Do you know that with just your smartphone and internet access you can mine dogecoin for free?

In this article, you will be learning how to make money online by mining the free cryptocurrency known as dogecoin.

I will reveal to you a site that will help you mine free dogecoin without paying a dime.

With this website, you have the probability of making up to $250 worth of dogecoin.

It is a game of luck where you spin and it rolls, any amount of money that is pointing, you win it and get credited with that amount worth of dogecoin.

You are allowed to spin once every hour. You can spin up to 24 times a day.

Imagine trying your luck and doing some free spinning per hour.

It doesn’t take much time, you just take less than three minutes to do the spinning.

What you will need to withdraw your free dogecoin

You need two things to make your withdrawal successful.

The first thing you need is a faucet pay wallet.

The second thing you need is any crypto wallet platform like Binance, kucoin, coin ut, etc

What you will be doing is that, when you have made a lot of dogecoins and you wanna withdraw it from the website I will be telling you in this post, you will need to create an account on faucet pay, withdraw the money you make from the website to a faucet pay wallet.

After that, transfer the dogecoin to a real crypto wallet like Binance, coin ut, or kucoin.

Any of the above-mentioned can be used.

The question is can you really mine dogecoin for free?

Is it possible to mine free dogecoin with just your android phone?

Will the dogecoin mining be dangerous or will it cause any damage to my Android device?

If it is possible, how much can I make mining dogecoin for free with my android phone?

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If you have any of the above questions in mind, don’t worry, I will give you answer to all of your questions as we proceed.

The first thing I want you to know is that it is possible to mine free dogecoin with just your smartphone with internet access.

This method works worldwide and with all devices.

It is 100% safe with your android phone and cannot by any means cause harm to your smartphone.

If you ask me how much can you earn in just one hour of mining free dogecoin, well the website claims that people can win up to $200 worth of dogecoin in just a few minutes of spinning the wheel.

Below is my payment receipt from this website. I made $1200.56 from this website.

As we proceed in this article, I will show you how I made this money in the bonus part I will be giving you.

Payment from

What is the name of this mining website

I know you may be a bit curious about this amazing site that will help mine-free dogecoin by just spinning the wheel.

Well, let me end the curiosity.

The website is known as

Free dogecoin

As you can see above. If you don’t want to money withdraw your money instantly, you can choose to leave it there on the site.

Leaving your dogecoin on the site will help you get 8% interest rate for free.

How to get free dogecoin with

Mining free dogecoin with this website is very simple and straightforward

All you have to do is to click here to create an account

Put in every details that are required of you as shown in the screenshot below.

Creating account on


After that proceed to spin the wheel.

You can earn as much as $200 for spinning.

If you are serious about making a lot of dogecoins for free with this website.

Just keep an alarm.

Spin 24 times a day.

If you can spin 24 times a day for complete a month you can make up to a thousand dollars with  If dogecoin and withdraw it to your faucet pay wallet and from your faucet pay to Binance/kucoin/coin ut.

My bonus is how to make 2X of the money

I will be showing you my secret to making $1200 with this website for free.

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With that said, let’s continue…

If you wanna earn a lot of money with this website follow what I will be telling you now.

create as many as possible multiple accounts with different email addresses.

If you don’t have many email addresses, don’t worry, use my trick to get it done at ease.

For example, here is my email address [email protected]

I can use this same address to open multiple accounts by simply adding a dot in any location I choose.

E.g [email protected]

And keep changing the location of the dot for each account I create.

That’s just how to use one email address to create multiple accounts on a website.

Guys, you should pay me for this information when (lols)

Another strategy I used is referrals.

Although, I didn’t use this method really much.

The truth is that I opened up to hundreds of accounts with different email addresses and claim my dogecoin every hour with each of the accounts.

Anybody you refer to this website, you will be earning 25% of all the money the person makes without any  charges to person.


I have shown you how to make freedogecoin with just your android phone.

It is now left for you to make your choice and put it into action to make your own money many.

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