Xtraincome is a new income platform that was launched on the 13th of September 2022. The website just like many other similar earning income platforms on the internet was aimed at helping people in Nigeria make money online.

The website has so many unique earning features that seem to make it stand outside most of these income programs.

In this Xtraincome review, you will get to know if this website has surely fulfilled the purpose of making people out of poverty and providing an extra way of earning extra income.

You will also get to know some information like whether is Xtraincome legit or a scam, has Xtraincone crashed, how Xtraincome work, minimum withdrawal, withdrawal date, and other information about Xtraincome income program.

At the end of this Xtraincome review, you should be able to make your choice on joining this platform or not.

Also, to get the best out of this Xtraincome review, I advise that you take your time and go through this Xtraincome review and do not skip any part of this article to avoid missing any important details.

Xtraincome review

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About Xtraincome, Xtraincome review

According to them, they are a platform that was intended to enable people to have an extra source of income online and empower people to utilize the power of affiliate marketing to earn money online.

With this purpose in mind, they offer many ways of earning with their platform which we will be discussing as we proceed further in this Xtraincome review.

How it works

Many online income programs have their way of making people money and the way they work ranging from social media tasks, reading news, watching videos, playing games, and so on.

On Xtraincome, after you might have successfully joined the platform, you will be able to earn Xtrapoints for each task you perform on the site.

You can also promote your referral link with your friends and loved ones to earn.

More information regarding how their referral program works will be explained later in this Xtraincome.org review.

Another awesome and unique feature I like about the Xtraincome platform is the offering of online courses to members.

This is awesome 👍

Xtraincome task and how to earn on Xtraincome

As I said earlier, you will be earning points and these points are known as Xtrapoints.

These points are convertible to money and as of the time of this Xtraincome.org review, 15000 of these Xtrapoints will be worth 6000 Nigerian Naira.

The following are ways of earning by doing tasks on Xtraincome.org

Earning via activities

You will earn 200 naira for unlocking daily earnings and also be earning 300 nairas for sharing sponsored posts of the day.

Earning with affiliate

You will get paid 2200 Naira for each person that signs up to Xtraincome.org website via your referral link. This is how their referral system works.

Extra affiliate bonus

You get this kind of bonus when the person you referred to join Xtraincome.org via your link refers another person to the website and you will be rewarded with a 200 Naira bonus.

Earning with cashback, instant earning

You will get a 1,000 naira charge back in your affiliate earnings instantly after joining and is withdrawable anytime/any day.

Learning digital courses

If you are a fan I this website you will always hear me preach that you need to learn before you can earn.

This platform has done its best by providing great digital skills like graphic design, video editing, web development, and so on.

Earning via affiliate contest

Trust me when I told you that this platform has many unique features to earn that distinguish it from many others.

Could you imagine? They are paying the top highest affiliate earners every week affiliate

Are you good at affiliate marketing? Then join this platform to showcase your talent.

Check out the top affiliate earners so far.

Xtraincome top earners


Xtraincome minimum withdrawal

Having known how this website works and how you can make money with this website the next thing that may come to your mind now may be what is the minimum payout of Xtraincome platform.

When you accumulate up to 6000 Naira on this platform, you are free to make a withdrawal to your bank account.


Xtraincome withdrawal date

The withdrawal date for non-affiliates is on the 27th of every month with a minimum of 6000 Naira.

For affiliates, you are eligible to withdraw any day as long as you have reached your minimum withdrawal amount.

You can only request payment within 2 hours from 10:am to 12:pm Nigerian time.


Will you get paid without a referral on Xtraincome?

The platform will still pay you even without referring anybody to them but your referral will be an extra booster to your earnings.

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Xtraincome.org registration fee or is it free

Nope, this platform is not open for free membership. To become a full member and get full earning benefits you will need to buy a coupon code worth 3000 Naira from one of their vendors.

Xtraincome registration

To register on this website and start making money online you will need to click here and pay a visit to their official website here you will have to sign up and purchase a coupon code and become a member.

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Has Xtraincome crashed, or is Xtraincome legit at all?

With all the information you have read about Xtraincome.org. This sounds too good to last right?

The platform is legit and working based on our research and experience with them.

Please note that as of the time of writing this article the website was found to be real and legit but we do not predict what can happen in the future anyway.

Sites like this work very well when not crowded but tends to crash as time goes on.

As of the time of this Xtraincome review, Xtraincome is not yet crashed.

Xtraincome review conclusion

You have finally come to the end of this article and you should be able to decide on joining the Xtraincome platform or not.

Platforms like this should be joined at risk because there may be the possibility of it misbehaving in the future.

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