Premise app review

The premise app is one of those amazing survey apps that pays members to answer surveys and take real time photos. In this Premise Review, We will be giving you the latest Premise survey app information you need to know.


Maybe you have heard of this app before via online adverts or via a friend’s invite, and you may be landing on this page just to learn more about the premise app.


You are at the right place, and for those who haven’t heard of this app Before this is an opportunity for you to get introduced to an app that has been paying people dollars just for their opinions.


As we proceed, we will be taking you through what premise app is all about, how it works, how you can make money online from your smartphone with it, how much money you can make in a day with this app, is the app legit or a scam and many other things.


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What is premise app?

Premise survey app is an app that connects companies that are interested to improve their products and services via people’s feedback and surveys with individuals like you and I that are in search of a way to make money online from their smartphones.

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How does it work?

Premise app is an app that connects workers with employers. 


People like me and you who may be looking forward to making money online normally register on this app and get paid by people who have the money to spend to help people carry out their tasks.

How can you make money with them?

You can earn by answering surveys on this app and also earn by taking photos of places and answering some questions about the place stating your location as well.

How long do they take to pay?

On average, Payment can take up to 24 hours to reach your preferred payment method.


They pay via Payoneer and wire transfer

Can it be used on a laptop or desktop

If you haven’t known Before now, the premise app is a mobile app which can only be used with a smartphone and you can’t make money online with the app using a laptop or a desktop.

Is it worldwide?

One of the disappointments people have concerning earning sites and apps is the inability to be accessible worldwide.


In the case of the app we are discussing today, you can make money anywhere you are in the world with the premise app as long as you have a device with an internet connection.

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Is premise app legit or a scam?

When an app claims to help people make money online and they really pay without any lies and fraud, such an app can be termed as a legit one.


Judging by our definition above, the Premise app we are reviewing on this page is legit but there are other things you need to find out about them to determine if they are worth your energy and time.


Is the premise app real or fake?

The premise app is not among the fake apps out there that have nothing to offer but just to waste your time and money.


The app is completely free to join and is real.


To sum up our review of the premise app, we want to advise you that this app in question cannot make you rich.


On a scale of 1 to 10, I will rate this app 3 when it comes to how much money you can make and how fast you make the money.


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