Without wasting time, welcome to my waje game review where I will be revealing an honest review about this game app and how I got paid 30,000 Naira.


Day by day many platforms come around with their different ways of helping people make money online with their smartphones and laptops.


This is a good thing by the way but is not all good because most of these platforms are not safe, some of them have a secret intention of ripping people off their money and time.


I want to use the intro of this article to advise whosoever is reading it right now.


Always make research online about a particular earning site or app before you decide to join the platform, most especially the ones that will promise you heaven and hell.


Failure to do so may lead you to a scam site or app that ends up defrauding you and you may end up with a negative mindset about making money online.


Many people because they were scammed by a particular platform ended up calling online business a scam.


To get the best out of this waje game review, I will commend you to read every piece of this content and never try to skip any part so that you won’t miss important details.


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Most importantly the app reviewed in this page is out of our personal experience while using it.


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What is the Waje game app?

Waje game app is a Nigerian gaming app that claims to be unique by paying its users just for winning multiple games on the app.


Isn’t this so amazing? Am sure it should be.


The waje game app contains numerous games like FIFA 2022 world cup, ludo, shots, and a lot more.


These games are very entertaining and can kill your boredom

Who is it for?

Waje game is for anyone interested in making money online from their passion for gaming.  


This app can be very interesting to youths 18 years and above who love playing Nigerian local games.


According to their adverts online, they claim that the app can help you make money online in Nigeria with your smartphone.


How true is this? Read on to find out more about this waje game and how I got paid.

How does the waje game work?

Waje Game is an app that contains many other Nigerian local games like the naira whot, ludo, scrabble, and many others.


The app operates simply. You just have to download the app, register and purchase some chips on the app to enable you to start playing any game on the platform.

How to make money from the Waje game

Making money from the Waje game only requires you to keep on winning more games to get more chips.


These chips are converted to Nigerian naira upon withdrawal.


There are many complaints that the game is deceitful and as far as the outcome of all those games available on the app is controlled by the computer.


You will always be programmed to fail each time you are close to your withdrawal limit and due to how addictive the game is you will always put in more money to play the games.


This is pure gambling. The owners of this waje game app are so greedily smart.


This game is a total bondage to our youths, I am so sorry for sounding this way but I must express my view.


If you follow the title of this article I wrote “waje game review, how I got paid”. You may be wondering why I am saying it is a bondage to our youth after they might have paid me. 


Don’t get confused ok? Before you finish reading this waje game review, everything will become clearer to you about how this app is operating, and whether you should go for this app or not.


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Waje game login

To log in to your waje game app means you might have already registered. If you haven’t yet registered, download the game on the play store for Android users.


Input your username and other details they will require from you.


Then you can log in successfully.

Does the waje game pay real money?

Well, I don’t know what you may mean by the game paying real money because, from my experience, I haven’t cashed out since I started playing this game.


I almost got addicted to this game, I wasted a lot of money buying chips and so on.


If in case they might have paid you, do let us know in the comment section.


Boom, I know you are very furious at me right now, in your mind while clicking on the link to read this waje game review you saw me writing how I got paid but now I end up telling you I haven’t received any payment from this app.


Before you eat me raw, just give me a minute to explain myself ok?


Thanks for giving me a fair hearing, I said “how I get paid” ok? I never said how the Waje game app paid me. I actually got paid over N30,000 but not from the Waje game app.


I will be showing you a secret website at the end of this waje game review that I discovered that paid me to work from home which is far better than you gambling as a youth on the Waje game app and making the greedy owners of the game happy.


If this legit earning website that paid me is something you are interested to know about why not keep reading on till we get there?


Don’t try to skip any part of this waje game review so that you know how we arrived there ok? Alright, let’s go on.

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Is the waje game legit?

The waje game has a 3-star rating in the Google play store. Does this mean the app is legit or not?


Over three thousand people dropped their reviews about this waje game app, they have some good and bad reviews.


Can I tell you one secret about this waje game app, don’t be carried away by the many 5-star reviews you see there.


All of them are fake reviews, all those people are being paid by the Waje game app owners to market their scam to the Nigerian youths.


These guys are just so greedy.  


The reviews from real people are so critical. I will be dropping screenshots of different critical reviews from real people as we proceed.


If we say something is legit then it has to fulfill the promise that was made, how can they do this when they have freakishly distorted their computer algorithm to make one lose each time they are close to withdrawal?


From this, you should understand without me telling you that the Nigerian Obonge waje game app is a pure scam.


Stay away from it or you are gonna regret it.

Is the waje game real or fake?

The waje game app is a real gambling game that can be used to kill boredom for those who like killing away their time with gambling.


I am not against gambling but just be moderate about it.


When it comes to the app paying you, it is really fake, you should understand what I mean by something being really fake.


Below are some advantages you will be getting from downloading and using the Waje game app.

  • You will be entertained by numerous games available in the app.



  • The game is so addictive and can affect your life as a youth to start wasting money gambling.

Complaints from people

So far, many people like me and you who have downloaded and used this waje game app in the past have regretted it so much.


Below are a few we have captured for you to see.

I believe you have seen those negative reviews above. A word is enough for the wise.


At this juncture, based on this waje game review so far, I strongly believe that you have made your decision on whether to still move on to use the Waje game app or not.


For those of you guys who are interested in the Waje game app for the reason of making money online with your phone.


I will advise you not to go with such an idea because you are going in to make the creators of this app richer while draining your pocket.


As I said earlier, there is a legit site that paid me over N30,000 to do some work from home.


The site has been paying a lot of people for many years and the most interesting things Is that they pay in dollars.


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