Hello guys, welcome to free life.com.ng. We will be teaching you in this article how you can use your writing skills to make money online with these writers and get paid websites.

Writing is a very great skill with so much value in the online space.

Indeed, the pen is surely mightier than the sword. With writing skills, you can present your views and opinions.

Writing is very important when it comes to affiliate marketing and blogging.

Without writing, you can’t succeed in any of these online businesses.

Before I get into this article in full if you have a passion for writing and at the same time have an interest in starting blogging.

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With that said, let’s get back to the business of the day.

Below are the top six write and get paid websites to make money writing


The very first website on our list is lodpress.com. If you are a beginner, this website is open to accept and pay you for your writing skills.

Here is the screenshot of the money lodpress sent me for writing on their platform

Lidpress payment proof

If you can post up to 5 articles every day for a month, you can make +$100.

You can check out our lodpress review here to know more about their website.

Or you can visit lodpress now to create an account.


This is another awesome website to write and get paid for your articles.

However, this website is looking for articles In listing for example top ten best schools in eket, the top five richest artists in India

If you are good at writing such articles why not grab the opportunity now and make money on this site.

You can visit their official website if you are interested to write for them.

When you are on their website, the next thing you will have to do is to scroll down to the bottom.

At the bottom of the home page, you will see where it is written “write for us”

Click on it and send them a request to write for them.


Although I have not written for them before, many people claimed that it is a very legitimate write and get paid site.

If you are interested you can visit their official website to sign up as their writer.


Opera news hub

Some of you may be familiar with this website.

Opera News cannot be excluded from the list.

This website pays you for 10000 clicks on your article.

They are willing to pay 360 naira for every 10000 clicks. Sounds annoying right? That’s just how these guys work.

However,  they are a lot of people who are making a lot of money with the opera news hub every month.

One thing I hate about them is that they like rejecting your article for no major reason most especially if there is an affiliate link, but on the contrary, they have millions of readers.


This is the sibling to lodpress.com the first website on our today’s list. Lospost is out new and they pay more than lodpress but lodpress has more readers than them.

For better results, I recommend that you write for both websites at once. Lodpost also pays its publishers according to paid views.

You can click here to create an account on lodpost and start getting paid for your unique articles.


I also don’t write much on this website, however, you can also make money writing on HubPages.

They give you the right to monetize your content on their website with ads and you get to share the ad revenue with them.








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