Have you been looking for the Best freelance websites for college students to get their gigs selling without competition?

You may be in the freelancing space for so long with a lot of competitors that lead to limited sales and few bucks.

The best freelance websites for beginners that we are about to reveal to you in this blog post will help you get wider views of your gigs and make more money freelancing.

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The main reason for this article is to guide interesting and aspiring newbie freelancers like you to choose the right freelancing platform for their business.

A freelancing website that has a low competition rate can be easier for you to succeed than most popular ones like Fiverr which is filled up with thousands of competitors.

However, we are not in any way insinuating that you cannot succeed on Fiverr as a freelancer, there are a lot of people who are making lots of money on Fiverr despite the high rate of competitors.

Our point is that there is a better and greater chance of succeeding on these best freelance websites for beginners than on Fiverr.

A lot of students who are constantly in search of the best freelance websites for college students will certainly find what they have been looking for.

As we normally say on this blog, our commitment is to provide you with all the necessary information and ideas to get financial freedom working from home

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With that said, let’s continue.

What we are about to share today will also, in addition, include the best freelance websites for Africans to earn doing freelance jobs, the best freelance websites for people in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and the best freelancing sites for writers.

We are going to break everything down into sections in full detail to enable you to get the best information on the best freelance websites for college students and beginners.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is the term giving for the act of selling your products and services known as gigs to an interested audience in need of it.

Is also the process of marketing your skills and abilities to customers in exchange for money on a freelancing website.

This is a very lucrative online business for people with skills to offer to make money.

Notwithstanding, there are ways you can freelance online without having any skills and make money.

Freelancing is considered one of the numerous businesses online you can start for free with zero capital.

We will be dividing today’s low-competition freelancing sites based on the following headings.

  1. Best freelance websites for college students
  2. Best freelance websites for beginners
  3. Best freelance websites for Africans
  4. Best freelancing sites for writers.

In no particular order, we rank the lists as follows.

Best freelance websites for Africans


Just as the name sounds, you will be able to get paid here per hour for offering your skills on this website. It has a 2.9-star rating on g2.com out of 33 reviews.

This is a great website that connects small businesses and freelancers all over the world in a trusted environment where they buy and sell services.

Peopleperhour is great for Nigerians and other African freelancers to get their gigs to the world and make the biggest money.

You can visit PeoplePerHour now


Here is another low-competitive freelance website for beginners in Africa and the Globe.

It was founded in 2010 by Tasu Du Val to provide a freelancing platform for online freelancers.

You can visit toptal now



Guru is a global freelancing website that has been there for a long time but not as popular as Fiverr.

It was founded by James Slavet and Inder in 1998, then its name was not called guru. This freelance website allows top freelance workers to get clients from different companies and individuals.

You can join guru.com now



If you are into micro-tasking sites that pay you to complete simple social media tasks online, naira workers is that Nigerian-based website that will help you achieve that.

You will get paid directly to your bank account in naira for doing simple tasks.

This is not like other freelance companies we mentioned earlier, we just choose to include it on this list because it offers an opportunity for Africans to earn online easily.

You can join naira workers here


Best freelancing sites for writers

When considering the best freelancing sites for writers we have put the following list in no particular order.


Freelancers is an Australian-based freelancing company founded in 2009.

Its app has a 3.4-star rating from 58769 reviews on the Google Play Store.

This website is used and trusted by top popular companies like Amazon, deloitti, and Facebook.

As a writer, you have a lot of customers interested in your writing gig on this website.

The most important thing is that you will have the opportunity to work from home as a writer.


You can start your freelancing journey on freelancer.com by clicking here.



Contena is often referred to as the number one site for professional writers.

The website was fully designed to help writers make money freelancing online.

You can get started on the website now as a freelance writer.

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Iwriter is one of the best freelancing sites for writers to make money from home by writing about a variety of topics.

With an internet connection and basic writing skills, you can make money writing for clients on this great site today.

All you need to get started is to click on this link to sign up today.


You can join this platform if you want to earn money from your writing abilities. This unique website connects you with employers as a writer.

You work based on your schedule as a creative writer and get paid to your Payoneer account.

Click here to sign up.

Best freelance websites for college students and beginners


The website was founded In 2007 by Alec Lynch and Adam Abolino based in Sydney, Australia. Its main objective is to provide a crowdsourcing platform for high creatives where graphic designers get to work and get paid.

Join design crowd by clicking here.



Here is a home for remote jobs online, hence, we have included it among the list of best freelance websites for college students to earn from home.

They claim to be the number one site to find vetted remote work-from-home and flexible job opportunities. It was founded in 2007.

There are thousands of people who are making real money via working remote jobs on this website.

Click here to sign up



Just like Fiverr, Upwork is a freelancing website that creates an opportunity to make money online for internet entrepreneurs to earn.

This is not really as competitive as Fiverr is. What makes this website more unique than Fiverr is that you can bid for work from different employers.

You can join now by clicking here.



If you are a fan of this blog you will probably have seen us talking about this great website.

There is a whole lot of money to be made on this website and is 100% guaranteed for beginners to make money online freelancing.

Before this website was known as picoworkers, as at then the website was only focused on micro-tasking.

Recently, the website has now introduced a new feature like posting gigs like graphic design, writing, proofreading, and so on.

This feature has made sproutgigs undisputably the newest and the best freelance website for beginners online.

If you can take the chance and this fresh opportunity to take advantage of this new freelancing platform before it gets crowded, you can be making thousands of dollars online.

However, the downside is that you need to reach a certain level on this website for you to be allowed to post gigs and earn money offering those services.

Don’t worry guys, is not rocket science, all you need is to do some micro-tasks on the website and you will be promoted to advance mode where you can start posting gigs to make money.

You can read our full sproutgigs review.  

Micro tasks include some simple social media tasks like Facebook likes, comments, Instagram follows, etc.

Read our sproutgigs review to learn how to perform tasks.


Click here to join sproutgigs


Final verdict

As you can see, we have painstakingly based on thorough research, provided you with the list of best freelance websites for college students, writers and beginners online.

If there is anything you still need clarity on, we humbly ask you to make use of our comment box below.

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We are committed to sharing helpful articles to guide you to make money online and gain your financial freedom online.



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