For those who are interested in making money online by reading and sharing news, here we come with the full palmblow review. And if you have been asking “is palmblow legit?”.

You will definitely find the answer to that question in this article.

A friend of mine referred me to this platform and I decided to check them out and see if they are worth it or not.

After my thorough research, I have written the results based on my experience with this site.

There are many earning sites to make money online, but the truth is that 90% of income programs in Nigeria do not stand the test of time.

Could this palmblow be different? That’s the reason you are here to find out.

So relax and take some snacks while I take you through this palmblow review step by step.

Do not try to skip any part of this article to avoid skipping an important detail that can be of help to your query.

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What is palmblow all about?Is palmblow legit

Palmblow is a social media platform monetize with ads that claims to raise the unemployed people by empowering them with a platform they can make easy and lazy money online for free without any investment.


According to them, you can make enough passive income that can make you financially free and even quit your job.


As a social media platform that constantly brings news updates for their members to engage with and make money for themselves.


Most of you have been reading news before now. How much have you made from reading news from the Punch News Papers?


Palmblow has chosen to help people make money doing what they love.


But wait, how can a platform like palmblow come out to just open an opportunity where people can join for free, I mean for absolutely free without any registration fee and they are willing to pay members just for reading news?


How are they making profit to pay the members?


We will explain this in the next sub-heading.

How does it work?How does palmblow work

Palmblow is completely free as I said earlier. You don’t need to pay a dime to enjoy their platform. 


All you need is just your smartphone and internet connection which I believe you have as you are reading this article now.


If you’re wondering how they are going to make the money they will be paying you for reading news.


Here is the full idea of how this business is operated, when you and other hundreds of people who are members of palmblow engage with the news articles posted daily.


They will get paid because their website is monetized with adverts from advertising companies like Adsense.


Out of the money they made, they will give you a small percentage of it for your engagement.


Let’s reason this mode of operation again as brothers and sisters in the LORD. I want you to reason deeply now. Do you think the money they make from ads revenue on their website is enough to pay thousands of members and also remain for their own share?


If you ask me this question as an experienced blogger that I am, I will tell you NO. Even if they make $1000 monthly in ad revenue is not enough, and I don’t think they will be making real money from ads revenue because the news niche has a low CPM.


But anyhow the matter might be, trust me, I don’t think it is doable, sha Let’s read on.



Benefits of joining them according to what I saw from their site are as follows:

  • Ability to earn passive income from home
  • Easiest way to make money from your smartphone
  • You will get paid for reading news and getting informed
  • It is free to join and referral is not compulsory

Palmblow sign up and login

Signing up for an account on palmblow is very easy, all you need to do is to fill out the information needed from you as you can see in the screenshot below.

Click on this link to sign up

Palmblow sign up

To login into your account you need to provide your email address you used while signing up and your password.

Palmblow login

How to make money with palmblowHow to make money on palmblow

Here is a breakdown of the earning structure of the palmblow site.


First You will earn a N2,500 bonus immediately after you successfully activate your account for free.   


Daily Logins: You will earn N100 for logging into your Palmblow account daily.   


Reading News: You will earn N20 per each content you read on their platform. 


Dropping Comments: You will earn N20 for commenting on each post on the website. 


Taking Daily Tasks: You will earn N600 for completing each task daily on your dashboard.


Sharing Sponsored Post: You will earn N250 for sharing sponsored posts on your FB account daily and also tagging your friends.  


Referral Bonus: You will earn N300 when you refer someone. This gives you more money than others (and it’s not compulsory).  


Palmblow withdrawalPalmblow withdrawal

For referral earners, remember I told you that you will get paid 300 Naira for each person.


Follow me now because I am about to naked this platform for your good.


The minimum payout for referral earners is 10,000 Naira. Now tell me how many people are you going to invite to make that amount of money before you withdraw?


I think I went to school, let me help you do the mathematics.


10,000÷300=33.3. If you invite 33 people, you will get 9900 electronic money in your dashboard.


Then 34 people will make 10,200. Guys where will you see these 34 invites and at the end of the day you get disappointed.


They know what they are doing, they are giving you that target to play around with till you are tired of getting up to the target.


Remember, each person you invite that is active adds up to their revenue and trust me you aren’t going to get a penny.


Sorry if I may be too harsh, but if you doubt me, then go on and come back in the next six months to a year, after wasting your time to give me your report.


You get paid on every 27th of every month, although I saw a post on their platform about changing the withdrawal date to 20th instead.


For activity earners, the minimum payout is 8,000 Naira, same withdrawal date.

Is palmblow legit?

On a scale of 1 to 100, if you ask me to rate the legitimacy of this income program I would give it 10.


I don’t perceive them to be legit at all, I know they are paying a very few people now as of the time this palmblow review was written.


As time goes, they will totally stop paying and you members will keep making them money as you engage and read news hoping to get paid.

Is palmblow real or fake?

They are fake in terms of the reliability of making passive income online.


Is palmblow safe?

This is what I can’t really tell at the moment, maybe you can do more research on this if you are so eager to know how safe they are.


Making money online is fun, hence, many people in great numbers are coming to the online business space almost on a daily basis to make money online.


I do tell my audience the truth, although I know people don’t like the truth.


The truth is bitter, trust me, you can’t make real and reliable money online by joining all these fake income programs.


They are trying to make money online just like you are, and they won’t hesitate using you as an object to achieve their goal while you don’t achieve yours and end up wasting time.


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