The secret way to make money 

online, Easy $1000 with CPALead+sproutgigs


There are thousands of ways to make money online, and most of them are secret ways to make money online. If you haven’t made money online before, here is an easy $1000 with CPA lead.

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Before we continue, if you are the type who is not ready to make money right now and get financial freedom.


Then we can advise you to just stop ✋ reading this article right now.


But if on the contrary, you are tired of being broke, tired of lacking cash, tired of begging friends for cash, tired of wasting data searching for a legit website to make money online.


If You are fully ready to work with your smartphone/laptop to make hundreds of dollars on the internet. 


Then you can grab some chill drink, and some snacks and move on with the reading.


The method of earning we will be teaching today is guaranteed of making you money only if you implement the strategies that will be discussed.


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This is how today’s method is going to work, we will introduce you to a CPA (cost per action) website.


You will sign up for the website, and when that is done, we will introduce you to another website that you will use to make passive income.


At the end of this article, you should be able to use at least $5 to make an extra $20 for yourself online.




Today’s strategy is a no-failing method of earning money.


Therefore, you must not fail to implement this strategy to make your first and easy $1000 with CPA lead.


Yeah, CPA lead is that first website on the list.


Let’s explain a little bit about how this website works.


CPA lead is a cost-per-action marketing website that pays you $$$ for every action performed by your lead.


Here on this website, you can get paid for getting someone to download an app, getting your friend to submit an email, or getting people to just sign up on a website.


That’s all about CPA marketing, you don’t need to sell anything, all you have to do is to get people to perform easy actions and you get paid.


As you can see above, the payouts and EPC (earnings per click). The payout section represents how much you will earn when someone (lead)perform an action.


While the EPC you are seeing above means how much you will earn just for a click on the link. Isn’t that cool?


You can earn per click $0.2, 40 cents, 19 cents, and so on.


If we want to do a simple calculation now, let’s say you invited 25 people to perform some certain action like downloading an app, filling a survey, etc.


And the CPA offer you are choosing has a $0.4 EPC and $0.65 payout. For only clicks, you will earn 25*0.4=$10


Then for the action they performed will be 25*0.65=$16.25


Summing the both together will give you $26.25, and you are set to withdraw your cash.


The minimum payout is $20 to your payoneer, skrill, or wire transfer.

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I will recommend you to chose our payment option to be payoneer because it pays very fast and has no risk.


If you don’t know how to get a Payoneer account don’t worry, we will help you to get one for free.


Why I love Payoneer is that it allows you to create a US bank account from anywhere you are.


And you will add in your local bank account details where you will receive money directly from your Payoneer to your bank account.


 Another great thing we will let you know about CPA lead is that it has CPA offers for different countries and devices.


You are not allowed by any means to promote an offer that was meant for a US IP to a Nigerian.


Different places have their offers.


So that is how CPA lead works.


If you have friends, you can make a lot of money promoting these offers to them.


Or if you have a website, you can promote these offers as well on your blog.


However, if you the type that has nobody to promote these offers too.


Do not panic.


This second website we will be discussing will allow you to pay people some little cents to perform those offers while we make a very big profit.


Let me explain how this gonna work.


Let’s say if the offer we are promoting is to get people to download an app.


And we will be paid 0.4 dollars per click on the offer link, and 0.65 dollars per offer performed.


We can just head over to sproutgigs (formerly known as picoworkers).


Sproutgigs is the second website we will use to earn big money, stop reading and click on this link to create a free account and earn $0.25 welcome bonus.


Pay people little money to do that while we earn profit.


On picoworkers, the minimum amount of workers you can employ to do a task is 25 people. 


You can add more than if you wish.


If you pay each person 0.25 dollars to perform an offer with the above payout.


You will be spending 0.25×25=6.25 dollars


Imagine spending 6.25 dollars and making up to 26.25dollars.


That’s a profit of 20 dollars guys.


So much money to be made if you can invest more.


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To create an account on cpalead, click here 


Easy $1000 with CPA lead+sproutgigs. A step-by-step guide to do it successfully


This short video will explain step by step how your CPA marketing with sproutgigs and make easy $1000 with CPALead


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