You might have heard of this term “affiliate marketing” many times while trying to research legal and legitimate ways to make money online. How much can I make from affiliate marketing in Nigeria? This is a very vital question most of you have been asking.


I have made this decision to do justice to this and help you get realistic insight to this particular business model “affiliate marketing”.


I have been promoting many affiliate programs over the years and I have made mistakes and I have learned from them too.


I started affiliate marketing back then as a complete beginner with no experience and mentor, so I learned mostly by experimenting my ideas.


But the good news is that I have now mastered the act of this business and I have trained many newbies to make money online with this business model.


You keep hearing people hyping “affiliate marketing” all over the internet most especially the “Expernaire students”.


Is it really worth the hype? 


Now I want you to take your time and view the following screenshots below:Affiliate earning with freebyzStar clicks payment proof.

These are just a few screenshots of the money I cashout from affiliate marketing in Nigeria.


If you are still asking, is affiliate marketing worth it for beginners in Nigeria? Am sure you have seen a clue to how much you can make with affiliate marketing.


I will try as much as I can to break down what you need to know about this business and at the end I will be able to do justice to the question “Is affiliate marketing easy for beginners in nigeria?”.


But before we begin the business of the day, I wanna introduce myself to you as usual just incase this may be your first time visiting this blog.


My name is Ima-Abasi Sunday and I own this beautiful blog. I am an author, writer, and an internet marketer that is strongly committed to help millions of people with the best information they need to make real money online and improve their financial status.


My passion for doing what I am doing came after I spent months in deep frustration trying to figure out how to make real money online.


Every information I was exposed to back then were not helping at all, I struggled and failed woefully many times until I came in contact with the truth to Making Money Online that helped me start making money from the comfort of my home and making unlimited sales.


I understand that there are many who are currently passing through the same struggle I passed through as a beginner when trying to make money online.


That’s why I am passionate about helping them with my secrets that is working for me and my students.


I share valuable content on how to make money online, online businesses like freelancing, affiliate marketing, and reviewing of earning sites.


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With that said let’s continue.

Is affiliate marketing easy for beginners in NigeriaHow much can I make from affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

It all depends on your definition of easy and your view of it. For example, I can say writing articles is easy for me because I have a deep passion for it while another person out there may say writing article is very hard.


It all depends on your strength, you know whatever is your strength, you can find it less stressful doing it while others who have weakness in that particular area may find it difficult.


So let’s get back to our focus which was how easy affiliate marketing could be for beginners in Nigeria.


One fact you should have at the back of your mind is that affiliate marketing requires time, efforts and working strategy to achieve success.


Below are a few factors that can make you successfully as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria

Understanding the basic things involved:

You can’t find it easy to ace through affiliate marketing in Nigeria if you can’t understand the foundational basic principles of success with affiliate marketing.


Few of those basics include and is not limited to how it works, how to know the best profitable niche, strategies to succeed etc.

Choosing a good niche:

You will not be taken that serious if you are promoting anything you like on every niche without getting known by people for one topic or niche.


You are sure to make more sales if you can choose a good affiliate niche.

Traffic generation:

If you are not ready for this then forget about learning affiliate marketing. This on its own is a full course.


You need to know how to generate traffic on any online platform you choose to do affiliate marketing with.


You will be exposed to Social media marketing skill, content marketing, SEO, WhatsApp marketing for attracting audience.


All these may take time and dedication to learn.


You will need to know how to craft out very high quality content that seduces your audience to believe that you have a product or service that can solve their issues.


By consistently pumping content, you will stand a high chance of attracting more people and definitely more affiliate sales.


You need to be consistent even when you are not seeing your desired results yet, keep on keeping on.


With consistency you can make it happen. Success in affiliate marketing is just like working out, it takes time provided you are doing the right thing.


To sum up everything, if you find all those things listed above interesting to learn and you are ready to put in your mind to it.


I guarantee you that affiliate marketing will be very easy for you.


On the contrary, if you don’t, then I I can promise you that affiliate marketing will be hard for you to learn as a beginner.


The differences between easy and hard is just the mindset you have for it and the information you are getting.


is affiliate marketing worth it for beginners in Nigeria.


The short answer to this question is YES.


I started this post showing screenshots of some of my recent money I have been making form affiliate marketing.


There are people who are making millions with affiliate marketing here in Nigeria.


Affiliate marketing has turned many boys to men. The downside is that you need to put your buttocks down and learn what you need to know ok?


You can’t compare your one step to some other person’s one hundred steps as a beginner starting on with affiliate marketing in Nigeria.


As far as you are doing the right thing, you need to give your self time. I know this can be hard, you just have to.

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I believe you found this post useful, do not hesitate to drop any question you feel like asking in the comment section.


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