Making money via watching videos is the desire of everyone who is looking to make lazy money online. Here comes, a site that promises to pay to watch videos, how true could this be? This review will help you determine if this site is worth it or not.


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What is


Video-earn is an earning website that pays a very high amount of rewards to members per videos watched on the platform.


With the rates by which they pay, if one can watch videos just for 2 hours everyday that can amount to more than $20 daily.


But wait, where the hell are they getting this amount of money from to spend just for watching videos.


Imagine the thousands of members that are active on this site, how will they make profit?


Well, all these questions are what we will be going ahead to expose the answers in this video-earn review.

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How does it work?

Every earning platform has a way by which they operate and video-earn is not an exception.


On this site you need to first of all sign up via this link and create an account with them on their official website.


When that is done, you will confirm your email address and start watching videos to earn money.


The site has been in existence since 2007 till date and they have claimed to have paid out a lot of cash to members since then and still counting.

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How to make money with video-earn

There are mainly two ways of making money with which are via referral programs and watching videos.


Referral program:

Most platforms pay 5% to as high as 20% referral commission.

Video-earn is the first ever site that I have discovered that pays as high as 40% commission.


This is a big opportunity to double your earnings passively in addition to your video earnings.


You can share your unique referral link to facebook groups, friends and family, forums and blogs.


The more referrals, the more money.

Watching videos:

There are numerous videos on this site and more are updated daily, the potential of earning big is sure.


Some videos pay $3 while some may pay as high as $10 depending on how long it is.


You can check the photo below to see latest payouts to members as of the time this Review was published.

How much can you make with video-earn

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How much can you make in a day?

This site is so generous compared to every other site out there that are paying peanuts. The very first day I joined this site I was able to earn $80 in just one day.


There are people who can earn more than this, it all depends on how many videos you watch on the site.

Is legit or a scam?

If you check out the photo below, you will see some positive feedback from people who claim to be real users of this site.

Is video-earn legit or a scam

Now you need to be smarter than these guys, there is no proof or whatsoever that reveals that the above testimonies are written by real people.


If you notice the title of this article “ review, see how I made $100+”. Most of you are thinking that I made this $100+ from video-earn but I never said so.


I only said “see how I made $100+”. To be frank, is a scam, you can’t make any money from this site.


And I have not been able to withdraw my $80 till today from this site.


But the fact that I made $100 is sure from one of my secret earning sites that I will be revealing to you at the end.

Is video-earn real or fake?

If you were in search of a real site that pays for real, video-earn is fake. But don’t worry, I have a good alternative for you.


If you check below, you will see my payment of the money I made from a legitimate site that made me over $100.


I will be dropping the link to the site at the end of this video-earn review.

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Is it worth your time?

If you are like me that is very hungry to make money then I think you will consider this site a total waste of time and energy.


I hate wasting time because time is money, and I am sure you hate it too, that’s why I am dedicated to exposing these fake sites.



Am sure you are enlightened about this so called and you are at a point of making an informed decision.


Personally, I don’t recommend this site, but if you’re interested to just watch videos on this site just for fun, that’s no issue but do not expect any reward or payment for any activity done on the site.


However below are the sites that made me over $100 online, you can check them out for yourself.


Trust me, you can make even more with these sites if you can put in more work in completing tasks.


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