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Are you looking for a legitimate way to make money online for free, or are just looking for a particular way to earn money for free without much work. Today, I will be discussing about three great websites that will help us make a lot of money without actually doing any hard work, this websites will help get a lot of people to us who are willing to pay us to do some simple work for them. If you are going to stick with me to the end of this article, I am going to reveal to you how you can make at least $100

If you make a research about how much a video animation cost, you are going to find out that an average video animation can cost up to a thousand dollar for a sixty seconds video. Imagine how much you’re going to earn if you are offering this service online to a bunch of people out there, that’s a huge amount of money right, then stop imagining, because right now in this article, I am going to show you a real and creative method to do it without having to look for clients or learn any animation course. They most interesting part of this is that is 100% free.

The software we are going to use to actually do the animation is called animaker, a free software that will get the work done in no time.

Animaker home page

If you see the screenshot below, you will see that animaker is well known, used and trusted by plenty of famous companies like Amazon, nokia, siemens and many others.

We are going to be rendering this service on fiverr, guru, and truelancers which are all freelancing sites to sell our services. If you head over to fiverr right now and search for video animation, you are going to see a bunch of people who doing what am about to share with you now in this article. Some people charge $75, $140 and so on as you can see in the screenshot below

Fiverr gig

This is literally how these people are making a lot of money by using a free tool.

Another freelancing site you can use which is more Less competitive than fiverr is truelancers, you sign up for an account for free and create a gig and start offering this video animation service and making money. You can also do the same thing on which is another great freelancing site we can market the service to people.


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  1. A great platform indeed of teaching us freelancing websites we can offer our services.but I have a question I don’t know if you can answer me that this animaker software where do I access it. and how am I going to be taught how to use it?

    1. You can access it via its website and you can watch some YouTube videos to learn how to use it.

      I hope this helps.

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