Living in a world where some feedback and responses bring about progress, many companies have now seen the need to use survey sites to get data and pay people for answering the surveys, Welcome to our honest Survimo review.

We founded this Survimo site online while surfing the internet and they claim to help people make money from home by answering surveys.

What triggered our interest to research and write this Survimo review was that they also claim people can make up to $5 per survey and make a lot of money to solve their financial problems.

This sounds a bit strange because if you are fond of survey sites you will know why I am saying that it sounds strange.

Maybe you have also seen their ads and you are here to find the truth about them.

To get the best out of this Survimo review just stay away from anything that may distract your attention, and avoid skimming through so you won’t miss any important details.

If this is your first time on this blog, you are warmly welcome to the home of online money-making where your financial freedom by making money online is our goal.

Here, we don’t only teach you how you can make money online from home but also help to review online money-making sites and apps for you to know which is legit or a scam.

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The content on this page should not in any way be treated as financial advice but just a personal experience of the subject.

What is the survimo website about?

“Survimo” which I believe is formulated from the word survey is a survey site powered by the famous Cint company.

Survimo site connects companies with individuals like me and you, They create a platform where these companies can better their business strategies by conducting surveys to get feedback from individuals like you and me wanting to make money online.

Survimo sign up

Signing up on Survimo is straightforward. You need to click here and it will take you to their official website where you need to sign up.

Put in your basic info like name, and email address to get started.

How  to earn money on Survimo with Survimo online surveys

The only means of earning on Survimo is through answering surveys.

After signing up you will be required to verify your email address which you need to do to get fully registered.

When that is done, you will need to arrange your profile. In addition, for you to get more chances of getting accepted for more surveys you will need to answer some questions about yourself.

The questions may take a bit of your time but is worth it because even though you will not be paid for it, it will open the way for more paid surveys.

The reason is that they want to get as many details about you so they can match you with the appropriate company for the survey.

After answering and giving your full details, you will start seeing different surveys on your dashboard from different companies.

These surveys appear with their payout, it is obvious that Survimo claims to pay people $5 per answer but the reality is far lesser than $5 per answer.

You could barely get a survey that pays $2.3 per answer.

Do not also think you can make even $1 daily on this site you can’t make enough money to pay your bills by answering surveys on this site.

It is even worse for people in the third-tier country.

The reason am boldly saying this is that there are few numbers of surveys available each day and the few ones may not even accept you to partake either.

On this blog, we like telling people the plain truth so they won’t get a negative surprise at the end of the day.

But if this sounds like a bit disappointing to you, we just wanna apologize but there is greater hope for you at the end of this article if making enough money to pay your bills is your goal.

I will be dropping two of my best earning sites that I have made the most money online, These sites can help you use your mobile phone to print out money.

Gently follow through as we proceed.

Is Survimo fake or real?

We can’t call a fake survey site. They are a genuine survey company that pays.

How do I get paid on Survimo?

Survimo has up to 4 payment options where you can get paid after you have reached your minimum payout.

These include:

  1. Gcode
  2. Amazon gift card
  3. Paypal and
  4. Prepaid visa card.

Survimo minimum withdrawal

The minimum payout is $10 before you can attempt to place a withdrawal request using any of the above-mentioned payment options.

Is Survimo available in my country?

At the moment, Survimo is widely available to almost all the countries of the world.

You can check their official website to know if your country is allowed before joining.


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