Loadteam.com is a site that claims you can make passive income online from home with your computer power, in this loadteam review, we will let you know if truly you can make money with this site or not.

Loadteam review

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With that said, let us continue with what we have today as our topic which is the loadteam review.

What is loadteam all about?

Loadteam is a site that is all about helping people take advantage of their window laptops to earn passive income 24/7.


The way it operates is that you need to setup this platform to work in your device’s background and uses your computer power to mine coins.


As the coins are been mined, you will be paid based on the speed of the mining power of your device.


You can increase or decrease how hard your computer system works just like you are seeing in the image below.

How to make money with loadteam

While doing this setup be careful not to set it up too high to avoid your system from hanging or possibly stop responding temporarily.

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How can you make money with loadteam?

There are two main ways you can earn from the loadteam platform which I will be explaining them one after the other for you to know.


Mining coins:

The first way to earn passively on loadteam.com is by allowing this platform to make use of your window computer power to mine coins.


The platform uses 20% of your device’s power when in use and 40% of your device’s power when it is idle for ten minutes.


You can connect as many devices as possible to earn passively but keep it in mind that this only works with window computers.


Referral program:

Another way you can make it passively is by telling many if your family and friends about this platform.


The more people you refer to loadteam, the more money you will make. Their referral program is simple.


You just need to share the link with people, they sign up via your link and earn a welcome bonus of $0.2 and you will start earning 10% commission on every of their earnings.


What determines your potential of earning high here is how many active referrals that is earning big.


You just need to get as many people as possible as that will play a vital role in increasing your earning potential.

Is it worldwide?

The site operates worldwide as far as you have a window computer you can utilize them to earn passive income with loadteam.

Can it be used with phone?

If you have read this loadteam review to this point, I think by now you should be able to know that loadteam does not work with mobile phones but only window computers.

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How to withdraw

The minimum payout on this app is $1 and you can withdraw your money to a paypal account when once you have been able to beat the reach.


Without disputation, loadteam has a very low minimum withdrawal limit but don’t think it will be easy to reach the limit so soon.


It may take you more than 35 days to reach $0.94 depending on your device’s power and CPU.


It may take longer than this or even shorter.

How to sign up

Click on this link to register and fill in what is required of you as you can see in the image below.

Loadteam sign up

How much can you make in a month?

The amount of money you can make with loadteam fully depends on your CPU of your window device and how fast your mining speed is.


The range of money that can be made from loadteam.com in a monthly basis is from $0.05-$9.


On an average, making $2 in a month using load team is not easy.

The Pros of this site

You can earn passively using your window computer.

The Cons of this site

  • Your device may hang and get damage.
  • Your battery may get weak in the process.

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Is loadteam legit or a scam?

No, loadteam is a legitimate website that pays you based on your mining power.


The have not been any report of scams concerning this platform as of the time this loadteam review was written.

Is loadteam safe to use?

Although they claim their site is free from malwares and viruses. There is no tangible proof that proves that your device can’t get damage.


I will advise you to use this site with extreme caution.

Conclusion on loadteam review

Personally, earning $2 a month is not worth enough to put my device’s life at danger.


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