Hello, my name is Ima-Abasi Sunday, welcome to my honest Alat by wema mobile banking reviews app reviews.

In this article, I will be telling you the whole truth about the banking app and at the end of this review, you will conclude either using this app or not for your online mobile banking.

This review is to guide you know the advantages and disadvantages of the app as regards the services it promises to offer to its users.

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If you are reading this post and have not yet downloaded or used the alat by wema mobile banking app before, then I must tell you the truth, you are very lucky indeed.

So I recommend that you read this article to the very end so that you get my reasons for saying this.

What is alat by wema

Alat by wema is an online mobile banking app that promises to make mobile banking easier with just your mobile phone.

The app was created for the sole purpose of reducing the usual stress in the bank and making people access banking services from home with their phones.

This app is rated 3.6 stars on the google play store. There are similar apps like the VFD bank app, chipper cash, piggyvest, and kuda which serve the same function and purpose.

If you are somebody like me that don’t really like all the unusual stress of queuing and waiting in the bank then you must be interested to make use of online banking apps like this for your day-to-day banking services and transactions.

If so, let me guide you while making your choice so you won’t bump into danger unaware.

Is alat by wema a reliable mobile banking app?

When we say that a product or service is reliable, it simply means that the product or service is something that people can rely on.

It should be something that people can depend on or trust to be legit and good.

A reliable mobile banking app is an app with a lot of positive reviews and customer satisfaction.

Therefore based on the above description of a reliable app, I will strongly conclude that alat by wema is not a reliable mobile banking app.

That’s just the accurate answer. According to my experience with them, I will advise you that alat by wema app is not a good mobile banking app to rely on in 2022.

Don’t worry read on to the end so that you will find the best alternative to go for.

If you read this article to the end, you will find my reasons for not recommending this mobile app, and I believe that you will agree with me that this app is not worth it.

I want to make it clear that this review is not to tarnish their reputation but am only making this review to you based on my ugly experience with them, and I wouldn’t want other people to have that same experience.

The whole idea of this review is to help you.

Why I don’t recommend this app

Every man’s expectation about using a mobile banking app is to make things pretty much easier and straightforward.

To tell you the truth, this app is frustrating.

I can tell you that my 3k is still lockup in this app, I can’t withdraw it till today. After numerous times contacting their poor customer service, I still don’t get a solution.

Before these guys could reply to you, you need to contact them on Gmail, Facebook page, and WhatsApp all together at the same time(lol).

If you no do like that, baba forget am, they no go answer you.

Let me not bore you with so many stories, after so much trying, I tried to update the app, but I didn’t know that was the worst thing ever.

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Other peoples have bad experiences with this app

Am not the only one having a very bad experience with this app.

Below are other people’s complaints about their poor and ugly experiences with this app.



As you can see above few negative reviews from real users who are not comfortable with their poor service.

Anyway, I cannot force you to make your choice, if, at the end of this article, you still wanna go for alat by the wema mobile banking app, you are at your liberty.

If on the contrary, you don’t wanna have the bad experience I had, you can go for an alternative which I recommend is the kuda mobile app.

Download this app now from the Google play store by clicking on this

link and join with this code: RvmIfX98. as your referral code and paste it where the referral code is required.

It is very important that you use my referral code because in that way you are simply letting kuda know that I referred you to them and is also a way of you thanking me for helping you via this article.

You will also earn an instant free 200 naira bonus for completing their KYC verification of three steps.

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Have a nice day.


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