Can you make $10 per survey on survey lama? This honest surveylama review will reveal to you the truth about this survey site in a while as you read on.

You might probably be here to find out more about this survey site known as surveylama and how true their claim of earning $10 per survey might be.

In this surveylama review, I will be discussing some important information about the surveylama site:

What is surveylama, how does surveylama work, and can you make money with surveylama? How can you earn with this platform, how to get paid, what payment options they use, and is surveylama safe? Surveylama signup/login, surveylama app, and how legitimate surveylama is.

In addition to the above, I will also educate you on how much you can make a day with surveylama if you can earn $100 daily with Survey and how to earn quick money online.

There will be a lot of information you will be getting out of this surveylama review so it won’t make any sense for you to skip any part of this blog post so that you won’t miss any important details.

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What is surveylama?

Surveylama review

Surveylama is a survey site that pays its members to complete surveys daily on their site. site was created on 15/11/21 and as of the time of this review, the site domain is said to expire on 15/11/23 according to

Although, it can still be renewed.


How does surveylama work?

This is how this site works, you will create your new account for free and after that, activate your account by confirming your email address just like most earning sites do.

You will be taken to your dashboard where you will be seeing different surveys available for different countries but to complete those surveys you must complete your profile setup.

In the process, you will be required to put in several details about yourself. They will ask you some questions just to know what kind of surveys to link to you and you must answer those questions accurately.

When that is done, you start working properly.

The truth about surveylama is that you will see a lot of surveys if you are from a Tier 1 country like Canada, the USA, or the united kingdom.

But for those in Africa and Asians, you will not see much survey to answer and even the little you see on the dashboard at the end of the day, you will not qualify to take those few once.

I am telling you this information from my experience as an African using this survey site, and I don’t want you to go there and experience it again like a surprise because when you don’t have access to answer more surveys, you will automatically not have access to make more money.

As we move on I will be discussing how much you can make on this earning site by answering a survey in a day.

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How can you earn on this platform?

Surveylama just like the name sounds only has one way of earning which is the answering of surveys.

Apart from that, there is no other way you can make money online with the site, nothing like a referral program as of the time this blog post was written.

How do I get paid?

Answering surveys on surveylama will enable you to earn lamapoints which is been converted to your local currency when you want to withdraw.

Different countries have different values for these lama points, for example, 2000 lama points are worth $10 in some countries and more in others.

The minimum amount you can withdraw on this site is just 2000 lama points.


Payment options

They have the following payment options Paypal and Amazon gift card.


Is surveylama safe?

Based on my opinion, I don’t think surveylama is 100% safe as they claim to be. These guys are taking your info daily as you keep doing surveys on the site and nobody can tell what they do with those data.

Although, they have announced on their site that our data is safe with them.

How true is this claim? I don’t know, but I don’t think these guys are honest from my view.


Surveylama app

I have made some findings to know their official app and I have not found any as of the time this review was written.


Is surveylama legit?

No doubt, surveylama is a legit earning site that pays but there are things you must know before joining.

They have a 4.3-star rating on trust pilot. This alone does not guarantee that you are gonna make the money you so much desire.

Is surveylama legit

complaints about

While checking customer reviews, I found out the following complaint was dropped by other users of surveylama.


Can you make money with surveylama, how much can I make a day?

Yes, you can make money with surveylama but how much can I make a day? Read on to find out.

Like I said earlier, if you are not from a Tier 1 country you will have few available surveys in your dashboard.

Another important thing is that you will not always qualify for every survey you apply for, just have that at the back of your mind.

I know it is very painful applying for a survey to answer all the questions you are asked and at the end of the day you are told “We are sorry, you are not eligible to partake in this survey”.

So disappointing, but I have something better for you at the end of this surveylama review, you can’t afford to miss it.

So coming back to the question of how much you can earn from, some surveys pay around 10 to 50 lamapoints, and you can earn around $0.1 to $2 in a day from my experience.

Some survey pays 200 lamapoints, but it is very difficult to qualify for such a survey from my experience.


Can you make $10 per survey as they claim?

If you have been to their site you might have seen a claim they made about people able to earn $10 per survey on their site.

Well, let us just take that as a marketing technique for them, but take the truth from me, you will never make $10 per survey on surveylama, no way, don’t be deceived. You barely make $1 in a day not to talk of $10 per survey.

This sounds like a bit of bad news for some guys, but don’t worry, I have a piece of good news for you at the end of this blog post. login/sign up

For those who are still interested to sign up on surveylama, copy this link ( and paste it into your browser.


Can you make $100 a day with a survey?

If you are familiar with survey sites you will know that you are paid a few cents in exchange for your time spent answering questions.

Most of the survey sites only favor people in the US, UK, and Canada while others may not have the opportunity for higher-paying surveys like the countries mentioned above.

The possibility of earning $100 a day from doing a survey is very low. Not even people living in a Tier 1 country can earn $100 daily doing only surveys on a particular site.

Answering surveys can not make you rich but can help earn you some bucks to buy some snacks.


Conclusion: How to earn quick money online with a single website.

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