The reason for this paidverts review is to reveal to the public what paidverts is, how they work, how to make money with paidverts, their legitimacy and at the end they should be able to make an informed decision.

Paidverts review

There are many earning sites with mouthwatering income potential and fake ponzi schemes.


Many people have lost their money to these sites. It is very frustrating to lose money to a site when your intention of joining the site was to make money from them.


There are other sites also that may not scam you or defraud people of their money but they may be defrauding you of your time.


To avoid wasting time on sites and apps that may not be worth your energy, always search for a review of any earning site to check if they are real or fake.


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What is paidverts?

Paidverts is a PTC (paid to click on ads) platform that rewards you with points and cash for doing some tasks on the site like playing games, clicking on ads and completing offers.


They have been on the system for quite a long period of time now.


With the help of this review, you will get to know the updated information about thema dm if you can make money online with this site.

How does it work?

The site pays you to do tasks and you only access this opportunity by signing up via 


After signing up for a new account, just like other sites you are required to put in your information like email address, password, username and other info to create an account.


You will be also asked to activate your email address, when that is done you login to your new account dashboard and explore their earning options.

How to make money with them

Over 9.4 million dollars have been paid out to members since the site was launched.


Making money from the paidverts PTC site involve many options which I will do my best to explain below:


Completing offers: 

Doing tasks like downloading apps, signing up for sites, submitting your email address will make you money on this site.


The money made can not be compared to the stress you will take to complete.


This is not to discourage you but I am only letting you know about it.


There are many offers providing companies, always make your choice right.

Clicking ads:

Clicking on ads will earn you money but you can’t just start clicking like that as a new member on this site.


There is what we call BAP meaning bonus ad points. You need to have these points before you can be eligible to view paid ads on their site.


Every day you will have access to 16 activation ads that reward you with BAP.


The fact is that, the more BAP you have, the more paid ads you can view, and the more money you can make.


You can concentrate on getting more BAP to potentially earn higher.

What is BAP on Paidverts?

As I explained earlier, this is interpreted to be Bonus Ad Point.


This can also be seen as a currency on this site to view paid ads and make money.


You will be paid 300 BAP as a welcome bonus.


Is paidverts legit or a scam?

Paidverts has been paying their members since 2013 until now. The site has proven to be legitimate but not all that flawless.


Is paidverts real or fake?

Yes they are real and not some kind of fake sites out there. The downside is that you will not make much money from this site if you do not upgrade your account.

Paidverts upgrade: provides a distinct opportunity for members to upgrade their accounts, which can enable them to have access to higher earnings and more benefits.


When members upgrade their accounts on the PaidVerts platform, they will benefit from a range of exclusive features that are not available to others with a free account.


These exclusive features and benefits may include higher daily ad values, higher referral commissions, and more opportunities to earn the BAP currency (bonus ad points). 


Members who have upgraded their account have more potential of reaching their financial goal.


Members who want to make the most of their time and maximize their time spent on Paidverts may consider upgrading their account.


Conclusion on Paidverts review


In conclusion, as you can see in this review, presents a rewarding platform for members to earn dollars through online advertising.


 By upgrading their accounts, members can have access to mind-blowing features to make them more money.


Keep in mind that by upgrading your account on Paidverts, that may not be a guarantee that you will become rich with this site. Always invest what you can afford to lose when it comes to account upgrades.


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