Making Money playing games could be very fun. It will be very wise that you read this cash forest app review first to know if cashforest is real or fake. 

Is cashforest real or fake, cashforest play and earn money app review

If you are a game addict like me, this app may be of really good interest for you and you need to get informed about how cash forest works first.


There are many apps like this meant to scam people and the only way you can be safe and able to detect them is by reading reviews like this.


That’s the reason I titled this article “ Is cashforest real or fake? don’t join Cashforest-play and earn cash yet!!! ”.


What is cashforest app all about?

Cashforest app is an earning app with 4.7 star ratings from the Google play store, the app is developed by the cash forest company.


There are many games you can enjoy with this app and you will be paid in coins for playing different games on this app.


You will get to know different games you can play to earn and how much you can earn as we proceed further in this cashforest review.

Ways to make money with cash forest – play and earn app

There are two main ways you can earn from cash forest which are playing games and referral programs.


Playing games

You can play different games like puzzles, arcade games, etc.


In addition, you can get paid to watch videos, and complete surveys.


However, surveys are provided by third party sites.

Make money playing games and answering Surveys on cash forest app


Another way of increasing your earnings on this app is by referring your friends and family.


The more people you refer, the more points you will get rewarded.

How to withdraw ? How to with from cashforest app

Nobody wants to make money and can’t withdraw. Cashforest provides you the options where you can cash out your earnings after converting them to $$$.


Each activity or game you play on cashforest you will be rewarded with points.


On reaching the minimum payout of 3000 points you can place a withdrawal which is equivalent to $0.2.


You can choose to save your points until you accumulate up to 10000 points which is equivalent to $1.


Subsequently, 49000 points is equivalent to $5 and 97000 is equivalent to $10.


How much can you make?

The amount of money you can earn in a day or month with cashforest app all depends on how fast you are able to accumulate points.


If it takes you a week or two to get up to 10000 points, that is, one week to make a dollar.


Which is not really worth your time if making reasonable money is your goal. But if your intent was just to enjoy playing those fun games you will find the game amazing.


I think the best way to enjoy this app is to just keep your mind away from making money off this app and just enjoy the games the way they are.


If you get paid for real you take it, and if not, you are not affected because you weren’t expecting much from it.


I don’t know if you get the point?

Is cashforest legit or a scam?

Making money online with cash forest app is not the best option for making money online.


We can’t tell if this app is legit or a scam as we haven’t gotten any payment proof or complaints from users yet.


You can drop a comment if you have had a negative or positive experience with them to help others.

Is cashforest safe?

Yes, playing games on this app is not associated with any risk.


Is it worth your time?

It all depends on your intention, if you are installing the game for pleasure then I would say it is worth a try but you must watch out for addiction.


If you’re not too careful, you can easily get addicted to this game.


On the contrary, if making money was your reason for downloading this game, then you should stop any plan of doing so.


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In conclusion, I believe you have a better understanding of what you might probably experience if you start using this app today.


What we normally do is to help you get to know about the real and honest review of a site/app that claims to help people make money online to avoid you from falling victim to scams.


However, the choice is yours to make as you can now make a better informed decision based on this cash forest review.


If you’re not interested in wasting your phone’s battery to make the developers of this game money while you are at liability, which is a great mindset.


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