Naijaonlinejob, an income program that was launched in April, 2023 has been trending a lot on social media and getting a lot of attention these days. This Naijaonlinejob review will expose to you 4 truths you must know about this platform.

So chill and relax while I take you through what you need to know about through a comprehensive naijaonlinejob review.

What is

Naijaonlinejob review is an income program that aims at helping members work from home and earn at least 3000 naira or above in a week by working in 30 minutes each day.

This earning income program is targeted towards people who are looking to earn part-time income or work from home completely.

They claim to pay you to do some certain tasks on their app and get paid weekly.

This looks like a very good offer, could it be real?

Well, as we move on, we will know the truth.

When was launched?

Noj as it is usually abbreviated on their official website was launched on April, 2023 and as of the time of this naijaonlinejob review, the platform is 2 months plus and are still in operation.

How does naijaonlinejobs work, complete info?

This is how naijaonlinejob works, you click on the link to sign up, register by paying the registration fee and start completing tasks of different kinds on their app and get paid.


How to earn with

Here is a quick breakdown of how one can earn with as a fully registered member.

  • 100 naira office resume daily bonus
  • ₦500-₦1000 earning per 30-minute job daily
  • ₦1,000 – 50% referral commission (Optional) signup

Copy this link ( to your browser to sign up to

What you need to join

What will be listed below are the basic things you need to make money on

  • Internet-enabled android smartphone
  • NOJ app on your smartphone to work daily
  • A valid email address
  • A valid phone number
  • A valid bank account to get paid weekly
  • A non-refundable one-time application fee of ₦2,000 only.


Naijaonlinejob affiliate program

They have an awesome affiliate program for members to skyrocket their earning capabilities.

You will get paid 50% commission of your referral’s registration fee.

Founder of naijaonlinejobs

One of the importance of knowing the founder of any earning platform is to have someone you can always hold responsible for any issues or fraudulent acts of the site.

In the case of naijaonlinejob (NOJ), we have known nothing about the founder of this platform until now.

And this can be a red flag which indicates that the site may behave like some income programs out there that came and gone. minimum withdrawal

The minimum amount you can withdraw on the platform is 5000 naira to your local bank account.

Take note that they have a date where withdrawal is due.

How to withdraw from naijaonlinejob

After setting up your withdrawal or payment method you can always place a withdrawal request and it will be sent to you on Saturdays where payments are due.

Is naijaonlinejob a scam or legit

Could be fake or real? I believe that’s the main objective of you coming for this naijaonlinejob review.

As of the time of this review, the platform seems to pay their members.

This can not in any way guarantee that they can always be legit for long. You should be cautious while making a decision to join this platform.

However, we have founded a lot of payment proofs on their official site which is indicating that they may be a legit earning site.

The truth is that, there were platforms that were more evidences than this but ended up being crashed and naijaonlinejob might probably not be an exception.

I have an alternative platform for you that pays in dollars and is free compared to

You just need to read on so you won’t miss any info I have for you in this naijaonlinejob.con review.

4 things you need to know 

The following are 4 things you should note about

  • They have no info about their self like office address, and founder’s name  which can be used to traced them.
  • Having many payment proofs submitted on their website is not a guarantee they will last.
  • Their site has no fundamental pages like the contact and about us page. This can indicate that these guys may not be willing to be on a long term business, hence no need to fully edit the site vital info.
  • You can’t earn 12k weekly doing tasks. Many people looking for a new referral can promise you heaven and earth about their earning capacity. The truth is that the NOJ affiliate program alone is what will work even when the platform crashes.

Conclusion on review

Reading to this point is a proof that you have read the 4 facts we dropped about this online earning site, you still have your right to move on to register on this site if that’s your choice.

Nevertheless, I don’t like platforms that require you pay before making money online with their site.

I always believe that we don’t need money to make money but a positive mindset to work it out.

If you are of my same belief system, I have a better earning platform for you as an alternative.

On this earning site that will be leaked out to you, you will be earning in US dollars with your smartphone doing simple tasks.

You need no registration fee..if this site looks like something interesting to you why not click here now to read my secret site that pays you for free.

Let’s go!!!


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