Have you heard of sitecoursepro software and you are curious about how legit it is. This is an honest sitecoursepro review from a real user.


In this review, you will learn about every important detail you need to know about this hot-selling software and how you can use this software to make money online.


This article is also very relevant and important to you if you are a beginner looking for how to make money online.


 If you are also interested in making money online as a blogger or affiliate marketer, this blog post will be of help to you so don’t miss out on any part of this article to get every detail and value from this post.


This article will help you choose if you should get this make-money-online software known as SiteCoursePro or not.

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I am someone that has used this software before and in this article, I will show you how this software really works and if it is legit or not.


You will also be learning some advantages and disadvantages of sitecoursepro app.


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What is sitecoursepro


Sitecoursepro is a software that claims to help people generate thousands of dollars by building them a passive income website full of courses embedded with their affiliate links.


This software promises to build you a website with over 185 thousand courses under over 200 categories embedded with your affiliate links and you get paid in commission whenever people purchase the course.


Sitecoursepro app was produced by an internet marketer known as Glen on the second of June 2022 with the sole purpose of helping beginners who are interested in making money online in passive income.


As of the time of this review, this product has gotten over a thousand sales in the space of one and half week from launch date, making it one of the hottest warrior plus valuable products of the month.


Seeing how hard it is for a beginner to make reliable money online on the internet was one of the reasons Glen came up with this app to help make things affordable and easy for newbies.


According to Glen, People are increasingly looking for digital learning to develop their skill & future-proof their skills and seek new opportunities.


Starting a new online digital skill website to meet the demands of these people from scratch is something very difficult and time consuming because you will need to pay for web hosting/domain name, pay for website designing/building, creating a course and so on.


With this software, you will definitely get it done for you without stress and you don’t spend much for hosting and other expenditures.


If you can get it now as of the time of writing this article via my link in this article, you are only going to make a one time payment of $19 and enjoy this software for a lifetime.


If you are not ready to get it now, according to Glen, the product may turn out to be on a monthly subscription soon due to its value.


Features of SiteCoursePro


Sitecoursepro app is full with so many wonderful features that can enable you get the result at a very fast rate as possible.


There are More Than 185,000 e-Learning Courses like AI & Automation, Cloud Computing, Animation, Video

Editing, Coding, Foreign Languages, Blockchain and so on Under 200+ Coolest Categories.


You can start selling hot cake courses & make a bunch of Commissions on every Course you sell. 


Every Course on your new site comes pre-loaded with: 


Buy Buttons To Udemy Affiliate Program

Buy Buttons To The Fiverr Course Affiliate Program

Course Info

User Rating

Price Rating 

Release Date Info

Updated Search Box


Your visitors can search courses from a wide region of 200+ categories pre-listed on the site using the smart search box placed on the top of your site.


You will also get Automated Blog Builder in the software.


You can make relevant blog posts for your course affiliate sites without hassle by simply selecting from their 500+ DFY Content Sources or enter your keyword to get custom content from us.


Their blog posts are automatically drip-fed every day once your campaign starts.


They also Supports WordPress Site


We give you a SiteCoursePro plugin that makes it easy for you to build an affiliate course site using WordPress.


And you are going to get a free Hosting and Domain Included With Absolutely No Extra Cost!


They have included Hosting and Domain for absolutely no cost whatsoever… so you can kickstart without spending an extra penny for anything TODAY, TOMORROW, or EVER.


24-Hour PREMIUM Support


Whenever you Have any questions, they are always there to attend to you, so you have the full freedom to consult their team of experts for anything that you need. They will be willing to help out.


Training & Tutorials


They have programmed thier online services keeping in mind your needs and to help you become self-reliant.


​It is filled with articles, videos, and FAQs that can get you quickly started and solve all your problems without anyone’s help.


Benefits of SiteCoursePro app


If you get the SiteCoursePro app, the following are the awesome benefits and bonuses you will be getting access to.


Make thousands in affiliate commissions just by recommending + introducing courses for everyone


Auto-rank on Search Engines with SEO-Optimized Blog Posts added on a daily basis


Save time and money on hosting, domain, & hiring blog writers, freelancers


Your New Course Affiliate Site is self-updating (new Courses + blog posts updated daily once created) so it requires ZERO work from you once you create a site.

 And lots more.

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Steps to get started


If you are tired of all of these theories so far and you are probably thinking of how to get started with this software and make your own share of money with it, below are the steps you need to take to get there.


The first thing you need to do is to get the SiteCoursePro app via this coupon link.


Your next step is for you to login to the SiteCoursePro cloud based app.


Set up a niche or category of courses you would love to have on the website that will be created for you.


And boom, watch the magic happens. Your online course website will be created for you in a matter of sixty seconds.


I was very surprised when I took this final step.


I couldn’t believe it because it was so good to be true, still, it was very legit.


Pros and cons of SiteCoursePro app


Based on my understanding of using this app, I have basically found some good and bad sides of this app that you need to know so as to get the whole idea of how it is for real.




No free trial

Monthly subscription may start soon and price may rise.




Their customer support is amazing


They have tons of guides to help you make good use of their software.


Testimonies from other people who made use of the app

Below are some testimonies from other real user who are satisfied with this product.
Sitecoursepro testimonies
You can learn more about this software by watching the video below.



You have finally come to the end of this review.


I have painstakingly made a full and comprehensive review of how this software will be of benefit to you and how it works based on my experience using it.


If you found it worthy of buying, you can go get it with the coupon link above.

You also have the right to get a refund of your money if you do not make money in your first 30 days of using this software.

Your decision is solely based on you.

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