As Many ways to make money online are emerging we are are also here on this blog to guide you stay away from scams and spammy sites, in today’s daily watch video app review you will know if truly daily watch video and earn money is real or fake?

We found out this site online and we spent a whole week trying to figure out how this app works and how we can earn from this app.

We did a lot of tasks on the app and we are going to share with you our experience while using the daily watch video and earn money app.

At the end of this daily watch video and earn money app review, you will get to know the truth about this app.

We have taken the risk to test out this app and you are only going to benefit from our experience.

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What is daily watch video app?

Just like the name, daily watch video app sounds like an app that will pay us to watch videos online.

Isn’t it amazing to get paid by simply watching entertaining videos? I think it is cool, how about you?

But on the look of things, after I have personally made use of the daily watch video and earn money app, the earning opportunities on this app is far more different from what you are thinking.

And we are going to let you know about it as we proceed.

How does daily watch video and earn money app works?

If you were thinking about earning money by watching different videos on this app then I must tell you to relax ok? Lol but I mean it, just relax.

You will definitely watch video while using the app trying to earn money online but you know what?

The money you will be making from watching these video ads is not for you, but you will be making the developers of this app ten times richer and you will be burning your time and data to make them rich.

I will break down what am saying now later as we proceed in this daily watch video and earn money app review incase you don’t still get the message am trying to send across.

How to make money with daily watch video and earn money app

Like I said earlier, you will not be making money online for yourself watching videos on this app.

Infact, there is no earning option on daily watch video app that requires you to make money watching videos.

I am just wondering why they name the app daily watch video and earn money app.

Isn’t this spammy? You can drop your opinion in the comment section.

You may want to ask how then can we make money on daily watch video app if we can’t make money watching videos?

That’s a brilliant question. While checking out the daily watch video app I found out some few ways of earning which include spinning the wheel and scratching cards.

And the most funny part is that you are going to be paid in points.

If that was the only thing I wouldn’t have any problem with them but what I hate and I will not recommend for my audience is wasting your time to make some greedy app developers rich.

Why am saying this is that you will have to make up to 4 million points to be able to withdraw up to $10 using paypal and that’s the minimum withdrawal.

Isn’t it unwise to waste your time on this app trying to spend 3 months or probably forever to reach 4 million points.

And guest what? I told you earlier that you will be making these guys more richer because you will be forced to watch spammy video ads on this app each time you earn very small points and before you accumulate to a million you will regret this.

Am not saying this to scare you but the truth must be told, this app is indirectly using the users as tools to make their wealth.

It is like commensalism relationship in biology where one side benefits and the other is not.

If you are disappointed about this app don’t worry, we have a better alternative platform for you.

If you are serious about making money online read this article to the end and we will drop the best earning platform that has made us thousands of dollars online and there is no way you will not earn too if you are ready to work.

Is daily watch video and earn money real or fake? 

First they claim that they are daily watch video and earn money app which arise the impression that we are going to be making huge money online by watching videos on the app.

But the in reality, there is no way to earn money watching videos in the app apart from watching spammy ads to make them money.

To me, this is a real definition of spam.

Secondly, they are playing some tricks on on people’s ignorance and extremism.

Lastly, we are not sure of them paying at all.

Is daily watch video and earn money app legit?

Well, based on your own definition of legitimacy you can use my experience about the app in this review so far to judge if daily watch video and earn money app is legit?

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My conclusion on daily watch video and earn money app review.

If you are interested in making money online then I will not recommend daily watch video app for you, if you have read the article above without skipping any point you will know the reason I don’t recommend this app. 

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