For our crypto lovers, here comes an app I’m sure you will be interested in. The pomo app, in this pomo app review, you will be getting all the necessary information about this mining app.

Pomo app review

Cryptocurrency can be defined as a digital currency that operates independent of the central bank which utilizes cryptography for security.


This currency can be used for various purposes online like investment, purchasing of products, and payment of bills.


Examples of cryptocurrency are ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, bitcoin and many others.


In 2009, a group of people using pseudonym satoshi nakamoto created the first and well popular cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin.


Now the coin is worth more than 25,000 Dollars. 


Consequently, according to statistics, there are thousands of several cryptocurrencies in the world, even new ones being created regularly by using the process of initial coin offering.


What if I tell you of an app that helps you mine cryptocurrency with your smartphone?


The cryptocurrency we are talking about here is the pomo coin.


With the pomo app, you can mine unlimited pomo coins. But wait, how does this app work? How can money be made with this app, is this app legit or not?.


You will get to have the full information in this Pomo app review.

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With that said, let’s continue with the pomo review.

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What is pomo app all about?

Pomo app is a cloud mining app that helps you mine pomo tokens and withdraw to your crypto wallet for free without any investment.


The app is available on the Google play store.

How does it work?

To get started with the mining of the pomo tokens, you need to download the app from the google play store and install it on your phone.


The next thing for you to do is to sign up for an account just like other platforms.


You will be required to put in your username, email address, password and other info while creating the account.


When that is done, click on sign up and activate your email.


Login to your new account dashboard and activate the app to start mining your pomo coins.

Pomo app withdrawal

When it comes to withdrawal of your pomo tokens, you will be required to deposit some amount of BNB tokens as a withdrawal fee.


When that is done, you will successfully withdraw to your crypto wallet.

How can we make money with pomo app

The only way money can be made from this app is by mining the pomo tokens which can be withdrawn to your crypto wallet and their referral program.Pomo app referral program

Is the pomo app legit?

Based on my experience with the platform, I discovered some things that permit me not to recommend this app to our crypto lovers.


Number one reason is that I discovered the pomo token is not approved by the cryptocurrency blockchain and as such you can’t trade with this coin.


In a situation where you mine coins you can’t trade with for cash, then what’s the need?


Ok, some of you guys may say, it may be approved in the future, the best thing is to keep accumulating it now that it is not yet active.


Well, I can support this reason if only the app clearly states out the exact date the pomo tokens will be active. Since they haven’t done this, trusting them can be an unwise risk to take.


Another thing is that there are too many irritating adverts on this app. This is an indication that these guys are just not legit but are there to make money by wasting your time. 


Is pomo app real or fake

Depending on your definition of being real is, pomo app to me, they seem not to be real, starting from their coins and the way they operate.


Why would they be asking people to deposit a certain amount of BNB just to withdraw a coin that is not tradable for money.

Why I don’t recommend the pomo app

There are many red flags that make me not recommend the pomo app, few of them are:

  • Too much ads on the app, indicating that they are using you to make money while you keep trading worthless tokens
  • No actual way of contacting them
  • Asking for payment before withdrawal, this is a turn off for me.


Conclusion pomo review

Am sorry if you are disappointed after reading the full pomo app review. It is always important for people to read an honest review about a platform before they can make any decision to join.


By doing this will reduce your vulnerability of falling to a scam.


Please also note that we are not in any way condemning the pomo app but we are only reporting to you the information the way it is so that you know the exact what to do.


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