Is not a surprise to many Nigerians that many GPT sites that pays do not accept Nigerians. We have tenaciously sacrifice our time to fish out these secret GPT sites that pays in Nigeria for the benefits of Nigerians looking to make money online in Nigeria.

GPT sites like survey junkie, inbox dollar, etc are few of these sites that do not accept Nigerians.

Today will definitely mark the end of not making money online as a Nigerian due to rejection of your IP address as a Nigerian from these sites.

Although most of the site we will be listing out may not be based in Nigeria but are very much working in Nigeria.

If you are a fan of this blog you will by now already know that our commitment on this blog is to help you make money online from home and gain financial freedom, hence our name freelife.

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Some links on this page may be affiliate links that can get you some great bonuses when you use them, and we may earn some little commission with no extra cost to you.

The sites listed on this page cannot be fully depended upon to make a living with.

However, these site are only ways of making extra income and a good combination of them can earn you over $100 in a month.

The amount you can earn is fully depended on your hard work. 

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What is GPT site?

Many people who are familiar with make money online sites or earning websites will get to know the meaning of this.

GPT is the abbreviation for get paid to which implies that any site tag as GPT will pay you to do something whether It might be a task, a survey or an offer.

These sites were created to aid money making online.

But before we continue let’s answer some important questions about making money online on the internet.

How can I make $100 in 5mins?

You can not literally make a hundred dollars just in 5 minutes online as a beginner except someone dash you or you borrowed the money.

However, there are online businesses you can start and build over time which in a long run can start fetching you $100 in 5mins.

To make money online you must take time to do it successfully as it requires experience and skills.

If you are interested in starting any online business you wish to but don’t know how to get started or don’t know anything about the business you can comment below after reading this article indicating the kind of online business you are interested of doing and we will help give you a recommended course that will train you for the business because we always believe in learning before earning.

That’s how online money-making works.

How do I make quick cash online?

Do not be deceived, there is no way of earning quick cash on the internet. Making money online is as hard as making it offline and you should not expect to make $1000 just by clicking a button on a site.

The quickest money you can make online can take up to a month most times however, there are a lot of people who tried for 12 months before making a penny online.

If you have been wanting to make money online on the internet for a very long time now and still you haven’t made a penny.

Take this information from us now that it is not a bad luck and it is not also a thing of surprise.

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We are very optimistic that with the help of our information on this blog, you will make your first dollar online very soon.

And not just making your first dollars  online but you will continue to earn more dollars online and become an online guru.

This can only be achievable if you can humble yourself to learn what works on the internet.

How can I make money online doing tasks online in Nigeria

There are so many online paying sites that promises to pay you for doing tasks on their website or app.

Unfortunately, most of them are scams, only a few turns out to pay and that is one of the reasons you must stick to this blog to get informed on online money-making aites that are legit.

You can check these sites that pays you to do easy tasks in Nigeria. 

Am sure the article rrecommended above will be of help to you.

Can I become rich with GPT sites?

Many GPT sites has a lot of earning potentials where one can earn money just in a day

The truth is that if you fully depend on the money you are gonna make from GPT sites you will know that you can not be wealthy wity these sites.

These sites were only there to help you make more side income using your smartphone or a laptop.

Our list of top profitable GPT sites in Nigeria

The following are top lists of GPT sites in Nigeria that can earn your at least ten dollars every day on the internet.

This list is only based on our research and you are free to drop more you know that is legit in the comment section for others to be aware.


This is not not really a GPT site but a survey site that is worth being on the list.

The website pays you to just fill out and complete surveys and get paid and it is one of the survey sites that work perfectly well in Nigeria.

According to them on average you will be paid from 100 naira to 600 anira per survey via PayPal or sorill.

Sign up on mobrog.

Feature points

This app will pay you with coins which can be converted to cash when you perform some simple tasks on the app like downloading, social media likes and so on.

The app also offers paid surveys to increase your earnings with of you are a type that loves surveys.

Sign up their website here.


On this website you will be making money from home by completing surveys, playing online games, completing offers, winning their unique ads prize, and viewing several advertisements.

You can also refer people to the site to create a free account and you get paid in commission.

And they have some cool ways of receiving payments like neteller, crypto currency, paycheck, airTM, and skrill.

Although, this website can not be used to make money online using your sametphones.

It works well with a laptop computer or a desktop.

You can signup on their website by clicking here.


This is a new earning website that has just been launched recently. You make money online on this website by doing very simple tasks like reading and commenting on news.

The website works similarly as newsnaira, the only difference is that nairahub is totally free when compared to newsnaira that requires registration fee.

You can read a full review about the site here.

For those of us who love doing tasks online to earn crypto, will help you earn free dogecoins doing absolutely nothing.

You just need to be loggin  to this website every day and claim your free dogecoin by spinning the wheel.

If you are lucky enough you can earn $250 worth of dogecoin in one spin.

Check out our review on to learn more about making money on this website.


Timebucks is an international GPT site that accept people worldwide and all devices can be used to make money with this site.

As a Nigerian who is interested in earning on GPT sites, why not sign up on this website now and start earning in dollars for doing tasks.


Another site that will pay crypto lovers to do simple tasks online.

Cointiply has existed for a very long time and has paid over $12 billion to its members.

You will get paid to do over 20 different things on the website which the following are just a few of them:

Earn coins while chatting, earn from frequent give aways, taking surveys, viewing ads, free bonuses, referral marketing, and lots more ways.

Click here to signup on cointiply


Formerly called clixsense. The website is a GPT site that accept Nigerians and is easy to make money with it using any device with internet connection.

You can read how I made over 150 dollars on this particular site

Click here for a quick sign up


For now this website is our number one recommended earning site that pays for sure and we have made a whole lot of money from them.

The reason we make it number one is that it is 100% free to make money with and also accept people worldwide.

You can access this website with any internet-connected device.

This website is more of freelancing and you can make real money as a freelancer if you can just read this sproutgigs review and learn how it works.

Here is the link to their official website.

Your money can be withdrawn via PayPal, crypto, or skrill.


Zareklamy now known as paidwork is another GPT site that stands as a mediator between companies that provides paid offers and people looking to make money online like you and I.

You have the opportunity to complete offers and get paid.

Offers ranges from playing games, surveys, and watching videos.

Sign up now to paidwork.


Check out how to make money watching videos in nigeria



Conclusion on GPT sites in Nigeria

You have read about ten GPT sites in Nigeria in the above section of this article and how they all work.

Just make sure to choose a site you have interest for and start monetizing that your leisure time.

You can also make use of these sites at once to multiply your earnings.

These site can help pay your bills if you can put in your time to work hard on them.

I have earn lots of dollars on these sites and that’s the reason am also recommending them to you so that you can also make money provided you implement what you learn.

Thanks for reading to this point, we hope this article is of value to you.

Please drop a comment and share this to your friends and love ones also.

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