Can affiliate marketing on Instagram work?

Let’s find out in this blogpost to

Just say the words work, online and money and soon someone suggests affiliate marketing as a source of income.

The truth is that the affiliation market is one of the most sought after for online work , within digital marketing .

Especially now, when people are spending more time at home, living almost virtually, and the monthly income of many people is no longer the same , affiliate marketing has become a profitable option to increase earnings by working with Internet.

However, the idea that affiliate marketing is an easy source of income is not so untrue.

In reality, affiliate marketing requires effort, a lot of dedication and constant study , as there are some skills that need to be developed to achieve the desired return.

So, if you want to learn how to sell and make money doing affiliate marketing on Instagram as an affiliate, the time has come to discover the best strategies to make a lot of sales as an affiliate and earn money. Read on and find out!

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How to sell on Instagram as an affiliate? 4 tips to make money doing affiliate marketing on instagram

1. Use a business profile and prepare it

For starters, one of the biggest mistakes of those who start selling on Instagram as an affiliate is not preparing the ground before starting the disclosures. 

By that, we mean it’s not enough to just take all your affiliate links and throw them on the Internet anyway.

Rather, you need to make your profile attractive and develop it with strategic business thinking. After all, isn’t your goal to sell? For that, you need to capture attention.

So, in addition to worrying about the username, photo, biography and all the elements that make up a profile on the social network, it is essential that you leave the profile public and opt for the business account.

Take advantage of the fact that the Instagram bio is the only clickable link within the network and use it strategically:

1) link to a digital product that you are affiliated with and that is currently open for sales

2) use a link aggregator like Linktree to put more links on the same page.

In addition, it is very important, when we talk about how to sell on Instagram as an affiliate, to use the business account.

In this way, you will have access to the insights that the app itself provides and you will be able to track metrics and data that are very relevant, especially for those who sell products or services.

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2. Maintain a good posting frequency

Among the strategies to sell as an affiliate on Instagram, this is certainly one of the most basic. However, it is also one of the most neglected by affiliates.

When we talk about how to sell infoproducts , whether on Instagram or other social networks, maintaining a frequency of publication is essential for successful sales.

After all, unless you talk about the product, no one will know what it’s about and if it’s worth buying.

In addition, the engagement and loyalty of followers, in general, is proportional to how much effort you put into publishing on the network . And this goes for feed posts, stories and other features that the app makes available to users.

But it’s not just frequency that you live a profile! After all, if we are talking about how to sell on Instagram as an affiliate, the content is very relevant, and to bring the expected results it must be strategic and focused on the niche in which it operates.

3. Produce relevant and quality content

Surely you’ve heard of “value content”, haven’t you?

Among marketers, the concept of valuable content is widespread and works almost like a rule.

In practice, it means that if the post doesn’t add anything to the follower’s life, whether in the informational or entertainment field, then it’s not worth posting .

For those who are entering the affiliation market, and want to know how to sell infoproducts on Instagram, this is, without a doubt, a skill that needs to be trained.

The truth is, whether your business profile or not, content is the icing on the cake for anyone who comes to you.

In the case of the strategy to sell as an affiliate on Instagram, more important than knowing how to make excellent arts, prefer to focus your efforts on writing techniques, such as storytelling and copywriting .

In addition, we cannot forget the mental triggers, so used in marketing campaigns and promotion of products and services.

You need to make the follower want to consume what you’re promoting, so focus on training your sales skills.

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4. Use stories to your advantage

The truth is that in social networks, publications have a very short lifespan. And, among the rain of posts that are made all the time, your photo or video can quickly end up getting lost there.

Stories, on the other hand, as much as it is a format designed for quick consumption (after all, it only lasts 24 hours), it also has more engagement from followers.

Do not believe? According to the User Behavior Survey conducted by Opinion Box , 62% of respondents say they post more stories than content in their feed, and 58% prefer to see stories from other types of posts .

So, with so many active people keeping an eye on stories, why haven’t you thought about using it as a strategy to sell as an affiliate on Instagram?

Take advantage of all the features that are available through the app, such as polls and a question box, and develop a closer relationship with the audience, even if you don’t show up.

Remember that people only buy what they believe in and trust, so when we talk about how to sell on Instagram as an affiliate, prefer to invest more time in developing a relationship with those who follow you than in conquering new numbers that do not convert into sale.

How to sell on Instagram as an affiliate? Check out this bonus tip

Putting all these strategies into practice is no guarantee that you will be able to convert all of your followers into buyers. However, there is an extra feature that, if you know how to use it, can positively impact your bottom line.

Have you ever heard of CTA?

Call to Action is a call to action, it is exactly what the name suggests: you invite your follower to take a certain action you want. 

For example, you’ve certainly watched a video on Youtube where the person asked you to like the channel, right? That was a CTA!

This is by far one of the most important strategies for an affiliate. Therefore, include in every publication.

So, to close with a flourish, write it down: focus on studying persuasion, copywritin,g and storytelling techniques.

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