If you’re looking for a good and legit platform to make money by writing articles as a beginner online, you might have heard about any of these platforms. I will be comparing these two platforms lodpress vs opera news together and show you their distinctive features at the end of this article, you will make your decision on which one to go for and create content to make money.

I am a writer on these two websites and based on my experience with them I am writing this review to guide you make the right choice.

Before I continue to the business of the day, I will, first of all, tell you some important things you need to know about these two platforms.


This is a writer and gets paid website that pays you for unique content you publish on their site.

They accept writers from anywhere in the world and region.

Lodpress is completely free to join and make money from your articles and they are willing to pay you in dollars just for your unique content.

Lodpress pays writers not according to the clicks as opera news does but they pay you according to what they call “paid views”.

If one of your articles could get up to 1000 paid views, you can make $5, $10, or even 15 dollars for that particular article depending on your C.P.M. (Cost Per Mile)

You can read more about how lodpress works and how to succeed on lodpress and make the biggest money.

If someone from the U.K reads your article, your paid views from 1000 U.K traffic will make you $15.

If 1000 people from the U.S are your paid viewers, you will be making $10.

If you have one thousand paid views from any other countries other than these two will make you $5.

It is important to note that not all clicks are paid views.

Opera News Hub

This is a very big company owned by opera. They created this platform to reward people for unique content.

Opera News is also a platform you can make a lot of money from creating articles like news, entertainment, health, and so on.

They pay you per ten thousand clicks a sum of three hundred and sixty naira. Another thing about them is that they have millions of people on their platform who are actively reading different news daily.

If your article could get viral, you can make some reasonable money.

After telling you some brief facts about lodpress and opera news, let us examine some differences between the two.

Lodpress vs Opera News: Differences between them



Opera news pays you per clicks in naira while lodpress pays you in dollars per paid views.


Article Rejection:

The rate at which opera news reject your articles can never be compared to that of lodpress.

Opera news can just reject your articles for no reason and sometimes they may accept it after a long time that you might have get close to ten thousand clicks they disapprove your article and point you to an error that will just piss you off.


Affiliate links:

This is one of the reasons I love writing for lodpress.

Lodpress don’tcare if you have an affiliate link on your article or not.

However, you can’t dare to try putting an affiliate on your article on opera news, they are gonna disapprove your articles instantly.


Having known the differences between these two popular websites that pay you to write articles as a beginner.

It is therefore left for you to make your choice on which one to go for and start writing.

However, you can choose to write for the two websites.

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You can visit lodpress and start writing 📝 for them now.



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