Have you been looking for an app to earn money online for sharing your internet bandwidth. Here is packetshare app that pays you for just that. We will be providing you with a full packetshare Review and you will be able to know if the packetshare app is worth your time or not.Packetshare Review


There are many ways one can actually make money online with their phone, these include affiliate marketing, content creation, dropshipping, freelancing and many others.


While making money online with the above ways is indeed possible, the fact is that it is not easy for a beginner with no experience and a skill.


So if you are a beginner who has been searching for an easy way to make money online, I believe this article will be of help to you as we will be revealing and reviewing an app that promises to make online money-making easier for you.


And also more passive. All you have to do is to cashout on autopilot. But wait, listen to me, it is very important for you to follow up with me in this packetshare Review step by step and don’t attempt to skip any step.


The reason I am saying this is that each headline of this article reveals some vital things you need to know about this app.


The fact that you can make money with the Packetshare app is not a guarantee that the app will be worth your time.


I hope you know that, so it is important to get every bit of details before making your decision to join the Packetshare platform.


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With that said, let’s continue with the Packetshare app review.

What is packetshare

Packetshare is a platform that was launched in February, 2023 with the aim of helping people make passive income on the internet.


The platform pays you to share your unused internet bandwidth with them.


You don’t need to do any work, you just have to set it up once and each time your data is on, they get access to your internet connection and make use of your bandwidth.


In return, they pay you for the amount of data they have used.


As of the time this packetshare review was written, they pay $0.5 for 1gb.


This rate may be something that favors some while some is not favorable.


That was one of the reasons I asked you to read this review in full.

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How does it work

The way it works is simple, all you need to do if you are interested in making money online with this packetshare app is to go to your google play store and download the app.


Install it, and register for a new account by inputting some necessary details that will be required from you like your email address, password etc.


When that is done, login to your account and give the Packetshare app the permission to have access to your internet connection.


After doing this, the app will start running on the background of your mobile phone to monitor when your data connection is on or off.


Please note that you won’t be making any money when your device is offline. You only make money when your data connection is on and they are having access to it.


This can be a very good source of passive income if you are ok with the rate which they pay and if your device battery is strong enough.

How can you make money with packetshare?How to make money with packetshare

There are two main ways to earn money with the Packetshare app which include the sharing of your internet bandwidth and their referral program.


For those people who have enough free data, this can be a cool opportunity for them to earn big.


Although, when you sign up newly to the platform, you will get a free $5 bonus as a registration bonus.

Packetshare referral programPacketshare referral program

This is an extra way of earning with the Packetshare platform. You will get paid 10% of commission on every person you refer to join the platform via your unique referral link.


The more people you refer to via your link, the more money you make passively.


If you’re not good with referral marketing, then join us on telegram to learn this skill.


The truth is that you will be losing a lot of money online if you don’t have referral marketing skills. 

Packetshare withdrawalPacketshare withdrawal

When you have accumulated enough money you can actually place a withdrawal request and get paid via USDT to your crypto wallet.


The minimum payout on the Packetshare app is $20 and you can’t withdraw if you haven’t made up to this amount of money in your dashboard.


Also, the only way you can withdraw your income is via USDT to a crypto wallet.


As I said earlier, you will be rewarded with $5 and if you can earn $15 dollars more, (which I think according to their rate is easy to achieve with 10gb of data), you will be eligible to withdraw.

Is packetshare legit?

After a thorough research on this app, we found out that the packetshare app does really pay their members who exchange data with them.


We haven’t heard any negative feedback against them as of the time this packetshare review was written.


We are not sure if they will be continually legit, but for all we know not is that they pay like they claim.


Do they pay for real?

Once you have accumulated your earnings up to the minimum payout that is clearly stated on their app then you will be free to make a withdrawal to your crypto wallet of your choice. 

Is packetshare real or fake?

We cannot tag packetshare app to be a fake app when they are legit.


If you have been wanting to know the authenticity of this app.


I have done my research and I have found this app to be real and not fake.

Is it available world-wide?

Most earning sites and apps may work but are not available to everyone anywhere in the world.


The case of packetshare app is different as they are available world-wide.


Meaning you can make passive online money with this app easily anywhere you are in the world.


This sounds like good news.

Can you make money with this site?

If you have read this packetshare review to this point, then I am sure by now you should be sure that money can be made with this app.


But my advice is that, before you make your decision to start making money online with this app, I recommend that you find out if their rate of payment is convenient for you so that you won’t run at a loss.


You can find out more details about how much they pay for internet bandwidth on their app.

Is packetshare safe?

I am not sure how safe this app may be. However, the use of this app may drain and weaken your mobile phone battery and also drain your data.


Apart from these, I don’t know if this app can be harmful or not.


You can try out this app if you think they are safe.


But the truth is that, we haven’t heard of any complaints about this app not safe


I think you can go ahead and make use of them if you are interested, but doing that is on your own and can be held responsible if anything happens to your device in the course of using this app.


Conclusion on packetshare Review

To wrap up our honest packetshare review, this app is not gonna make you rich or wealthy.


Do not think this app can make you passive income enough to quit your job.


But can only be seen as a side hustle and can help pay your bills.


If You have read everything to this point, we are sure you should be able to make a well informed decision now on whether to start using them to make passive income online or not.


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