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How to Get paid by reading books online

We will share with you two websites that will pay you in dollars for just reading books you choose to.


How these platforms work is that an author will have to upload his ebooks to these websites to get reviews of how good their work is before they can finally publish it.


These authors will pay these platforms for the review and these platforms will then pay people like you and me part of the money to read these books and give our honest reviews about the book.


Having told you how these platforms work, let’s find out these platforms that pay to read books online.



This is a free site to earn for readers. You do not need any qualifications or experience to work on this website.


This website has been free for over ten years now and they have been paying readers really well for their reviews.


On this website, you can make from $5 to $60 per book that you review.


How this website works is that your payment increases as you have more experience on the website.


Regardless, you will not get paid for your first work on this website. 


Your very first review on this website is what will determine if you should be accepted on this website to do more jobs and get paid or not.


You are to read the book you have chosen and painstakingly drop your honest review about the book as that will help them.



This website pays you in cryptocurrency to read articles for free.


You can also earn passive income by becoming an author as well on this website.


On this website, you can choose to read from different categories like news, crypto, and so on.


To get started on this website, you will have to visit their official website and read their FAQs(frequently asked questions) to understand how this website works and how you will get paid.


Their minimum payout is fifty cents.




Reading and getting paid online is one of the easiest methods of making online money via your hubby.


Making money and getting paid by reading 📖 is something you don’t stress yourself to because it is your hubby.


That’s just how it works.


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