Nothing could be more fun than having the ability to make money online from home by just reading articles and engaging with them. Superwave is a site that pays you just for your activities online and in this review you will be getting every important information you need to know about the site.


Is superwave free? Is superwave genuine? is superwave legit? Is reliable? How much can I make on How do they work? How can I withdraw?


All the above questions and more will be answered in this full honest review.


All you need to do to get the best out of this blog post is to not skip any part of this superwave review.


The reason I am saying that is that most people end up skipping very important information while skimming through detailed posts like this.


To avoid that, read through the review.


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What is review is a fresh new income program as of the time this review was written (10 Nov, 2023).


The platform boasts of helping members make up to N50k monthly by just doing easy online micro jobs.


They have a leaderboard of top earners on the platform.


According to them, their drive is seeing bloggers and website owners making huge amounts of money from their website and keeping all the money made to themselves without sharing some part of the revenue to their visitors.


Hence, they have decided to split their advert revenue on their site with members who are willing to engage in small online tasks on the official website.

How does it work

The Superwave income program allows people wanting to make money online to join their platform for free and make money in two ways.


The first way of earning is the activity earning and the second is the affiliate earning.


Combination of both can earn you a huge amount of money at the end of the day. 


As we proceed with this review, you will get to know different activities you can get paid for on this website.

Is it available world-wide

You can check that out if it is available in your country because I am not sure if it is available world-wide.

Is free

Yes, most times income programs like this always require money for registration but in the case of superwave it is completely free and you don’t need to pay any money.


Ways to make money with Easy money-earn real paypal review

Let me take you through the full earning structure of the superwave income program so you can know how much you can make with them in a day or so.


Welcome bonus: 

You will be rewarded with a welcome bonus of N1100 upon activation of account.


Daily logins:

For each day you login to your account, you will earn 150 Naira. If you can login for 30 days that will be 150*30=4500 naira in a month.


Reading news:

You will be paid N25 for each content you read on their site.

Let’s say your goal is to read 12 posts daily, 12*25=300.


That’s 300 naira daily which can amount to 9000 Naira in a month if not mistaken.



Get paid N25 for each comment you drop. You can earn 50 Naira for each post if you read and comment.




Sponsored post:

For each post you share on your social media platforms you get paid 150 Naira just for doing that.


Referral program:

Are you good at referral marketing? You can maximize your earnings by getting paid 300 Naira for each successful sign up via your link


How does generate money to pay members?

The website is monetized with Adsense and one click pop under ads which can make them a huge amount of money while members engage on the site.


A percentage of the money they made is paid to members. sign up and login

Just like other sites you sign up to on a daily basis, registration on is not difficult at all, you will only need to provide your info like name, username, email address and password.


Their official site address is


However, you will have some issues with many redirects when browsing the site as the site is monetized with one click popunder ads. withdrawal

Like I said earlier you can earn via activities on this site and can also earn via referral program.


For activity earning, the minimum withdrawal is N7000 when once you have accumulated up to this amount you can successfully withdraw your money to your payment method.


Then for the referral earners, you can withdraw your earnings when you have reached the amount of N4000 and get paid on every 15th.


How much can you make on Can you make 50k for real?

I know most of you will wanna look at the realistic figure you could earn doing tasks on this site.


That’s a wise idea.


We found out on site that a member can potentially earn up to 50k Naira a month.


Could this claim be true, I leave the mathematics for you to do.


You can calculate how much you will earn in a month by going back to the sub heading of this post where we discussed the ways to make money on superwave.


Is superwave legit?Is chatmogul still paying?

The site has many red flags like the name of the CEO not known, no physical address, operating in the same way other scam sites operated before they crashed and unrealistic earning potential.


Although the site is paying now, I mean as of the time this review was written.


One thing is for sure, you can join this site now at your own risk and make money now that it is not crashed. Before it is late but the fact that it is gonna crash is incontestable.


Is superwave real or fakeIs real or fake

They are not real because the site is open with the aim to lure people by using people’s extreme desire to make money online.


By luring a whole lot of people they can be able to make a huge amount of money while the site crashes and stops paying.


I don’t know if you get their greedy motives, I expect you to be wiser than these guys, don’t allow them to play games with your ignorance.


But if you don’t get it, you can forget about it.

Is reliable site to make money

For me to rely on making money online with is a sure way to salad because the site is paying now does not guarantee they are gonna pay for the next three months.


You don’t need a prophet to prophesy that these guys are gonna crash very soon.


I usually recommend people that are looking for a reliable online income to start real online business like blogging, affiliate marketing and many others.


You can read my full story of how I went from a broke teenager to making money online.


If making fast money online from a reliable and trusted site is what you are looking for then I have two secret sites that have made me a lot of money which I will be revealing to you in the next paragraph.

Conclusion on review

As you can see for yourself my honest review above. I have provided you with everything you will have to know before joining so you don’t get surprised at any outcome.


If you choose to join them now and cash out before it crashes then there is no problem at all.


Making money online is sweet especially when done with the correct platform that works and will always work.


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Five years from now, it is estimated that things will be ten times harder in Nigeria than it is today.


The internet will also get more saturated and making money online will be more difficult than it is today.


 To prepare for the future you must find a way to earn in dollars.


And the opportunity has presented itself above.


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