Ember fund, an app with over 13 thousand downloads and a 4.2 ratings on the Google play store. This ember fund review is meant to get you answers to queries you may be having like:


What is ember fund all about? How does ember fund work? Is ember fund legit or a scam? Who is the CEO of Ember Fund? How can I make money with ember fund? And lots more.


At the end of this ember fund review, you will be able to get tangible answers to the above queries.


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What is ember fund all about?

Ember fund is a crypto portfolio management app and also offers the opportunity to earn bitcoins via various ways.


Incase you don’t understand what a crypto portfolio management app is, explaining this concept in a layman’s terms will mean an online tool or software that helps you invest in any cryptocurrency, manage and track your investment in one place.


Apps like this provide real time analysis concerning the rising and falling of cryptocurrency prices, and other updates to enable users make a good buying or selling decision.


It creates a simple dashboard to check how well your crypto investment is going.

How does it work?Earn with ember fund app

Ember fund is mainly a crypto mining and and portfolio management app that can earn you bitcoin satoshi passively.


This sounds like a very interesting app that can make money, being able to mine cryptocurrency with your smartphone can be a cool passive income.


A bitcoin is worth more than twenty-something thousand dollars and 1 satoshi of it worths 0.0002616 USD.

Ember fund review

How to make money with ember fund

The following are ways to earn with ember fund app:

Small tasks and completing surveys:

If you are into completing of tasks and surveys to earn money from apps then ember funds has just recently introduced this opportunity for you to enjoy.


From answering of surveys to downloading and playing games.


The rate may be small but they may add up to something if you can complete many tasks.



This sounds a little bit like gambling right? 

With a fee of about $0.02 you can predict real life events and if you get it right you will be rewarded.


How high your reward will be depends on how competitive it is.


If the people who got it right with you are many your reward will be small and vice versa.


They are not too clear on your reward for winning the prediction but if you lose, you have lost your entry fee investment.

Invest in cryptocurrency:

Ember fund investment

One of the ways to make money with ember fund app is by investing on different cryptocurrency.


Your earnings can be use to invest and make even more.


To understand this earning option better you can download their app to find out.

Participate in free contests:

How to make money with ember fund

There are some tournaments you can definitely join and compete with other users of ember fund app.


Some of these competition do not require any fee to enter as you will only have to watch video ads to qualify for entry.


You may be competing with others for the best performing portfolio.


Every tournament has its own rules which you must follow to win


Mining Bitcoin:Earn with ember fund app

You can mine bitcoin satoshi using this app by just clicking on start mining. The app will start mining for 24 hours and stop.


For it to continue mining more you need to log in again to the app and click on the ‘start mining’ button to continue.


You will have to repeat this proifor as long as you need the ember fund app to mine bitcoin for you on autopilot.


How much satoshi of bitcoin you can make from ember fund app in a day depends solely on how many invites you have and also by investment on portfolios in the app.


You can freely mine up to 1 satoshi per hour which is estimated to be around 0.0002616 USD.


Let’s be a bit practical about this, if you mine 1 Sats in one hour then in twenty hours you will be able to earn 24 satoshis of bitcoin which may worth up to 0.0062784 USD.


Then in a month you can make 0.0062784*30 days in a month = 0.188352 USD in a month.


Looks so low, anyhow is all passive and there is a chance of increasing your earnings by inviting as many people as possible to increase your mining power.


Or do some investment.


Ember fund sign up and app download, is it available on all devices?

Ember fund is not available on desktop or a laptop as of now and I don’t know if it will be in the future.


You can visit your Google play store and search for the app to download it to your android phone.


After download you can successfully install it on your device and start making use of it.

Can you withdraw from ember fund?


Offcourse, you can. I know no body will want to engage him/her self with anything that won’t yield them real money.


What I mean by real money in this context is not the one you will be seeing only the balance on your device’s screen and can’t withdraw it to spend physically.


To withdraw from ember app your bitcoin satoshis you need to first of all have a working bitcoin wallet.


When that is done you will have to your satoshis to ember wallet and from there you can send them to your bitcoin wallet that you have created using another app like binance or its alternative.


By doing this you will be able to sell your satoshis and make withdrawal to the bank account of your choice.


The minimum withdrawal on Ember Fund app is $5 and you will be able to place a withdrawal to your bitcoin wallet.


You will have to know that bitcoin satoshis fluctuates in its worth due the fact that it is a cryptocurrency.

Is the ember app safe?

I don’t know how safe this app is but I urge you to make a further research if you are very concerned about this.


Although they may claim to be safe, without proof it is impossible to believe them as there are thousands of unsafe apps out there on the Google play store that claims to be safe.

What is the minimum withdrawal on Ember Fund?

I have answered this earlier in this ember fund review that the minimum payout on Ember Fund is $5.


This is a very low amount when compared with other apps out there that has $50, $20, $10 and so as minimum withdrawal.

Who is the CEO of Ember Fund?

Currently, based on my findings, the chief executive officer of Ember Fund app is Alex wang.

Is ember fund app legit or a scam?

Due the reason that many apps like this turn out to be a scam in reality, you may want to be sure if ember fund app is one of them or not.


When I checked them out I discovered that they are legit.


I haven’t seen any bad report about them yet, please you can use the comment section and let’s be interactive if you think ember fund app is actually the opposite.

Is ember fund real or fake?

Ember fund app is real and not a fake app as if the time this ember fund review was published.

Ember fund review wrap up

Finally, if you read this ember fund review to this very point, I want to strongly believe that you have known better about the ember fund app.


In addition, if you are still contemplating on how much you can make in a day with the Ember Fund app.


If you are only depending on the mining of the bitcoin on autopilot then making even up to a dollar in a month can be difficult.


Consequently, exploring every other earning methods of the ember fund app can increase your chances of making more coins.


You have to have this in the back of your mind that ember funds is not guaranteed to make you rich.


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