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How to get free PayPal money without any survey

Whenever you read an article about how to make free PayPal money online.

All they will be telling you about is how to get free PayPal money via answering surveys on different numerous survey sites.

Examples of those survey sites are:

Survey junkie





Clix sense

Offer nation

Superpay. me


Prize rebel and

Inbox dollars e.t.c

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But we all know the fact that survey sites are not a reliable way of making money online.

The reason is that they don’t accept people worldwide.

And you can’t make reasonable money with survey sites online even though you are accepted.

I will give you two great websites in this article that will enable you to make free PayPal money online with ease.

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The first website on my list is coin ut.

You can click on this link to create a free account on their official website.

But before you click over to register on coin it, you have to finish reading this article first so that you know exactly what you have to do in other to make money with this website.

What is coin ut

Coin ut also known as coin ultimate is a crypto exchange website like Binance and kucoin where people buy and sell different cryptocurrencies online.

You might be curious about what we will be doing on coin ultimate.

Anyway, do not panic, because we are not going to trade any cryptocurrency on coin ultimate. I am going to tell you what we will be doing later in this article.

What is the second website

Like I said earlier, we will be revealing two great websites to you today.

The second website on our list is picoworkers.

You can also click on this link to register on picoworkers for free and get a welcome bonus.

Picoworkers is a micro-task website that connects publishers with advertisers.

Advertisers are people who will be posting several jobs on the picoworkers website.

And publishers are the ones that will be paid to complete jobs on this platform.

The website is just an intermediary that you will be using to get people to click on your referral link and sign up.

Each person that signs up via your link will earn $6. That’s why it is important to use my link here to sign up so you get your $6 bonus on completing the KYC verification.

And for each person you refer, you will earn $2 when they finish the KYC verification.

So what you will be doing now is to go to pickworkers.

Deposit at least $50.

You can also deposit less depending on your budget.

Hire people to click on your referral link, for each person you hire, you will be paying $0.08.

Imagine the profit, $2-$0.08=1.92.

You will be getting one dollar and ninety-two cents for each person.


If you budget $50, you will be able to hire 625 people.

625 people times the profit which is 1.92 dollars.

You will make 1200 dollars with just the  $50 you invested.

You can do this repeatedly as many times as you want and make passive PayPal money for yourself.

Note that the money you made with this website can also be paid to you in crypto currency or other payments method too.

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