Nairagain is a new platform that was recently launched on the 22nd of May 2022 and this nairagain review will let you know if this website is legit or not.

You will also get other information like how nairagain works, about, and nairagain withdrawal time.

Also, we will give you information about how to earn on nairagain, and what is all about.

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What is all about

This is a new earning income platform that was launched in 2022 to help Nigerians make money online easily with their mobile phones.

They aim to help drop the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria by providing a platform where people can earn money online easily without stress.

This platform claims to be the highest-paying platform to do social media tasks.

Could this information be true?

Stay tuned let us find out as we proceed in this Nairagain review. Do not skip any part of this article to avoid missing out on any important details


This is an honest nairagain review to help you know some important details about this earning platform and how you can make money from it.

We want to clearly state that this is a normal review and not a kind of sponsored post and we are not in any way paid to make this review.



How does Nairagain work, how to earn on Nairagain

The platform operation is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is to create an account on their official website and perform tasks.

The next thing will be getting paid automatically into your local bank in Nigeria.

There are many ways to earn with which I will discuss below:

  1. First, you will get a 200 Naira welcome bonus as a new member to your dashboard.
  2. You will earn 100 Naira daily per sponsored post you share on your social media platform. 100×30 can make you 3000 Naira in a month for doing just this.
  3. Each time you log in to your account you will be awarded a 100 Naira login bonus. This is another 3000 Naira in a month making it 6k Naira for doing these two things.
  4. Each person you refer to this earning website will make you 400 Naira and this is unlimited. You can make as much as you can depending on the number of your referrals.
  5. The last way to earn is by indirect referral. If your referral refers another person, you will earn 50 Naira for that. This is also unlimited earning guys!

Nairagain Registration

For you to start earning from this website you will need to create an account with them and after that buy a coupon from one of their vendors to fully subscribe to their membership.

Here is the link to sign up.

Is Nairagain free to join?

The short answer is No, Nairagain has a recurring membership fee of 800 Naira, that is, you will be renewing your 800 Naira membership fee every month.

Nairagain coupon vendors page

For you to fully benefit from this platform you need to buy a coupon code from their vendor.

Here is the link to their vendor page

Nairagain withdrawal time

This platform allows you to withdraw your money anytime and any day you wish only on one condition.

You must reach its minimum withdrawal before you can request a withdrawal.

They do not charge any withdrawal fee while making a withdrawal.

Nairagain minimum withdrawal

As of the time of this Nairagain review, the minimum withdrawal amount is 4000 Naira.

When this amount is reached, you are fully eligible to request a payout and get paid instantly.


Is nairagain the best platform for online earning?

Me, I don’t think they are the best platform to earn money online. There are thousands of other great platforms out there that can earn you more money.

Some of them are even free.

However, Nairagain offers a very simple way to earn, I call it a lazy man way of making money.

Here are other platforms like Nairagain we recommend.

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Is Nairagain legit or a scam

According to Nairagain, they are currently registered with CPC and are very legit.

Even though there are rumors that the CPC certificate displayed on their website is a fake one, we have currently not heard of anyone who has been scammed On this platform and we haven’t been scammed before.

Is Nairagain still paying

I have not been using this platform for a very long time now since it was launched some months ago.

Platforms like these are always predicted to crash after some months of operation and is best for people to make use of it really when it is still new.


  1. They do not charge a withdrawal fee.
  2. They offer easy ways of earning.
  3. You can withdraw anytime you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount.


Their membership registration fee is not a one-time fee but recurring which is not that cool.

Another thing is that they have a lot of distracting advertisements on their website. Please install an ad blocker chrome extension to help reduce these ads. The video below will help

Nairagain Review conclusion

Congratulation if you have read this Nairagain review to this point.

We have shared with you some great details about how this platform works and how to earn with Nairagain.

It is now left for you to make your decision on whether to join this platform or not.

Alternatively, 800 Naira is not that huge to take a risk with. This Is my experience with this platform and you can drop yours in the comment section too.

Just like the name sounds “Nairagain”. This is a way of investing your 800 Naira monthly to make huge gains.

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