investment platform is a new site that was launched in April this year 2023 to help its members become financially free. You will find out in this review if this site is a scam or crashed.

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With that said let us move on to the business of the day which is review

At the end of this pinkypay review, you will know if to continue with the site or not.


The content on this page should not be in any way addressed, seen, or absorbed as financial advice.

We are not financial experts nor do we give financial advice, nevertheless, this article is solely for educational purposes.

We are not affiliated with the platform nor are we tarnishing their image online.

We are just informing the public of the truth about this platform.

How does work?

This is how works, first, you create an account with them, choose an investment platform that you want to invest and pay.

Then according to them, you will be earning a certain amount of money for 50 days.

You can invest from 3k to 100k and earn 0.22% every hour for 50 days.

Isn’t 50 days too far enough for them to run away with your money?

Just the play!!! (Naija slang)

How to earn with different investment plans

These are the different investment plans of

You can check out those plans on their site if interested.

Pinkypay login

You can sign up or log in to Pinkypay by copying this link to your browser,

Is Pinkypay legit?

This site as of the time of this review is not legit at all. Don’t risk your money there. Do not panic because if you read this review to the end, you will have access to my secret site which has helped me earn $10 daily online doing simple tasks.

Has Pinkypay crashed?

To tell you the truth guys, this site as I am talking to you has crashed with a lot of people’s money and investments.

This is so painful that’s why you must always read a review about a site online before joining.

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I am personally against the idea of paying money to a site to double it for you and call it an investment. Anything like this are very likely to be a scam.


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