then login to find available tasks.


How Remotasks work is that, you will be paid to train artificial intelligence, the tasks on this site may be a bit laborious compared to your usual GPT sites.


You may find gigs like data entry jobs, some tasks take more than 30 minutes to complete.


There are different projects you can jump on and get paid but they are locked. The reason is that you won’t be able to figure out how it can be done.


You will unlock these tasks only when you take their online courses available on the site.


The more courses you take, the more you are likely to unlock more paid tasks. For each course you take you will be given a test and you must pass the test to by-pass that course and unlock a paid task.


They also have a boot camp of 14 days where you will be learning how to complete high paying projects on the site.


You will also be taking a series of tests before you can unlock each paid task.


Note that you will never be paid for taking any of the courses or the boot camp but they will only serve as a way to learn how to perform tasks and increase your earning opportunity by unlocking similar tasks.

Does Remotasks really pay?

Yes, but you need to be realistic in your expectation when starting up with Remotasks.


The site is not a ponzi scheme ok? Your financial status will not change in seconds after working with them.


Their pay is relatively low and can’t feed you if you are to depend on it. I don’t know if people have been hitting it big on this site before but the truth now is that remotasks is very competitive these days and there are times when they don’t accept new workers.


In addition you might fail some of their tests which can be a major drawback.

Does Remotasks work in Nigeria?

Remotasks is proudly available in over 90 countries including Nigeria.


You can join this platform as long as you are from Nigeria.


Is it available worldwide

I don’t know if they are available worldwide but you need to try them out if you are interested.


There is no harm in trying ok?

How to make money with Remotasks

Two ways you can earn with remotasks is via doing tasks and their referral program.


Completing tasks:

The first way to earn is by completing several projects from employers. 

Referral program:

Payment options and withdrawal

Based on the information found on their official website, You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal and Airtm.


They have very great payout methods, in case you don’t know, I love Airtm so much and sites that pay via Airtm attract me a lot.


There is no minimum withdrawal on remotasks as you will be paid automatically weekly to your preferred payout method.

How much can you earn with this site per week?

How much can you make a week

Due to the fact that the harder or complex the task is, the more the pay you will receive.


Another thing is that you will be paid based on your accuracy of the job submitted.


It may be very difficult to maintain a good accuracy by doing tasks on this site as the tasks are difficult to be done perfectly well.


Sincerely, I hate boring tasks and I guess you hate them too.


Concerning how much you can earn, like I said, do not expect much from this site.


You can earn from $1 to $8 on average, if you don’t like boring tasks, you can make from $0 to $1 in a week.


Few of the requirements are, you need an internet connected device, you should be above 18 years.


You must be able to use the internet very well and chrome.

Is remotasks safe?

I don’t know much about how safe this website might be. They may claim to be safe but you know most of them might not be as honest as you perceive them to be.


So I will advise you to use this site with caution, although I think remotasks might not be that risky or harmful site to your device.


But they may be selling your data or doing something similar to this that may not look safe.

Is legit or a scam

The yardstick to measure a legit site is if the site pays or fulfills what they claim to do.


Many have mentioned this site to be fake and a scam. There have been a lot of complaints that may prevent you from joining this site.


Most of these complaints are so touching and who knows you could be a victim too when you eventually join them in the future.


I will let you know about some of those complaints.


Although, I have found remotasks to be a legit site with trickish doings.


You will understand better as we proceed.

Is real or fake?

This is a bit difficult for me to say, few people have made a fortune from remotasks, while a lot of people are labeling them to be fake.


All these are based on the experiences they all have when working with


So I will leave this for you to judge based on how you have experienced this site if they are real or fake.


Make use of the comment section.

Is remotasks worth it?

Is remotasks worth it

To me, making money online is not worth the uncertainty. What I mean by this is that, your probability of not making money with this site is high.


You may get bored about how the tasks are being done or may not actually understand anything concerning the completion of projects.


You may not be able to pass some difficult tasks that will unlock high paying tasks.


Compared to starting a real freelancing business, at least you are sure that if you put in extra effort to optimize your gig your chances of success are surely high.


For content creation, at least if you can do your keyword research very well, optimize your contents to rank and post consistently.


Your chances of success are very high, but in the case of Remotasks, I don’t think so.


I don’t know if you are getting my point. Remotasks can just throw you out from their platform anytime and quote that you have violated their community guidelines.

Complaints from users

I have seen a lot of complaints online and I just want to list out only a few things people are complaining about concerning remotasks.


  • The task pays very low compared to the effort out in
  • You will be kicked out of their platform anytime without any careful explanation to you of what you did wrong and how to avoid doing it again, many are so upset with this.

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Conclusion on Remotasks Review

I don’t wanna say much, if you think you are comfortable with Remotasks them you can sign up on their official website and start working.


But if you think you need a better alternative, below are my two best earning sites that I have made over $100 from.


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If starting a real online business is your goal, I can always guide you.


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