Blessing Kolawole AKA African Giant is a man we should all learn from as beginners to online money-making.


Blessing Kolawole, a senior pastor in helpville christian center church currently resides in Abuja.


He has a couple of Youtube channels and blogs, one of the most popular of his Youtube channels is the “African Giant” channel where he teaches everything concerning making money online.


Ranging from blogging, affiliate marketing, Fiverr, Upwork, copywriting, article writing and many others.


He has over 122 thousand subscribers on his African Giant Youtube channel.


Today we have just decided to use him as a case study to inspire beginners wanting to make money online.


You will be reading about some of his great qualities he has built over the years that have made him the African Giant we all know today.

Why Blessing Kolawole AKA African Giant is making it big online

Have some fun and take some cool snacks with a soft drink while we take you through the secrets of Blessing Kolawole’s success in the online business.

He has a Giant mindset:

Despite how things were difficult with him before his success in the online space he was full of positive energy.


There is no offline hustle you could ever think of that this man has not done just to survive as a man back then before his emergence on Fiverr.


Ranging from barbing, fashion design, satellite installation, owning a shop etc.


Blessing is a man with a very sound mind and mentality, he is a kind of man that can master virtually anything that he puts his mind to.


I can challenge you that it is very difficult to succeed in any online business without getting a professional paid course somewhere on the internet because it takes a Giant mindset to handle disappointment and mistakes along the way.


But this man with a Giant mindset has earned huge success in the online business world. It is quite undisputable that Everything he knows in the online business space was all from self learning.


He has a good relationship with God:

Set aside the fact that he is a senior pastor in helpville christian center while making a thorough research about his past I have found out a lot of his messages and christian content on free hosted blogs like and blogger.


A man with strict principles, during his live videos on his African Giant channel, he shares a combination of inspirational messages with Biblical examples and online money-making advice.


Despite the fact of how liquid he is, he is still committed to serving God and well healthy in the spirit.


This quality is rare especially among content creators.



You can’t easily outwork him:

Blessing is very rugged when it comes to work ethics. I have observed this man for over two years, I can’t imagine the kind of energy he has.


I am a blogger with only one blog which I focused on and I also publish books on Amazon KDP.


I know how stressful this could be to keep on with your consistency and success in the online business world.


Blessing Kolawole has over 20 blogs which he is managing, over 5 Fiverr accounts, more than 5 youtube channels, Tiktok account and he has over 70 students which he attends to their messages and concerns on a daily basis.


Don’t forget he is a family man with responsibilities in addition to a few of things I know that he does online on a daily basis.


I almost forgot to include his ministerial work too.


I can’t imagine the kind of strength he possesses.

He reads a lot:

If you have been listening to the depth of wisdom with which he speaks, you will perceive that this man has read volumes of books.


According to him, he has lost count of the number of books he has read so far.


Everything about him proves beyond reasonable doubt that this man is more than a bookworm.


You can’t give out what you don’t have, he has published a lot of books on Amazon, you can go and verify by searching for his name.

Life taught him lessons roughly:

This man’s life was not that juicy, he was never from a rich home, he never had a rich relative to fund him.


He hustled his way to the top, according to his testimonies, he struggled a lot just to be a MAN.


What gave him breakthrough was online business. He started with Fiverr years ago, I think around 2008 if not mistaken, when Fiverr was very less competitive.


I can recall when he used to tell stories of how he will be sleeping with his smartphone in his hand just to get notified easily when he has an order.


How he made his first $5 then on Fiverr, how he wrote more than 6 Articles that got rejected by his client until the order was canceled while he was still writing the last one to submit.


He was just like ‘oh no’ but due to his Giant mindset he still pushed on to finish the article and send it to the person even after the order was canceled.


The man was so amazed with the last article and asked him where this article was all this while.




Consistency, they say, is the character of truth.


This man has been in the online business for over ten years and counting. Mr. Blessing just has that natural drive in him that keeps him going without quitting on the way.


He has a fast growing YouTube channel with over 630 tremendous and useful videos.


This quality has helped him maintain his success for a long time.



It takes only a great depth of focus to achieve what the African Giant has achieved so far in the online business world.


If there is another mighty quality you should emulate from Mr. Blessing Kolawole is his ability to multitask but still his focus in all he does online is still intact.


I may not know exactly how he does it but I must compliment him for this. 

He has the skills needed:

With the great mindset he possesses, he never allows any obstacle to stand on his way to achieving his goals.


I remember once when his video editor was making some unnecessary excuses to him and delaying him in getting his videos edited in time.


This got him embarrassed and he started learning video editing on his own by experimenting with everything to see how they work.


That’s how this man got the video editing skills he has today.



These are just a few of his qualities I have noticed and observed to have contributed to his huge success in online business.


Are you his fan, do you know of any other awesome thing you have discovered about the man we are discussing today.


If yes, do not hesitate to make use of the comment section because it is all yours.


The reason for this post was to help online beginners draw great inspiration from this Giant.


One thing about youths coming to make money online is that they think that online is where we make lazy money by clicking a button.


That thinking system has obstructed many from making a dime online. I have brought out this man today who has made a great name for himself in the online business world for us all to discuss and learn from his strengths.


The whole idea of this post is to learn. Drop what’s in your mind in the comment section let’s learn together.


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